Long story short, I don’t have health insurance. Oh it’s so…argh! Oh, yeah it’s frustrating. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Question of the day. Will the technology work? We’re picking up my prescriptions and somehow there’s the app that you can scan the thing. But the moment of truth is will it technology? The problem is this location… I think our lte isn’t fast enough. Oh. [Mary gasps] Haha. Woah. Oh, the test strips. Look at that. Hey, guys! [both] Good morning! We’re soaking up the sun because… Tomorrow… We’re getting a lot of snow. Like, probably 15 inches. Yeah, there’s all kinds of maps. Are there? I never know what to trust. yeah, Yeah. Like, some maps are like 6 to 12. Okay. Some maps are 12 plus. It’s confusing. It’ll be what it’ll be, but the reality is, soak up the sun today, because it’s probably… it’s gonna be white and it’s gonna be beautiful and Oliver will be the happiest boy in the world. It’ll be very fun. I realized it’s pretty good we’re picking these up because yesterday you asked me to get all Ultrase and I think I grabbed the last bottle. That’s so scary. Yeah. Like… Ultrase, although I have something new to say. Okay. So… Do you know that back in the day when I would think, if somebody said I’m gonna take all your medicines away… You would say Ultrase. Ultrase, you can only keep one medicine, I would say, I wanna keep Ultrase. Which actually isn’t even the best idea. I should keep like, ursodiol or something, like for my liver. I don’t know. I don’t know. But I’ve changed it to IVIG. So. I might only be able to have popsicles the rest of my life because I don’t have Ultrase, cuz there’s no calories in popsicles and so I can technically eat a popsicle without Ultrase. But… Then you’ll wither away into nothing. And so the IVIG won’t help. And become a popsicle stick. That’s true, so I’m really really thankful that that’s a… nonsense question, like really. And I’m really thankful that I have the medicines I need to keep my body alive. Yeah. Because I really like life. I’m really thankful you have health insurance because apparently I don’t. Oh my goodness. Peter… had a really really, bad morning. It was really sad. [Peter] Thank you. Did it work? Moment of truth. Awesome. Technology! All right, thanks. [Peter chuckles] Did she just cheer for us? Yeah. That’s so sweet. She was like, six prescriptions! Woo! Okay, tell them a brief synopsis of your morning. Synopsis of my morning, well, I had a meeting this morning over breakfast, and… Which was good. Yeah, that was good and then I came home. I was working on some things around the house. Called… The insurance people were supposed to call me back and I never got a call so I called them and… long story short, I don’t have health insurance. Like, on his…oh, it’s so! Argh! Yeah, it’s frustrating. I… I still don’t think I did anything wrong. I can see based on like everything they’re telling me like what happened, but… It’s frustrating. Basically online on the online portal it said he had health insurance, so he was waiting for the bill to come so he could pay it and since it didn’t show up he called them and they were like, oh, you don’t have health insurance. And he’s like, uh, it says so on the computer, and like … Basically what happened was- Oh, here we go. Yeah. Awesome. So, basically what happened… I enrolled in a new plan and when I went to pay for my first premium, which is like, you got to pay that premium for the enrollment to go through… My previous payment for my old plan was showing a credit on my account and so I just paid the money on top of that. Cuz that’s what it said to pay. Yeah, it said balance due, and… But in reality, because the whole plan was canceled, they refunded that amount, so I see like in reality I didn’t pay the full premium, but I didn’t realize that I didn’t because I thought my old premium went toward the new one. Right. Anyways… It was just like this mental game. It was like… Yeah, like, it’s like you had to beat the computer system, and the computer system beat me. Yeah. So, now it’s past the enrollment period so I gotta figure out… what to do, so… In the meantime, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Cuz we know that’s true. [Peter laughs] And since I couldn’t do anything to help him while he was on the phone, I was ferociously washing dishes. That was my tactic. [Mary chuckles] [singing] It’s your breath, in our lungs, so we pour out our praise, pour out our praise. It’s your breath. [Peter] Could I get a large cookies and cream milkshake Large? [Woman] A large cookies and cream? Yeah. [Peter] Just whipped cream, please. [Woman] Okay, we’ll see you at the window. [Peter] Thanks. We are getting a milkshake. We actually just went through this drive-thru line and we sat and had a little chick-fil-a date, and then we decided that we would like to have a milkshake. It’s the same guy. Do you want a good shake? A good shake? Yeah. Yeah? [laughter] [Mary coughing] So sorry. [Mary coughing] Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good burger, can I take your order? That’s…that’s from that, right? I forgot about that. [Mary coughing] We watched that movie a few months ago, and I laughed so hard. [Mary coughing and laughing] He laughed so hard! Oh man. I would pay money to hear you laugh that hard. Okay, pay me 20 bucks and I’ll watch that movie again! Okay! I’m on a mission looking for something for the working room. [Peter] Hmm. [Peter] That’ll do. [Peter] Okay guys, here’s what I got at Lowe’s… [Peter] because the other day, I don’t know if we showed you this, we got this little whale at [Peter] this local store near us. Mary put these succulents in it and we’re gonna hang it up on the wall… [Peter] right up here [Peter] from this little bracket. I just said to Peter okay, I’m thinking of something I’m gonna make you for dinner. and I was like, it has to do with chicken and… it has to do with something that starts with a B. And ends with iscuits. Haha! Betcha can’t figure it out! We just laughed. We did. You’re a funny girl. Guess you have to be there. Yeah. Sorry! I am feeling like a total winner Because I just went to like… three… stores. Yeah, like three stores, and I feel really happy about that. Yeah. No, it was good. I think it was good to get out of the house. Oh, there’s our friends. Do some things. Yeah, that person always says hi to Ollie. That’s cute. And there’s a puppy poodle that we saw walking the other day and we haven’t met it yet. We’re gonna meet it someday soon. Where’s that poodle? Poodle? Poodle? Poodles? Hey guys, we’re home. It was good to get out and… I’ve got to run to the church for a meeting and Mary is making some dinner. I don’t even know what she’s making. But I smell goodness. And there’s bacon in the pan, so you know that’s a good thing. I’m making… Well, it’s gonna be a surprise. Okay. But this is what I’m starting with. [Mary] And I’m not gonna put my Dexcom in it. [Peter] Yeah, please don’t. [Mary] All right, I’m kind of just making this up with what I have at home, [Mary] and I had a little bit of broccoli left, carrots, onion, and celery. [Mary] So I’m sautéing those, [Mary] And then, I guess when those are soft I will add flour and then some broth, I had vegetable broth on hand, and then I added some chicken bouillon and then… But when do I add the chicken? Now I’m confused. Let me see what this says. Cooked chicken. I’m looking at a recipe. I didn’t, like, follow that recipe, but it’s guiding me. So I will need to take the vegetables out when they’re done and then I will make the chicken, then I’ll make the gravy type stuff that’ll make it like a chicken pot pie, and instead of crust, which I don’t have, I’m gonna use some biscuits on the top. So. It’s gonna be good. I had a lot of fun going out today. I kind of felt normal, which I had a frustrating morning. I wanted- not as frustrating as Peters morning. No. I will add that. I was really wanting to take a walk with Peter, and I went outside and I just started coughing and I ended up sitting in the front yard coughing and there was mucus and… CF reality, so I felt kind of frustrated by that and then we needed to edit the vlog and then we just like had to do things, life. And then we went out, and that was so much fun. I just, I don’t know. It was fun. It was good to get out, and not to get out to go to the hospital, get out to go to a store like a real person! [Mary] All right, literally, Peter just got home and I just took this out of the oven. So that’s what I ended up making. [Mary] It’s basically chicken pot pie with a biscuit top, and… [Mary] that’s what I made. I’m so stinkin’ excited. [Mary] I just sat down, but I’m exhausted but I want to show you something. [Mary] Look at that little flower pot I got at the dollar tree today. [Mary] Woah, you’re missing some amazing Peter legs. Hold on. There you go. [Mary] Okay. Peter has a lot more energy than I do right now. [Mary] And I’m glad. Okay, so… [Mary] Those flowers I got at Ikea the other day, and then I got that flower pot at the dollar tree. [Mary] And those are my matching flowers. [Mary] My friend who passed away this time last year, I took matching flowers to her. [Mary] So, this February as I was thinking about her and [Mary] this time last year, I put my flowers up, my matching ones and then that [Mary] waterfall plant is the same one we got from Ikea. [Mary] And those cacti are ones we got from Ikea. [Mary giggles] [Mary] All right. That’s my… [Peter] Nice flower haul. [Mary] Thank you so much. [Mary] Here’s what our dinner looks like. [Peter] Here, I’ll do a taste test. [Mary] Oh good. I’m kind of scared. I’m kind of… like, I’m psyched out of my mind about this. [Mary] Do you want to take your hat off? It’s really hard to see your face. Oh, now my hair’s gonna have hat hair. [Mary] It’s okay. It looks really cute. Thank you. [Mary] I’m really really scared. Oh yeah! [Mary] Is it salty? Mm-hmm. [Mary] Okay, good. I mean, it’s salty but… not over salty. I mean, that tastes like chicken pot pie biscuits. It’s so good. [Mary] Okay, good. Have you ever had chicken pot pie biscuits? Is that a thing? [Mary] It’s a thing. Oh really? [Mary] Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever had that. [Mary giggles] [Mary] So, when you said it tastes like chicken pot pie biscuits… [laughter] Want to know one reason why I think today was so successful? Well… No, let me say that again. One sign… whatever, I don’t know how to say it. The exhaustion I feel right now is sometimes how I feel after one store. And today it was multiple stores, exercise, and cooking for longer than I anticipated. I’m exhausted, but it’s a good exhaustion, like I… I accomplished things, and I’m thankful for that. You doing okay over there? Mmm mmm! [Mary chuckling] Round two. Round two. [Peter] Somebody is in my spot. Mr. fried chicken. [Peter] Mr. fried chicken leg. [Mary] Some people think he looks like a fried chicken leg. [Peter] He kind of does. He totally does when you’re scrolling through Instagram. [Peter] Yeah. Mary’s getting ready for bed by doing her evening vest routine! [Peter] And. We’re gonna say. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And, one last shot to end your evening. [Peter] Fried chicken poodle. Good night, buddy. We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬

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