Jane Plan Client Testimonials

When I made a decision to lose weight, I looked at ways that would work for me and the big thing for me, is time and, shopping for food, cooking food.
So I looked at getting food delivery systems. And initially, when I saw these online I thought that’s going to be really expensive, I can’t afford that. So I looked at a few programs, I looked at
the cost per day, and then for two weeks I wrote down every day what I spent in: pret,
M and S, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, and all that extras, and I actually saved ten pounds a
day by being on the Jane Plan. So not only did I lose weight, but I had some
extra money to buy new clothes with at the end of it. To replace my entire wardrobe of lovely clothes,
with new ones would have cost me a fortune and I’m at an advantage because I’m a dress
maker. This particular dress I took four inches out
of the waist to make it fit me. That was a really nice feeling, one, to be able to do
that for myself, but also to just cut loads of fabric off. I love the pasta arabiatta, it is delicious,
oily, Italian, spicy pasta and it feels really naughty and it’s a small portion. You can
have pasta on a diet – you just can’t gorge yourself on pasta. I think if the food had been rubbish, I never
would have stuck to it. But it was yummy, so I’m still on it, I still eat it, because
it’s still really nice food.>>When I put on weight, I started feeling
really frumpish, and, nothing fits. even my big baggy jeans don’t fit, so I thought whoops
this is for me to do something about this. The main thing for me is not having to prepare
another set of meals for myself and a different meal for my children. With my partner we actually decided to do
the diet together. He started a couple of days after me, but he – I’m quite jealous
actually – lost more weight than me! My favourite is the chicken, coconut turmeric
and ginger – definitely, definitely. I love that chicken dish, and the salads are great,
as well.>>So, the diet was really lovely, the food
was really yummy, I still had lots of energy and guess what? I lose half a stone. I run a number of networking groups and that
means I have to eat out lunches a lot, it’s a real chore! So with the Jane Plan, I’m doing what’s
called a weekends off plan, but I substituted the weekends off for two days in the week off. So that meant I could go eat normally – within
reason – at my networking events, or if I was going out, meeting the girls after work one
night, so it fitted in really well. The difference between this and other diets,
for me, is the support that you get. I get a weekly call from Jane Plan headquarters
with one of the ladies there, who is really helping me keep on track, asking me how I’m
doing, if I’m enjoying it, and that’s really good to have. The best thing about the Jane Plan diet is
just the ease of it all, for somebody with a busy lifestyle like me, it all gets delivered
straight to your door, you don’t need to think about it, you don’t need to weigh anything
out. It’s just so simple.

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