Joe Biden Gains Key Endorsement Ahead Of More State Primaries | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Joe Biden Gains Key Endorsement Ahead Of More State Primaries | Katy Tur | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Gains Key Endorsement Ahead Of More State Primaries | Katy Tur | MSNBC

  1. Trumps Plan to save the USA from the Democrat party  is working. Joe Biden is truly a gift to the Republican party

  2. Rev Jesse Jackson Backs Bernie Sanders! Nowhere in MSM do you see or hear this headline! BERNIE 2020!!!

  3. Bernie has clearly won the democratic process. There's not doubt. Now
    all that's left to see is if the MSM, MIC and the Security State can
    steal this for Joe and once again deprive the American people of the
    leadership they deserve. That's the goal of the DNC and the Hillary
    thugs. It looks like they're succeeding at stealing and rigging this

  4. Bernie has clearly won the democratic process. There's not doubt. Now
    all that's left to see is if the MSM, MIC and the Security State can
    steal this for Joe and once again deprive the American people of the
    leadership they deserve. That's the goal of the DNC and the Hillary
    thugs. It looks like they're succeeding at stealing and rigging this

  5. The Democrats were forced on us before I was born. My family voted Dem, and even though I didn't care, I listened. My parents/friends conversations were always Dems, still didn't care but listened. The North had and killed just as many, if not more slaves as the South. The only difference was the Northerners wore suits and shoes and the Southerners wore sheets and boots. Point is both sides were fucced up. Slavery was still alive even after 16 set the captives "free". I said that to say this. There is money owed for services rendered. Of course it is not owed by ordinary citizens of today but by each state and family that allowed this genocide to begin and continue. Since both sides are not trustworthy, I say 45 if you want my vote, Biden or Sanders if you want my vote. Cut The Check!!!! The U.S.A is a business corporation, so let's do some bidness. #CutTheCheckGetTheVOTE

  6. I will say it bc we know MSNBC won’t. The reasoning for all of the endorsements in support of Biden, obviously they’re all corporate democrats…duh!!! They do not want any corporate tax or corporate America losing money under Bernie’s via corporate tax plan. While the rest of Americans suffer paycheck to paycheck. Corporate democrats, establishment and corporate America alike are all blinded by their greed for money. It’s everyone against the single lone candidate whose the most popular and has yet to take a penny from SuperPacs, pharmaceuticals, fossil fuels, corporations, etc.. Bernie wants to rid corruption out of politics. You start by taking money out of politics. It’s the whole reasoning why Corporate America is going crazy over Bernie’s success. Just last week the DNC was just about to change another rule. The rule change would have added a “Super Delegate” just in case Bernie was successful. The establishment doesn’t run our country, it’s the people. We the people want and support Bernie, no matter how many times that corporate, mainstream media twists up the news.
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  7. I guess the establishment wants 4 more years of Trump. Biden will not been Donald Trump. Hopefully people will wake up and get behind Sanders and Medicare for all!

  8. Up until a few weeks ago, the media and other candidates frequently and openly questioned Joe Biden’s cognitive capacity. Now they’ve been told to fall in line and feign outrage when someone brings it up. How insane is this that they want to run a candidate who is obviously sunsetting?

  9. I don’t see Biden gaining anything! A bunch of clowns on the side of a fool. President Trump is going to wipe the floor with sleepy Joe

  10. We are screwed. If Joe Biden is the nominee the Republicans will debate for six months whether or not Biden has lost his mind. He is going to lose. HE IS GOING TO LOSE AGAINST TRUMP.

  11. Cory and Kamala both implied Joe supported racists and racist policies. Cory questioned Joes mental competency. Now they both endorse him on the off hand chance that they get a position in his cabinet. They are lack principles and should not be taken seriously.

  12. The good thing is that Joe won't even notice that he's only the sacrificial demented lamb that the DNC establishment is feeding to Trump.

  13. Hahsh u better remind him daily!!! He can't remember who endorsed him. He can't remember what he had for lunch!!! YAY SENILE JOE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! I'm sure he won't stroke out when the Republicans go for his criminal son..nah he is gonna have a pelosi schumer mental ward party

  14. This is clearly why the Democrat Party will always fail…Allowing to abuse a man is obviously suffering from dementia, isn't a laughing matter.   Poor Joe, just came out today and said in his own words " I endorse President Trump"   How many times are these Selfish Self Serving Democrats, going to allow this.. Again!.. this is why they will never achiever greatness.. Sad but true!.

  15. Yeah Yeah…we, Americans, are stupid and don’t understand DNC is doing it again – they didn’t learn in 2016 when they rigged it for Clinton – the result was Trump. Now they are rigging it for demented Joe- good luck- by November he will forget who he is running against and will be giving trump his infamous back rub

  16. A Trump-vs-Sanders presidential ballot is essentially a contest between two populists/demagogues, a Far-Right Trump and a Far-Left Sanders. Both have a large base of die-hard supporters but neither base is large enough to guarantee a win; independents and genuine conservatives shall choose the winner. Most want to dump Trump but are highly unlikely to vote for Sanders whose campaign is currently supported by Putin. The best choice for the USA is Joe Biden.

  17. Corey Booker and Kamala have no self-respect. Kamala cried because of Biden's past support for busing segregation. How can she sell her soul like this.


  19. I love how they tout all of the endorsements that Biden gets.. No mention of Al Sharpton defending Sanders against 'red-scare' politics? And Jesse Jackson endorsing him? A Civil Rights leader endorsement is worth more than a few petty upstarts who were trashing Joe Biden just a few months before. All this while Biden's mental health is failing. Great news, MSNBC. Just another free Biden SuperPAC.

  20. All the Russian trolls on here trolling hard against Biden, Sanders supporters should ask themselves ‘why’ the Russians are helping Bernie??? It’s because they know Trump can easily defeat Bernie unlike Biden, Joe is the last person Trump wants to run against!

  21. The DNC knows that Joe has Alzheimers. What we are seeing is the VP lottery. Think about it. Joe will select one of these endorsees as his VP and should he win the general there will be a 25th amendment removal of Joe for his illness, and you can welcome President Pete Butiegieg or Cory, or ????, the DNC knows what they are doing. Joe can't complete a sentence he certainly won't completed a 4 year presidency. Pretty clever in a sleazy way.

  22. "Key endorsement" LOL hey MSDNC, why isn't Biden doing any speeches, or debates, or discussions, or showing his platform? Is he having his brass knuckles polished up for his Thrilla in Vanilla?

  23. I love that you could go back and find video of Booker talking about Biden's cognitive issues but MSNBC wants you to forget about that

  24. Without a debate between Biden and Sanders before WA. MO, and WI vote, Sanders won't have a chance to say the following, but if it gets to Trump vs Biden, Trump will say:
    Joe Biden: helped lead to support trade deals where 5 million good jobs left forever, led the Dems in approving Bush's Iraq war, and consistently pushed cuts in Medicare and Social Security.
    Trump will say truthfully that he (Trump) smashed the TTP trade agreement that with NAFTA, wiped out Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Biden's record is the establishment's policies.
    Biden will be decimated by Trump for backing the worst errors living Americans have suffered from.
    The billionaire's backing Joe, and his policies, and media like MSNBC, are the establishment! Trump will tear Joe apart for his role in Americas biggest errors.

  25. It's my guess that Biden will be forced to pick Warren for his VP because he thinks it will bring more Bernie Bros onboard. Cuz that's how senile he is.

  26. So funny, the system that controls our nation does not want Bernie. They are afraid of the peasants taking back our country and taxing them! Now that we are finally down to Biden and Sanders, the 1% owners are even have their liberal media pushing Bidien as the winner! But the fact is that both candidates' delegate counts are virtually the same, seeing that they need more than 1900 to claim victory. Now with the other bozos out of the race, the rest of the country can pick one or the other. But don't think it matters because your 1% owners Madison Avenue marketing ploy money, will attack Bernie as a russian communist, or if Biden wins then it will be back to his son Hunter B.S. And let's not get started on Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! But in the end it doesn't even matter, for drumpf's plan is to declare martial law and suspend elections. As his "Kept My Undies On" dershowitz said, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country, then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured, moscow mitch and their purchased supreme court will back their 1% owner's puppet. Our Democracy is Dead, corporations are now "We The People" and money is now "Free Speech." All Democracies fall in the end, our''s actually out live every one before. So it was a good run, now it's time to bow down and take your master's mark. Time is running out, watch and understand… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  27. Feel sorry for people like Kamala and Booker, who do not have any vision for a better future.
    That's what endorsing Biden means. Same old, same old….

  28. Joe Biden is a piece of crap. He is lazy and delusional and trump wont let him win anyways. America ur so stupid trying to elect this brainless turd. He said the other day he was running for Senate and didnt correct himself. What a nut joe is but I'm just gonna sit here and watch america get burned both trump and Biden are crap. I'm amazed at how stupid this country is.

  29. Most Americans are getting SICK and TRIED of the Fake News treating them as STUPID or IGNORANT as they are…. The Fake News, constantly insults your intelligence everyday with their Propaganda lies.

  30. Keep in mind, these people who most of us don't know and don't care to know are just PAID to tell a store.  Their store regardless if its fake.. In most cases it 96% fake or lies.

  31. The Dems should dump this 'electability' thing! Donald Trump has shown us why we should stop trying to hold ourselves to standards beyond human ability. Stop looking for perfection. Just vote for change and throw Trump out the WH!!!!

  32. American democracy is so sad. I’m so impotent that I’m reduced to the comment section to say “joe Biden is a loser”.💁

  33. It is time for America to put 2016 behind it. First Bernie, then Trump.
    Tomorrow will be a bad day for the Sanders campaign.

  34. Here's a good video about Joe Biden's propensity for lies courtesy of The Intercept and Medhi Hasan:

  35. Biden hides because every time he speaks everyone knows hes as dumb as trump….maybe not as corrupt but fading mentally.Only Bernie out of the 3 has the brains for this job. Only BERNIE can not be bought. Bernie is NOT the choice of big money….big pharma killing people with opiates has put all their might against him because God forbid with a pandemic…we all had health coverage

  36. this is a warning for the older black people who voted for joe biden. If your social security is lowered and if your healthcare costs are increased then it's your own fault

  37. This is good for Biden. Sanders have Jesse Jackson. I’m not supporting Sanders. However, it’s important to have good endorsements. We need to be supportive of each other. Not divisive.


  39. i hope the DNC dont talk about that unite BS. they are definatly doing it agian hahahah i will vote for trump if i feel your screwing bernie yet agian.

  40. Don't know what it is but the Democratic party loves losers. Don't have a horse in this race but I know a loser when I see one. Joe Biden is a loser. Remember Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis. They were losers. Add Joe Biden's name to the list.

  41. I think obama is involved in joe Bidens scandel with his son in Ukraine and wouldnt want this issue to escalate any further while Biden going for nomination he will terminate the whole Biden saga and Bring Clinton back to become 2020 nominee! Hed be stupid if he kept Biden on to win nomination it will open a big can of worms and sink every 1 including Obama ontop u have the mental state of Biden as well already starting to be questioned!

  42. Booker raised concerns about the fitness of Biden to be president during the primary (and Tim Ryan and Julian Castro, plus pundits on TV, that was at a time when he was written off, and did not perform well in the debates) – see footage next comment – specifically his mental capacities. Well Biden has malfunctioned more since then, especially when he does more than a light schedule (like the campaign to win and then after South Carolina),

  43. What an embarrassment Biden and the DNC are. In S.C. he stated he wanted support for his campaign for the US senate. Last week he didn't recognize the difference between his daughter and his wife. Then in Kanas, he was so confused his states that we can not win this election along with other nonsense ramblings. Trump has been preparing for Biden and will tear him to shreds. The support for this man looking for the sympathy vote will

  44. Declining mental faculties of Joe Biden, with footage, it is not long, good commentary as well: Saagar Enjeti from The Hill Rising

  45. Cory thought Biden was high in the debates.. anyone else remember that??? Cory is an establishment Democrat in it for himself not the people… just like Kamala.. she switched positions like she was on coke and couldn't sit still.. oh let's talk about that little girl on the bus.. blacks folks remember that???

  46. BERINE ISNT TAKING BIG MONEY BILLIONAIRES MONEY…. but we all see who is… every candidate in this clip except BERNIE SANDERS.

  47. Kamala harris and cory Booker would have been the type of slaves that snitched on the other slaves to their white masters in order to get an extra meal. Pathetic.

  48. Cory Booker, talking about his mental stability, said there’s something going on with Biden’s, Harris said he was a racist.. Sorry.. can’t take it back

  49. Harris and Booker's endorsements of Bupkis Biden reveal why African-Americans and other Americans did not believe in them and did not support them.

  50. Look at all these Black political whores endorsing Biden – and all the Black voters who followed their endorsements! Biden was DOA a few weeks ago and he has been revived by the Democratic Party Establishment even though he is obviously senile and a blatant liar and crook.

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