James Murray (Stories Of Addiction Recovery)

you know the first time I drove up here remember what driving up and I’m like looking around so it said this is everything I thought of rehab was gonna be until I actually went to one that Oasis type of thing we’re like you’re getting high you think you’re gonna go to rehab and you think it’s gonna be just like that movie twenty-eight days and I show up to a hospital across the street from New York City and I’m like where the fields you know like where’s the recovery worth what’s going on here and the first day I took a tour up here and it was everything that I was taught when I got sober it was everything that I thought as far as the campus should be the work that we do is unlike any other place I’ve ever been to the immediate change that happens in I think both staff and clients you know when we walk in here it’s game on they do a little bit of work and they and they show up to life in a way that they never have people walk out of here an entirely different person than they came in and that’s a miracle I need it to be a different person this book it’s a family meeting a couple weeks ago and I was talking to one of the families afterwards if he’s he said man I don’t know I don’t know how you guys pull it off I don’t know what you guys do to get it done you know but the amount of work that goes into those first 30 days that a person comes in here and the amount of things that you get them set up to do as they walk out of here it was like there’s never been a place that’s done that before and that my son has never been happier going to aftercare going to a sober living house and he’s never been so prepared that was big [Music]

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