‘It’s like the world’s most racially charged Oreo’: Late-night hosts tackle second Democratic debate

‘It’s like the world’s most racially charged Oreo’: Late-night hosts tackle second Democratic debate

-Yeah, Joe Biden —
this was an unlucky draw, man. Cory Booker on the one side, Kamala on the other side,
and he’s in the middle? It’s like the world’s
most racially charged Oreo. I feel like Joe Biden got
on the stage and just instinctively tried
to lock his car doors. He was like, “Aaah! Aaah!
No attacks!” -Unfortunately, Vice
President Biden, you’re just simply inaccurate
in what you’re describing. -Senator Harris, thank you. Vice President Biden,
your response? -The plan, no matter how you
cut it, costs $3 trillion. -CNN was so desperate
to get them to fight, they were like Romans
at the Colosseum. “Healthcare plans,
he says yours is foolish. You say his is cruel. Now fight for our pleasure.” [Laughter, cheers, applause] -Then, Senator Gillibrand
took a bold swipe at answering
how she would beat Trump. -I can talk to those white women in the suburbs
that voted for Trump and explain to them what
white privilege actually is. -“They will accept me
into their midst, for I come with offerings
of Chardonnay and SkinnyPop.” “We speak the same — My bounty is as boundless
as the sea.” -Then, there’s Marianne
Williamson, the — -Whoo! -She — Really? She’s like if the trailer
for the movie “Cats” became a person. Now, where did she get the money
to even be a — how many dream catchers
was this woman able to sell? First, Biden seemed
to get confused and gave Booker a new title. -The fact is that the bills
that the president — that — excuse me —
the future president here — that the Senator’s
talking about… -Wait.
What? Go back. Did he just endorse Cory Booker? Did he forget that he’s also
running for president? “Oh, what?
This is a presidential debate? Oh, I’m just here to mix it up
and have fun. It’s malarkey time! Let’s get malarkey.” -Julián Castro —
Julián Castro says he knows what the lives
of everyday Americans are like. -Too many people are struggling, and I know
what that’s like, too. I grew up with a single mom
in a poor neighborhood. -“Growing up, we were so poor,
my brother and I had to share a face. Sad. He’s a twin —
He’s a twin is the idea. -Running for president is about
shooting for the moon, right? When Trump ran for president, he didn’t run
with incremental ideas. He was like, “Build a wall! Another country
will pay for it!” Yeah.
Obama was like, “We can!” He wasn’t like,
“Uh, we’ll, uh, we’ll see. We’ll try, uh.” We can! But some of these candidates
tonight are like, “Let’s make America 8. 5 percent better
than it was yesterday.” And that really was the biggest
split in the debate tonight was Democrats who wanted
major systemic change and those who wanted
to fiddle in the margins. And I’ll be honest —
there’s only one side that’s gonna win this,
and it’s gonna be — Sorry.
What’s that? Jake Tapper says I’ve run
out of time? Alright.
We’ll be right back.

83 thoughts on “‘It’s like the world’s most racially charged Oreo’: Late-night hosts tackle second Democratic debate

  1. Watch out for Russian troll farm employees trying to attack our strong candidates in the comments to divide us. They did it last time between Bernie and Hillary and theyโ€™re back at it against kamala.

  2. Lol at the left's comedians being unleashed unto the Democratic candidates for underperforming. THE LEFT EATS THEIR OWN!!!

  3. WOW! Theyโ€™re really going to do it, arenโ€™t they? They are going to eat each other alive and leave the scraps of the primary winner to be picked like a carcass by President Trump.;)

    โ€œNever Interfere With an Enemy While Heโ€™s in the Process of Destroying Himself.โ€

  4. Did the WP just post a clip compilation of late night COMEDY talk shows? Is this where they get their news from? WTH?!

  5. Less than a thousand views in an hour and it's on trending news, liberal media is corrupt and pathetic

  6. If Trump was on a Comedy Central Roast with all these " comedians" he would blow their slow witted asses out of the water. Lmfaoo

  7. CNN and MSNBC just reported! Cummings and sharpton were just arrested at the airport! Trying to leave the country! Ha ha ๐Ÿ˜‚ โœ”๏ธ๐Ÿ’€ ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜‚โœ”๏ธ ha ha!

  8. i prefer my coffee black like my men, WAIT A MINUTE? don lemon is married 2 an old rich white guy!! Oreo cookie sellout.

  9. I think I am smarter than this woman, I can easily recognize when I'm being lied to. How do you know are being lied to, the demos lips are moving.

  10. Oh look, the calmly mulatto at the beginning of the video… See, they're not racist because they had a mulatto.. See…

  11. Mr. Noah and Washington Post last time I checked Oreo were two chocolate cookies with vanilla on the inside. The picture you are displaying with Cory Booker Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the vanilla version.. dude you're not even American go back to South Africa you cornball

  12. and 2 blacks with no ideas and one white with just really bad ideas…oh, and a totally non funny person talking about it..

  13. give it up, for these guys!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ being able to make light of a bad situation & helping ppl cut the sh!t, is so refreshing & uplifting.

  14. So now the Washington Post is getting it's takes from a comedian? Great "reporting" guys! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Keep up the hard work

  15. I guess joe is just handsy with everyone lol but actually I believe the death of his son might've made him be so affectionate towards others especially at his age.

  16. Yes WP you are posting for our YouTube pleasure some of your finest journalistic endeavors… it really matches your other work.

  17. Forget about the Klan or Black Panthers folks, we have a new Racial Hate Group in town – it's called The Democratic Party. Apostles are CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, and all of these talk show hosts.

  18. Wow Tulsi gabbard was the star of the debate she ended Kamala Harris exposing her for keeping people in prison hiding evidence

  19. Milk Toast Senator and Governor apologize for being White. How sad, these two asking for the highest office in the world ashamed of their color. Who would ever vote for someone that has no pride in their own self? Sorry but I can't sell my Soul for a few votes!
    Wow, now it's Obama Economy the lies they spread. When 28 Job-Stopping regulation were wipe off the books as soon as Pres. Trump took office, then the business's started coming back. Mr. Booker had a " Spartacus Moment" I don't agree with his thinking but he did (in my opinion) had a good debate. Now the flip-flop queen Harris, was exposed for her past record of special treatment for rich and powerful people over the average Joe. Blue-dog Dem's you have a choice Socialism or Freedom no one to blame but yourself.

  20. I thought late night was supposed to be comedy. Talk about a snooze fest. And don't get me wrong I love a good snooze fest, okay. But this is the bad kind

  21. Democrats! somewhere along the time they lost something that they thought they had!
    It's all about comedy now and embarrassment to themselves!

  22. I'd like to thank YouTube for occasionally reminding me why the mainstream media is nearly extinct. Great "reporting", Wapo!

  23. Democrats every election campaign. Waycist Waycist Waycist Waycist they be Waycists !
    White supremacy everywhere Over here over there
    White supremacy in that chair
    We are da Waycists, We are da Waycists————
    Of the world !
    Make Waycists Gweat Again !
    It's a beautiful day in the waycist hood, a beautiful day in the waycist hood, won't you be mine, my waycist friend !!!!
    A typical white couple at the breakfast table. Honey you seen any blacks ? No honey what about you ? Not yet still looking. Look ! There's 3 on TV ! My God Wilbur ! I know Dorothea, I'll call Ralph right now.
    Hello. Ralph this is Wilbur we just seen 3 blacks on tv. Did you now, we'll hold on for a sec. Bertha, yes dear, Dorothea and Wilbur just seen 3 blacks on tv. How awful dear. Was it on the Today Show ? I'll ask, Wilbur was it the Today Show where you seen them negroes ? Damn sure was. What are we gonna do Ralph ? Call Billy Bob and I'll call Chumley and all of us White Supremacists will get together and have a hoedown and try to figure this out ! I can't stop thinking about all these impotent blacks every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year they is so impotent in my everyday life cycles no what I mean boss ? Gotcha boss ! See ya at the hoedown !

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