I Suffer From Facial Wasting Due To HIV

I Suffer From Facial Wasting Due To HIV

We had heard about a virus. One of us had heard about it. We supported each other, and it ended up testing positive. And at that time they said 25% of people seemed to be only getting
sick with this virus. So do what you do to
live your life healthy, be good, come back and
see us again in a while. – Which shows that the lifestyle of some male homosexuals has
triggered an epidemic, of a rare form of cancer. – I went back about nine months later and they said that only 25%
of people were surviving. Meaning that everyone was dying. Which later evolved the next year into 100% of people were dying, there was nobody that
was surviving the virus. – [TV Newscaster] The condition severely weakens the body’s
ability to fight disease. Researchers are now studying blood and other samples from the victims, trying to learn what
is causing the disease. So far they have had no luck. – Hi, I’m Keith. And I’ve been HIV positive since 1985. So I’m one of those,
one of those survivors. I’m leaning up against a building where I’m about to go in and
get a Sculptra treatment. Sculptra is something
I’ve done several times over the years, which has
helped with facial wasting, which is a result of medications from HIV. Hi! – [Robert] I’m Dr. Robert Cohen. Today we’re working at Being Alive! Which is a HIV/AIDS social service agency. We’ve set up a program called the facial reconstruction program. Earlier medications that were
used to treat HIV and AIDS caused fat loss. They would cause fat
lipo-trophy, or lipodystrophy. Which manifests itself as a hollowness. Primarily in the mid-face area, in the temples, down low. People get that as they get older. But with the HIV patient
population it was a more acute, and it’s a more severe
form of facial wasting. (music) – [Keith] You know you’re
living with a virus inside you, a lot of your friends die,
you’ve survived this thing, and then it starts to appear on your face. It starts to show. And all of a sudden you look in the mirror and you’re seeing the
actual disease itself. At the time, I was acting and modeling. My agent, I remember, he
called me and he said, you just got a call from a casting director who wanted to know, like, what’s up with Keith? He’s not looking like he usually looks. Is he sick, is something going on? And that kind of started the end of like, really the end of my career. – [Robert] What we’ve done,
we’ve put white cream, and it’s a numbing cream. The numbing cream takes
about 10, 15 minutes to work. It will numb up topically. I need to get the product into his face, so for the first couple of injections, it helps make it more
comfortable for the patient. – It became kind of a terminal
death sentence automatically, and there’s no medications for it, there’s nothing to treat it, and your own government
has turned its back on you, because it made it a gay disease. It just sucked, because
we were having to prove that we were of value to
live in the first place. And the doctors had no cures and there was no leads on anything. And people were just dying left and right. You were choosing which funeral you had to go to on the weekend, because you had to make a priority of which person was more important to you. – [Robert] This product
is called Sculptra. It’s what’s called the biologic filler. It’s a chemical that will stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. We’re going to inject the patients in the area that he, or she, needs. And the patient will
wait for about a month, and they’ll start to
see the collagen grow. And their face will be… The volume lost will be
replaced with collagen. It lasts about one to two years. – [Keith] I wasn’t able to get a job. I was having these symptoms. It came to being alive. Literally just put my arms out,
stretched them straight out, and I just started sobbing. And I said somebody’s got to help me. And that’s all I said. They just put their arms
around me, on both sides, and just took me into the back, just basically, just helping me with whatever I needed and one
those ended up being Sculptra. Man, oh, get in here! – Well thank you for coming and joining us and letting me stick sharp
objects into your face. It always makes my day better.
(laughing) – HIV is now what’s called a
chronic maintenance disease. The patients now will continue to live a long and healthy life, a long and productive life. It is a disease and it
can change your life. There’s always hope. Whether it’s HIV, whether it’s diabetes, whether it’s depression, there’s hope. Take your medication,
talk to your doctors, and most importantly,
surround yourself with people. Whether they have the same disease entity, or something else, and reach
your hand out and help them. Nothing feels better than
helping somebody else. And that’s what we’re here for. We’re on the boat together,
let’s help each other row. (uplifting music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel! And now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here! – That was my part.

47 thoughts on “I Suffer From Facial Wasting Due To HIV

  1. Just blessful and thankful that medicine has advanced so much that they can help patients with hiv live longer and make there journey in life more pleasant and healthier.

  2. The government created HIV and AIDS to kill us. black folks, Gays, and other highly disenfranchised people. It was a tactic they used in our own “land of the free” we had a genocide in our country and everybody let it happen. This country is shameful. And I can’t wait until I move out of it.

  3. This disease is so terrifying. If I had been alive during the A.I.D.S. Epidemic I would have thought the world was ending.

  4. That poster you guys used when Keith talked about governments turning their backs on LGBT folk and calling it a gay disease, that poster is from Singapore's Ministry Of Health in the 80's. I don't know how you got your hands on it. And while it seems to be out of context that you would use a foreign poster as a cutaway over a dialogue about the American experience, I applaud you. Just so you know, HIV education has evolved in Singapore. The attitude towards LGBT folk however hasn't changed much from that poster. The evangelicals here still connect HIV AIDs with the 'gay lifestyle' and the churches actively lobby the government to maintain a law that criminalizes gay people. Interestingly, many within the management of these churches are American imports from the Bible Belt in the US. So it may be that the US exported the sort of bigotry and discrimination Americans that delayed the race to find a cure there.

  5. What about the ones who have thick necks and really round chubby faces. Really round bloated belly staring from experience my uncle has HIV and had the thick neck doing tummy and face etc etc.

  6. QUESTION: Im so confused…. If it was only the earlier medicines that had these side effects, why does he still have them??? Presumming he's on newer ones as of 2019.

  7. I live in Hells Kitchen and many gay guys on disability for HIV get this treatment even tho they look fine and spend all day running between the gym and the gay bars. It's basically to look younger at the meth parties that are now all the rage. Of course they are all "actors" and "models" so their insurance covers it. LOL.

  8. Lipoatrophy may be a side effect of some antiretroviral treatment for the HIV infection. Therefore assuming this guy's face shows signs of lipoatrophy "due to HIV" is not correct. Let's be precise about these matters as internet overflows with people that may easily jump to very wrong conclusions.

  9. I have a friend PLHIV or Person Living with HIV she never Tought that she is HIV positive till those Infections Arrived,like Chronic Gastroentoritis,Long Lasting Dry Cough,white Patches in her Tongue,Skin Rashes and her skin and some Fungal in her skin too like RingWorm and Dandruff that never go away to her Scalp… Then when she got tested and it's appeared positive she was so depressed and we as her true circle friends searched in Google and youtube we found out Some testimonials that Nano Colloidal silver helps to Cure her HIV infection that making her so Difficult and suffering…
    Then we bought that a pure Colloidal Silver in the Internet when she took the 1 liter she found some good Outcome… Her strenght revived and some of her infection start to fades away.. And upto now she Had the Nano Colloidal silver Generator and she made for her personal use and her family too… All her infections gone and we saw that she looks like normal as same as normal negative on HIV… We thank Lord Jesus Christ coz when we pray together during her suffering days God answered the Colloidal Nano Silver as her revelations in our searching in the Internet…
    We recommend this to all people suffering in a major health by the help our Lord God Jesus Christ amen!!!

  10. "We are all in the boat together. Let's help each other row." – This should be the motto of every human being!

  11. I am glad to see him fine. HIV is real and it is out there waiting for people who do not protect while having sex with strangers.

  12. Cohen's tribal Jewish brothers like the evil Dr. Hilary Karwoski made the AIDS virus, they have cure, but it's better for their Jewish brothers to make money off the suffering and death of Gentiles.

  13. Don't forget researchers (Ph.D's) all over the world for being the ones that developed the guns to tackle this HIV enemy. I salute you!

  14. I’m not gay or hiv pos but Creator bless all these men and their struggles…. So courageous and such role models.💜💜

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