– Listen. Self-care is not
just pedicures and manicures. Although, it can be. – Self-care is radically
taking care of yourself. And that supports your mental
health in so many great ways. – To make sure you don’t miss
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time we post a new video. – By the end of this video, you will not only
understand why self-care is so important for your mental health, but you’re gonna have a tool to be able to use self-care in your
life every single day. First and foremost,
self-care is a way of being. Now I want you to think
of a self-care activity. What did you think of? What came to mind? Is it something that you were doing? Now while it can sometimes
definitely be a doing thing, you cannot do self-care until you look at self-care as a way of being. – Think about it this way.
Sometimes not doing something is just as important as doing something. – Now you may be thinking to yourself “Well, then what exactly is self-care?” We want to give you three examples. Number one: taking a mental-health day. I was recently interviewed for an article on the website brit + co
and their question was how do you know when it’s time
to take a mental health day? And my answer was when you’re
not enjoying anything anymore. Now while I’m really glad
we’re having this conversation, wouldn’t it be even better
if we took proactive care so that we never got to the point of needing the mental health day? Take that mental health day before the mental health symptoms are there. A mental health day is a
great example of not doing. It is a way of being for self-care, you’re not going to work,
you’re not doing the activity, you’re staying home or doing
something that fills you up. – Now the second example of
self-care that we have for you is a personal one for me because I love taking Epsom salt baths. So I didn’t always love to do this, this is something that I
learned out of necessity. I have some minor back problems, I bar-tended for nine years
standing on unsupported ground, I have bad knees because of it and I learnt that taking
an Epsom salt bath was great for removing the physical pain, but what I didn’t know is that by doing it over and over again, I was starting to form a
habit of taking care of myself by doing a bath once a week to make sure that my body felt good but then when I felt good inside, I felt better up here because I knew that I was taking
better care of myself and to this day, I still love doing it. – Number three. Time for a
personal example from me. I love to sing. I absolutely love it. In fact if I don’t sing approximately 10 show-tunes every week my mental health symptoms come back. So how do I make sure that this happens when I live in an
apartment in New York City and don’t drive anywhere? Well, I do things like this. I sing whenever I can. I sing in the shower. Sorry Honey. And all over the apartment. There are days when I actually have time blocked off on my
calender. Singing time. – Do any of these self-care
ideas resonate with you? If so, type it out in the comments and if nothing that
we’ve said sounds like it would be the right fit for your
self-care, that’s okay too. Put a zero in the comments. Self-care is not a catch
all for every single person, there’s not one thing
that works for everybody, it’s all about getting
curious with yourself to see what you need to feel good. – Now let’s talk about
prioritizing yourself so that you can give to others. I want you to think about
yourself as an actual gas tank. (Woman) If you don’t
have an overflow of gas, all that gas is gonna
be going to fueling you and there’s nothing left for anybody else. – If you truly wanna take care of yourself and be able to be supportive for the people around you in your life, then you need to make sure
you’re taking care of yourself first and foremost before
you can support anyone else. Once we start to experience
symptoms of not having self-care anxiety, depression, a
declining mental health, it becomes so much harder to get started. – When my anxiety acts
up it’s usually because I’m not in a good self-care mind-set. I’m either not doing enough
to take care of myself or I’m doing too much
and not being enough. When we first met, we sucked at self-care. (blows raspberry) And not just the doing of it, but especially the being of it. – And that’s one of the reasons that we created Our Family Meeting and we’re sharing it with you. The link is gonna be below in the comments and it’s gonna help you take
really good care of yourself. – It’ll make sure that self-care becomes a way of being in your life and not just the occasional pedicure. If this video was helpful
please let us know by liking and commenting below and share this with a friend
who needs to hear this message. – Absolutely, and when you
start taking care of you the ripple effects in
your life are endless. It is so beneficial. – And don’t forget to download your copy of Our Family Meeting. The link is right below and let us know how it goes in the comments.
We’re cheering you on. – Thank you so much for joining us we’ll see you in our next video. – …great mental health,
I’m going off script. – Remember if your gas
tank isn’t overflowing… When my anxiety… – Self-care… (laughs) – Self-care (laughs) – Alright… (claps) Nope… – Until you… Ah f*ck… Until you… – The whole thing – (woman) No no no you can just start. – Just gonna… Just giving myself some
applause here, warming up.

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