Inside the spin room: Watch Democratic candidates make their final points after the second debate

Inside the spin room: Watch Democratic candidates make their final points after the second debate

-I thought the point had to be made that the time is now for us to stick up for the working class of this country, which has been devastated over the last 45 years. It is not acceptable that half of our people live paycheck to paycheck at a time when three people own more wealth than the bottom half of America. And it is not acceptable — thank you. It is not acceptable that we remain the only major country on Earth not to guarantee healthcare to every man, woman, and child. -How do you secure the border? -The most important thing is to defeat Donald Trump. Can you imagine what he’ll do if he has another four years? Like, you know how he muses about, like, locking up his political opponents? He might actually try to do that stuff. This is, like, mission critical for the United States of America and the world to defeat Donald Trump, and I’m gonna empty the gas tank to defeat Donald Trump. I think I’m the best one to do it. -What matters is that we not give someone like Donald Trump the tools to tear families apart. But our immigration system should be doing three things. The first one is to keep us safe. The second, it needs to promote our economy. And third, we need to live our values every single day. Right now that’s not happening. -I think the vast majority of the American people, and Democrats, quite frankly, recognize that taking private insurance away from union members who negotiated away wages to get better healthcare, then taking that healthcare away, ’cause someone from Washington’s gonna come in and make it better — that’s a disqualifier. -How are you gonna beat Trump’s dark, psychic force? -With love. Let me tell you something — only light casts out darkness, and only love casts out hatred. He has collectivized hatred. You know, Jared Kushner said to his father-in-law — before they ran, he said, “There are a lot of angry people out there. We can harness all that and make you president.” When I read that, I thought to myself, “There’s so much dignity out there and decency and goodness in people. We can harness all that and change the world.” -[speaking Spanish] El Paso is one of the safest communities in the U.S. We don’t have to fear the border or immigrants. We need to [acknowledge] that it is a part of the strengths of this country. -I think a lot of people are gonna have a real hard time dealing with, you know, a U.S. government that takes away something that they want to hold on to. And, again, I get it. A lot of people don’t like their private insurance. Well, they should have a choice to go to Medicare Advantage or some combination of Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Let it grow slowly and organically.

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  1. So tired of O’rourke pandering for Spanish speaking voters! Does he really think that we are so stupid as to vote for him just because he speaks bad spanish?

  2. Give up demon-rats , you have been exposed ! The truth is spreading like a million suns into the darkness ! Your wickedness and evil is being seen for the first time by many . Lets all continue to pray for our president. When Trump wins in 2020 we will see the rats scurry as their ship sinks down into the abyss. Pray that any assassination attempts will fail against President Trump.

  3. Did the crazy cat lady who runs a palm reading business start writing headlines and coining debate lines?

    Sickening. We can do better.

  4. Drain the swamp President Trump and Vice President Pence and build the wall now President Trump! These guys are blooming idiots!

  5. Modern politics are pointless we live in the second fall of rome so lets just skip to the end and launch all the nukes already

  6. Progressives really need to look in the mirror. They talk about Trump's hate yet they've done nothing but spew hate since Nov 2016. Good Economy, No new wars, record low unemployment so what do they fall back on "dark psychic force." WTF? I am no Trump supporter but these people are nuts. Liberals went nuts when he opened talks with N. Korea – "how could he hold talks with that murderous regime?" Yet, they praised Obama when he opened relations with Cuba, you know, that murderous regime. The hypocrisy on the left is astounding. Oh don't get me wrong, there are plenty of hypocrites on the right but at this moment, the left is leading the pack.

  7. demoKKK-rats are insane… they think it's moral to steal money from some people and give it to others.

  8. Yo no entiendo ni una palabra que el estupido, batraceo Robert Francis O'Rourke dice.
    Este izquierdista comunista, simplemente va a decir cualquier cosa que cualquier persona quiera hoir. Por supuesto como un Democrata, mentiroso, no tiene ninguna intencion de cumplir las promesas que ha hecho………………TRUMP 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!

  9. they'll sell us all for their global agenda and our living standards will diminish as non-American lives will flourish

  10. The Democrat party is nothing but Communists. It is the enemy we fought for so long and finally defeated. It has turned up again in our own nation under the banner of the demon party. The democrats need to be in jail.

  11. A lot of Trump supporters were tweeked by this vid. Or, are the comments from trolls? Yo Boy is going down in 2020!

  12. unite candidates not run against each other be like together don't fight each other be for the cause vote Tulsi and Bernie what a waste of time

  13. "We don't have to fear the border or immigrants"
    So basically he's saying that we dont have to fear possible killers, rapists, drug dealers, or something like that?

    Dont take it in a bad way, ofcourse not all immigrants are like that, but is a fact that there is people like that

  14. If American voters really want to know the best candidate, the media would hold one on one, long format video podcasts and get into details with thoughtful questions and allow for detailed answers.

    The whole debate format is antiquated and designed solely for ideological entertainment and market ratings (darn capitalism 🤑) and gets us no where. The polls are all flawed propaganda anyway.

    We have this incredible political system and robust economy yet we elect our leaders like a high school popularity contest. Truly amazing!

  15. Free everything at the tax payers expense..if they still have a job after NAFTA..TRUMP !! 2020

  16. Ask a senior citizen about medicare and not enough cash for part B or supplemental insurance. A. You have to pay for medicare B. You also need to have a bunch of cash on hand or have to pay again for insurance to make up the other 1/2 that medicare does not cover. C. How often do you hear about medicare scams, and very rarely hear about private insurance scams?

  17. Hey, let's eliminate the border, so that "illegals" are now legal, and give the poorest of them free healthcare, education, welfare, and jobs…all paid for by the American middle-class (because you know the top will shelter their income offshore.) What will your wages be, when you have to compete with someone who's accustomed to earning $2/day?

  18. THE CORPORATE MEDIA IS IN PANIC MODE. Can't believe title of this Video SMH. Anyone that saw the full debate knows full well that Bernie and Warren (even Marianne) killed the conservative Dems last night. It was the last breath of the corporate shilling moderates. If Pete doesn't switch to the progressive side he will be next to go.

  19. As an Independent voter, I'll be voting for the Presidential Candidate who's actions support the safety, security, and prosperity of the average American and this Great Nation. Any candidate who supports free everything to pander for votes, catering to illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, raising taxes, Medicare for all, and out right socialism doesn't fit into the above mentioned criteria.

  20. Tulsi Tulsi Tusli. Tulsi for Pres. and Bernie for Vice Pres. Can't lose. If Dem's want to lose or are paid to lose, then run the others.

  21. theyre more worried about beating Donald trump instead of running America. that's going to be their downfall

  22. Beto’s spanish was so cringey hahaha. The best part was when he said El Paso is a safe city….hahahaha he said that. I used to live there and it is not, like at all. Beto, more like mentiroso

  23. These PEOPLE are BRAINWASHED , Confused And Demonic POSSED. PRESIDENT TRUMP is Covered from the Blood of JESUS

  24. Free. Free free isn't that dandy. Does Bento believe everyone living in America is latino? Poker face Bento.

  25. Trump has so rattled these folks – it's incredible what's coming out – meltdown 2 in 2020 is going to be phenomenal

  26. Democrats advocate Medicare for All, which will take away the private healthcare from 200 million Americans. Likewise, Democrats push for free healthcare for illegal aliens. So they take away our health insurance and make us pay for illegal immigrants. Harris will make Americans pay $100 billion for black Americans only housing. How racist is that? Harris also says she will use "executive privilege" to overrule the 2nd Amendment. Warren will make everyone pay trillions in student loan forgiveness for those in debt. The Green deal, based upon the theory of man-made global warming will cost between $53-90 TRILLION over 10 years. US total budget was less than $5 Trillion last year. Only one who truly hates America could vote for such madness?

  27. Delaney got it right, Trump will be locking up "all" corrupt/pedophile politicians! Trump 2020!!! Bob "Beto" still thinks he is running against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexican President. Yo quiero Taco Bell!! Illumi-donkeys have unhinged they have become the looney-donkeys.

  28. I am IBEW international brotherhood of electrical workers , When we negotiate for a contract, we are negotiating medical benefits in that contract. The the money that does not go to medical, will then go on my Brothers and sisters paychecks, which will help them raise a family and buy a house f*ck Ryan

  29. El Paso is one of the safest cities in the USA?? Despite the fact that you can easily buy, collect and carry firearms in texas? I must not be good at finding correlations

  30. Colonel Sanders and Lizard Warden has little to no accomplishments as Senators, but because they are riding a wave of FREE STUFF, they are even considered. Bernie has his job cut out for him this go around cuz there are 19 others that are now riding on his go-cart.

  31. John Delaney is forgetting Obama weaponizing the IRS, and as we will soon find out, the weaponizing of every other branch of government that has stormed Republican homes in the dead of the night with assault weapons. There is a big difference between "musing" and "doing"!

  32. The funny part is Bernie sounded the least crazy of the bunch. These people are so far away from reality it's scary. They care more about being famous and getting their name out there VS actually helping the people they say they "represent". OH WELL MAGA 2020 BABY!!!

  33. Delaney is the only one with a little credibility. He's the only democrat that reasonable and not radicalized

  34. Democrats are trying to lock Trump up and they say it's mission critical to defeat him, put him out of office, then charge him with treason, so why are they worried if they haven't done anything wrong? What are they running on, Baltimore, Detroit, St Louis, San Francisco, LA? Go there and see what "Hopey-Changey" gets you.

  35. Democrat Presidential candidates are self deluded fools whose stock in trade is deception. Trump has exposed their lies as well as their political bankruptcy.  Democrats are attempting to break America down, under Trump that with NEVER happen.  In fact, given four more years Trump will eliminate the current Democrat Party from the nation's political landscape. Call it a barn fire of the REAL AUTHENTIC undesirables.

  36. Wow who was that guy, getting ahead of the arrests? That was like Obummer, telling people about some fake pics we might see or stories we might hear.

  37. You know your politician has sold out when they speak in foreign languages and leave their actual voters to chase subtitles. Yeah, that'll totally get you ignored. I'm not reading subtitles for your policy positions bro.

  38. Hadn't really heard Marianne Williams or Williamson speak, I am surprised that she sees President Trump as evil. She really is out of touch. And here I thought she was connected to God

  39. Liars and thieves. Over-paid underworking and definitely undeserving. 911 people exploded into tiny bone fragments and the WP is as guilty of the coverup as every damned one them. God Bless you all as you so truly deserve.

  40. Incompetent Democrat candidates just handed the presidency to Trump. They claim they represent the poor. but they want open market and flood the country with people to compete against the jobs on the bottom. Also free healthcare and free college for illegals when the national debt is increasing? This is insanity!

  41. "inside the spin room". The 1st honest statement made by the Bezos owned WaPo. Judging by the downward facing thumb count I'm guessing they didn't spin it enough.

  42. "Mission Critical" just after stating he's worried Trump will try to lock some people up. What you been up to there buddy?

  43. The dark lord trump an his space force fixed the economy an made the galaxy is safe for now lol. Vote Republican please save us from the dark side.

  44. Wow this thread is pack full of racist Trump acolytes. Crazy. Yet none with a sound argument. Just alot of race baiting.

  45. Our president has done more none the last 4. The Democrats don't understand why we love Trump is because he is sticking up for the American people. While the Democrats as the Democrats you pushed for Obamacare we all had to have it it was great. Why are you complaining now. How much did that cost us like a financial number for that one. For something that failed and left more people uninsured. That is not Trump's fault that was Obama's socialism fault. And then the SOB just lies about the whole thing anyways. You're a bunch of hypocrites now why are you complaining about Healthcare when you got exactly what you wanted under Obama. Love that both our legacies one to the garbage. Something to be proud of

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