90 thoughts on ““IT’S SICK CARE NOT HEALTHCARE” – Plant-Based Gynaecologist Dr. Nitu Bajekal

  1. Reversed my terrible autoimmunity with a totally plant based diet and even my family is changing with me! Now I make content myself documenting my experience. Thanks PBN! This is a great interview 👍🏼😄🍎🥦

  2. In this exclusive Plant Based News interview, gynaecologist Dr. Nitu Bajekal is interviewed about plant-based nutrition and veganism. Check out her website at: https://nitubajekal.com/

  3. Nice lady. Very inspirational. Indians have the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world. Maybe this is why their vegetable dishes are so tasty!

  4. I agree with everything Dr. Bajekal says. The change that she speaks about, that young people are charged with making, also involves demanding changes to how our political system and government works. It is all connected.

  5. So funny, I never hear anyone saying that they switched from a vegan diet to an animal-based diet and now they feel incredible. Maybe, just maybe, that’s because animal foods make you feel like shit, and there’s no actual science behind nonsense like the “carnivore diet for morons.”

  6. There's plenty of money in "healthcare". There's just a whole industry supported by trillions of dollars that don't want that change to happen.

  7. One of the students in my grad class said that doctors in the modern age American society are following a “scientific based” approach to dealing with patients and I couldn’t help but laugh my ass because “medical error” is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Lol “science-based” more like “profit-based” 🤣

  8. I have tried so many times to be veggie, but always felt so tired, weak and light. Whenever I stop meat for more than a week, I can't function. I am prone to iron deficiency and I wonder if my body does not absorb iron the same way from plant based foods compared to meat. I'd love to hear suggestions for this issue….

  9. That emotion coming through about dairy. Mothers who become educated are very good spokes people for veganism, given all the mothers being exploited all the time.

  10. She's Awesome!! We need more of these Doctors!! All Doctors should be trained first and foremost in Nutrition and Holistic Healing!

  11. You are SO RIGHT!!! Its pathetic. As a nurse post my Dr telling me to lose weight via red meat and veggies to help BP and cholesterol and my stating Oh swell, thats just going to make it worse! He just stared at me. Plant based now and all is much better and weight loss!

  12. Its wonderful to hear health professionals journey to plant base way of life . I wonder if this doctor speak to her coworkers and spread the word as to how to treat patients.

  13. let's play a game. everyone eat a slice of bacon each time she says "journey". it's ok if you are vegan, you can just tell everyone you are on a journey.

  14. Thanks for that interview. I really wish my doc was vegan. She is at least on board with how we live. I appreciate that because I have had docs in the past that I swear wanted to hurt people, or at least those who identify as female.

  15. I’m just Posting this objectively:

    advocating for SBD/space between diet: vegan diet for human digestion : hopefully Government can be Scientifically Studying what optimal diet within Veganism is: ( as well for understanding what specific vegan diets animals eat )/ (what materials have the most scientific integrity for all processes/all systems: specifically):
    my best understanding of what optimal diet for humans is, is:
    Space Between Diet
    certified organic
    no wheat products
    no soy products
    no peanut products
    no coffee bean products
    vegan (plant-based) foods diet

  16. If you think you are vegan (for ethical reasons) or want to raise your kids vegan, yet give them vaccines then you are not. Most vaccines have gelatin, casein, chicken egg protein and bovine or monkey dna in them and pretty much every vaccine is tested on animals. Not to mention all the other harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide and polysorbate 80 to name but a few. This scam is exactly what the title of this video says, sick care not healthcare. Get you sick from birth with allergies, autoimmune and neurological diseases as well as cancer, then make lots of money off you for the rest of your life for the treatments you will inevitably need as a result.

    The industry is corrupt to the core, they are exempt from liability for damage done by their product and the CDC is just as in bed with the Pharma industry as the FDA and the DA is with the animal agriculture industry.

  17. I’m vegan and live on a plant based diet yet I’m currently in hospital with severe tonsillitis on a drip because I can’t swallow so please don’t bash healthcare…not sure my diet can prevent/cure my chronic tonsillitis

  18. Look like they sent in the trolls already this morning with 5 dislikes, only other being that would dislike. So grateful for those doctors who are speaking up and very grateful for those in the past who lost their lives paving the way so more and more could speak up.

  19. Actually, healthy people work more, consume more, are more likely to educate themselves than someone who's chronically ill, and produce new humans and new products. So, there is definitely "big bucks " in health care. And even without lifestyle illnesses, a health care professional will away have a job. Especially as long as we have traffick. So many horrible accidents in traffic. Let's say we even swap today's traffic for only cycling, walking, running, trains and automatic Tesla cars, there would still be something for doctors to do. Not as much. But hey, you can always play more golf, or work part time as a dietician, promote community vegetable gardens and orchards, excercise, child care and elderly care, sustainable eco design, peace promoting activities, conservation of endangered species and securing of eco systems, political progress and the fine arts.

  20. males R also sexually exploited 2 artificially insemin8 the females… See Joey Carbstrongs #FebruScary… Go Vegan ❤️🌱🙏

  21. Great interview!

    White = Red —an uncomfortable truth!

    Love how much she believes in this being a journey and her obvious care for all living beings!💚

  22. It is not a conspiracy. I still have my books from vet tech school and when you look at who published these books on animal husbandry (cows, pigs, horses, chickens, turkeys) they are published by BAYER. Those books never mention vegetarian lifestyles as an option. They talk about meat, dairy, and eggs like a complete necessity. And since they want us to believe it's necessary, that's how they brainwash the students to artificially inseminate, ear tag, clip wolf teeth, dock tails, and dehorn so many animals and think nothing of it.

  23. okay let’s make one thing very clear. Healthcare does actually exist if we are talking about broken bones and protheses.

  24. Wow, she's really incredibly well-spoken. She seems so passionate about veganism and its inspiring to know that there's some doctors out there who are knowledgable about nutrition at least.

  25. One of the issues I see in the "healthcare/sickcare" industry is the lack of education and proactive engagement with the public. In the UK there used to be district nurses and health visitor to follow up with patients along with education in schools. We don't have any of that now and in the USA it is terrible. You visit a Doctor's office and they instantly assume to prescribe you a pill in the 15 minutes of allotted patient time. It's absolutely pathetic. The assumption is to always prescribe to some form of pharmaceutical. Doctors are just drug pushers at this point. Why the F don't they start being holistic ? It's an industry and it's rotten the the core. I can't believe how much I am educating my Doctors about health and diet !! It's almost a joke. At this point I seem to know more about the biochemical cascade in the nutrient cycle than they do ? What do they learn in school ???? Seriously, 7 years of learning about what exactly ???

    BTW, I know doctors are usually stressed due to the heavy workloads. Have they considered advising patients that a healthy lifestyle and diet would be the best way to lower their workloads and will remove stress from their own lives ??

  26. BTW, if someone bugs you about why you're always promoting veganism, just tell the person that you're talking to, "If you had found the fountain of youth, wouldn't you want to tell your friends ?", they'll most likely say yes. And then tell them "Well I found the fountain of health!!".

  27. Atkins died of head/brain trauma. It was found from the autopsy that he had severe Atherosclerosis and heart + other organ failure.

  28. You’re oath, doctors. It’s your oath !!! Hint hint ✅❤️😬 flat teeth 🦷. Like gorillas 🦍✅❤️😬🦷💪😉. 98.6% the same as us humans.

  29. Sure Rogan lost weight but he also got explosive diarrhea… if you listen to that clip you hear it. It’s why many people with eating disorders abuse laxatives. You lose weight if you can’t keep it. Sounds extremely unhealthy. I find it the opposite. I can’t even take a shit at all unless 75% or more comes from starch/veggies. Max a small piece of meat every now and then. It’s weird.

  30. One of greatest lies … Dr Atkins didn't die of heart disease. The medical examiner’s office will only say Atkins died of a head injury from the fall.

  31. This woman is wonderful. 🙂 I have to say, though.. Atkins died from slipping and falling on an icy New York sidewalk in front of his office. I don't agree with his diet (I tried it a few years ago and got sick, plus I'm vegan now), but I have to be fair and unbiased and say that from everything I have read, it wasn't heart disease that killed him.

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