Howard Dean Interview – Bipartisan Healthcare Summit

Howard Dean Interview – Bipartisan Healthcare Summit

all the sudden doing exact what’s going on now over gay and see if it can go over a
remark i would be interested guardian is going to have you know that alright you were always excited as you can their wrapped up all right so we had a health care summit
last seven wrist of me beach you get something positive out of
it do you think it was a good idea about that but we’re going to be a great idea
territory high risk of a part of the president that would pick it off sab he clearly had command of the factory
today with the bunker rather republican mesh and i think he was able to show that you
do really well common ground between the republican and democrat which means differently by in implication that the
republicans just wanted to know your bill dot having
said that on the republic that leader another volumes in the rugged welfare
problem with the republicans was that there are people out of the wrong
we’re giving interviews that were sort of whack in the heart carton hard-nosed
talking points in all this talk shows they have her once which is unusual for them we’re not out
message of the president of course was that’s that’s interesting because outside john bainer nick couple of
others if they did to me engage in policy to some degree you know there was a lot of my neck
right think that’s right so and that was refreshing so i agree in
a heavy turnout pretty well all things considered but
you know there’s a downside possible down side of that common ground idea
that you were just talking about for the republican come out and say hey listen
would look at all these things we agree on so why don’t we do only do the things
that we grant well because politics is the art of compromise uh… and uh… if you all we do with
the republicans want to do that you don’t have health care reform so you have to do the idea is to do
something with the republican and some things the democrats want to do i have a wonderful compromises
suggestion get rid of the mandate you don’t really need it uh… and used to expand medicare combos over fifty five so you can have
some people get in the immediately into the class to the president signed you can do that for reconciliation republican who made a huge debt for by
getting rid of the mandate the democrats in the step for by having
a form of a public option which is what their base really wants now on the mandate is still i know that a lot of progressives or super upon the mandate either uh…
different process the report of an aggressive right now having said that you know i think the president makes an
interesting point that they’ll even if we don’t have a mandate before and that a hotbed of the system and it’s
going to be the freeride apartments that are how do you just that epic academic point that peppered that
that that was yes senator cohen position during the campaign the president didn’t
agree with it at that time previn was right the first time ghetto i
noticed that we’ve done almost everything in the build the troopers and a lot with fifteen years ago when we
did all that he did a much better at what’s in the bill now and willing to give the bill would
eliminate the ability of insurance companies turn anyone down for any
reason of the non-payment of premium and not judges recounted them charged
twenty percent more their cheap is coated with the fact that we charged
three times as much as they seem to speak and we’re going to put in place in
sixteen years there’s no mandate it’s true that we still have an
uninsured rate of about nine and a half percent which is actually low compared
to most states but we also have a vibrant insurance
market and so it really doesn’t hurt the
insurance market districts so from a kind of intellectual point of view you’d like a mandate that you don’t have
to have one to make a system work and and and and then it is not popular with
anybody no american likely told what to do with
the government erodes of course that’s it interesting point enough you’ve got
uh… people who are we gonna left on the right but is any of this realistic
given that uh… president obama did not even have a
public option let alone a medicare buy-in and his proposal on monday yet the republic of china and medicaid buy-in it almost practice
how to add that could really hurt me admiral relative in thirty nine votes
were polled for a a a medicare buy-in okay why don’t you really need to a
political point of view described in order to make this thing
work and not to have bad political consequences for the democrats you’ve
got to have a significant number of people be able to get insurance after
the votes are not in two thousand thirteen and medicare medicaid expansion of the only way to do
that contains the existing system you know ads when i brought up medicare buy-in with
some folks in the senate uh… one of their concerns was that
you’re going to have va sick that by and first trade because
they’re going to want it government protection right uh… whether whether they’re pre-existing
condition is so it’s a and any other healthy organist will stick with private
insurance and so you get weeded out and then the
medicare buy-in then is going to be more costly you think that’s a real concern there no until your identity guarantee if
you’re getting the senator thinking like insurance company executives if you look at you to look at the
overall amount of money to be spent on health care and whether it’s going to be
better control with the medicare by in and out of the
answer is yes right now we’re just a polar bear right
and and and people who can’t imagine a
medicare buy-in are people who with extra help committed first of all around the fifty five for
the general extra help me they’re already left in the public fifty-five
population secondly those people have been paid for anyway
they’re being paid for by very efficiently by going to amend theorems by getting
community care often paid for by the taxpayers so if you look at the whole set in
america by makes a lot of sense even though it may have uh… thoai experts that i think that you like and what
people sticker database skew the population in the overall
scheme of things and you get those people in their insurance many of whom were over fifty five and
can’t get insurance for the time job objective job could be in place don’t
wanna get insurance and being they rationalize a system which is totally irrational now
that is there an organized system of health care right now you but you’re almost certainly write
about the overall cost of the system because a lot of those people if they
don’t have insurance want to go to emergency room adding across the center
but i guess what my concerns is the the price of the premiums is a medicare by
and we would have to buy into it and pay a premium wouldn’t those premiums obviously be not nestling obviously but
wouldn’t they be higher than the private insurance premiums which could just
select the the healthier people that are between thirty five a sixty five prob
probably not procuring people they could be higher for higher
income people but the remember in the if you want to go through the
exchange is the right way to do it the car could be felt that i for people
who are left main um so they would be higher than anybody
else’s secondly it privately credibly in effect
inefficient about any individual october
twenty-fifth that every dollar though too issued c_e_o_ flowers that we heard
about this weekend anthem aka right uh… advertising corporate jet and
mostly return on equity the shareholders well medicare how to pay for any of that so in america is much much more
efficient than the private sector that if the fact
that medicare certainly had a problem with not perfectly run but they are over health will prevent
the point seven percent thought unlikely burdened by the private health insurance if your compatriot any kind of public option so much
unlikely they could compete in the president didn’t mode which takes a kind
of money out of it people crockett group of their own
pockets with on a howard dean’s former cherub
d_n_c_ of course a former governor of of vermont so that leaves us tonight cc ifs medicare buy-in or the public option are
so popular and and they appear to be when asked in polls american sudo overwhelmingly supported yet they get
almost no support from the elected officials did we miss the elephant in
the room today win we didn’t talk about how the corporate insurance companies
et-cetera fund all the politicians in that problem that reinterpreted larger
company bring in favor of the mandate they hated by an uh… i any chance come into play a
major cummings and he wrote this bill mac bargains to student staffers one
word for wellpoint yellow mercury you’re not united healthcare they had a
whole lot to do it right in this bill and that’s when the pope wrote himself
up so are you still at the point that without
the public auction without medicare buy-in are you still saying no we shouldn’t even pass and i i i i am
not going there are any more emeryville and that is because preferrably million
people will be insured but in order to be quite credible carbon chris around by
the far right in this country uh… i problematic in certainly in the
health care reform but uh… i you know i think at this
point we’ll win and that we ought to get one and so far that leads to a question of
what’s next so we do the summit people seemed be fairly happy about the
conversation that happened but in the end my guess is the republicans will
still vote no it’s not like they change their mind uh… so what do we do next well i’m
hoping that their how quote uh… prevail and that they will have to put
in any a medicaid by and could you can’t really
do a public options and the way it was originally structure to in out you can’t
really do that for you reconciliation which is to make a new
medicare by and because it is an extension of the existing program do that for reconciliation will be open to the
president wanted that i think we would recommend strongly dropping the mandate
it’s not necessarily just makes people mad it’ll help the moved on uh… and then yet the for the past that
which i think they have the boat canoe and then head out that the senate bill
and that the reform but it’s going to take a lot of plotting his say that
tended to get done close to governor dean as you seem to be
while a few people is pushing for that so i want to decide this little bennett
letter that which is for the public option
right and that has led the public are going to
camp the medicare by end of the public option okay sought the kind of public option
which the senate came very close to adopting goodbye fifteen bucks left your interpreting the bennett let letter
to mean well either a public option that was for example the robust public option of
the house originally had or medicare buy-in is so it could be structured in any way sharon wrote directed and it would be
thrilled with medicare buy-in who which is one of the agreement that mode
preparatory work so is there a movement afoot there are a
bit is their someone who because to me made the final conclusion is they keep
saying hey you know what we don’t know the both of the most my thought is what what are you how well
you know i doubt i want to know i i think that you have the vote hostess have but for the without water
could you can’t put them reconciliation which you can put with the
reconciliation i think that you get the book so shouldn’t it be would have to make
this talk about that one more question period that’s what i think that’s the
final budget shouldn’t harry reid bit put corrupt overall every doesn’t
that will never find out if it well hopefully will we’re going to find
that out all right if you have a normal
consequently electrical right now the democrat democratic dayton tomorrow i
couldn’t they didn’t think they got to change
they thought they were together i think the you gotta do you have to be
able to change it if you don’t uh… can convert with even you had a lady like a good news i get
credit for that person men who know a lot of members of care they can deliver similar like period
came to the that big democratic party that without that white crackdown run won a contest that man but came from
obama voters and provo bala voters stayed home and you know if you that pattern repeat
itself in november and left with no this term government pretty exciting and
health care bill in right now there is no on our debate you so much for joining us
on the ancestral rent watch live show the young turks dot com

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  2. LOL! i'm not european, no, i was born, lived, and continue to live in the USA, my home, believe me it gives me no pleasure to say what i did ( i said 'bollocks' for fun btw), but if you have a child who is slow (ie: 40% of americans), the first step to helping the child is to recognize there's a problem and that doesn't make you a bad parent (or in this case a patriot). theres no shame in admitting you have problems, there is for s/o who is in denial….

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