How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re going to talk about nutrition
and hopefully simplify nutrition because I know how difficult it can be for many. This is the part that trips up a lot of people,
regardless of how consistent you can be with your workouts. The fact is, when it comes to nutrition, I
think we spend a lot of time doing things we don’t necessarily need to do. They don’t just overcomplicate the process,
but they make it more monotonous and more likely to be abandoned. One of those things is counting calories. I don’t think you have to spend all your
time putting in your data into apps and measuring and counting when there’s a way we can do
this visually, which is a lot easier. And at least a lot more likely to be adopted
for the long term and be done consistently. That is an approach I want to share with you
because I do the same thing. It involves a couple of clocks. That is, we look at two, key positions on
the clock. 9:00 right here – by the way, this has nothing
to do with the specific time you’re supposed to be eating. Remember the 9:00 position here, and 9:20. If you can remember those two positions, you’re
well on your way to making your life a hell of a lot easier. Why is that? because we take that same thing
and apply it to the plate you’re going to eat from. You think visually, in your head, and you
don’t have to draw this. You can visually think this. 9:00 and 9:20. We’ve basically divided up our plate. Remember, when we’re talking about any type
of approach to try and lose weight, you’re manipulating calories in some way. This is an attempt to manipulate some portion
sizes via this visual approach that’s so much simpler than having to measure things out. You’re going to see it in action here. We take the largest portion of these three
areas here, and this is where we want to put our fibrous carbohydrates. To simplify this, I’m going to make a whole
list of the fibrous carbohydrates, the more popular fibrous carbohydrate sources and choices
on our website, making it available at the link below this video in the description. It’s We’re talking about the vegetables over here. We have our fibrous carbohydrates. In the second largest portion of your plate,
I want you to put your protein. I don’t care if you are following a vegan
or vegetarian diet. If that’s your plan there, your protein would
be different choices here. You might have tofu, or lentils, or quinoa. There are different choices, but it doesn’t
negate the fact that this is going to work. While we’re on that line of thought, you’re
going to find some carbohydrates on this plate – I know there are a lot of people that
don’t’ want to include carbohydrates in what they eat. They want to do it in a very low amount if
they’re following a ketogenic diet plan. Guys, I don’t have a problem if your diet
plan is something you can follow consistently. If that’s not happening here, you might want
to open your eyes to a different approach. If you’re able to stick to something long
term, that’s all that matters to me. Finding a long-term solution. I happen to think that as a hard training
athlete, carbohydrates are a very important thing to my life to maintain my performance. So, I include them in what I eat. Again, if you include it in yours, you’re
going to find this really helpful. If not, you don’t have to watch the rest
of this. But the remaining portion of the plate is
where I put my starchy carbohydrates. These are your rices, and pastas, and potatoes. What is different about this? A lot of times what people do is tend to have
a plate that looks like this instead. Starchy carbohydrates all over the plate. Big, starchy carbohydrates. Lots of pasta and maybe they throw some chicken
on top, maybe some vegetables sprinkled in. That’s a much different looking plate than
what I just laid out. The problem is that I have some issues with
carbohydrates. Want to know what they are? Two of them. Number one: they’re the most satisfying. Number two: they’re the least satiating. That’s a deadly combination because when something
is incredibly satisfying – we tend to like our carbohydrates more than any other element,
when it comes to eating our food. They’re the most satisfying. But they’re also the type you could eat a
lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot of before you feel satiated, or full. That’s a double whammy. So, if you do what is said here, and we do
this division of the plate – protein, fibrous, and starchy – then what we’ve done is controlled
a lot of what our intake is going to be. What we want to do is not just look at our
plate from above – top down – we also have to get more attuned to what’s happening
to our plate when we look at it from over here. Just because you’re dividing the plate up
the way I’m showing you here, it doesn’t give you license to mound this food all the way
out in 3D, right into your living room. You want to have some responsibility. I’m going to show you how I do this and apply
this to myself. But when you do this, you’re controlling it
because we know that the most calorically dense foods that will ever be on your plate
are going to be here in the starchy carbohydrates. So, you’re talking about wanting to eat more
of the most calorically dense foods. That is where people trip up with carbohydrates. It’s not that there’s something wrong with
the carbohydrates themselves, necessarily. It’s the fact that people tend to eat them
in excess, a lot. So, if we can occupy more space with fibrous
carbohydrates, which are far less calorically dense, and then occupy a good amount of space
with our protein, which doesn’t tend to be that satisfying, believe it or not. Protein foods, if I gave you the option to
eat 10 chicken breasts you probably wouldn’t really want to take me up on it. It’s not that appetizing. But it does serve a very important role in
our nutrition plan, especially as hard training athletes at the same time, it does fill you
up and provide a large portion of this plate that’s not starchy carbohydrates based. So, you can see where we’re going here. So, if you do this, I promise you’re not going
to have worry so much about the minutia. If you just give this a try and adopt this
over the course of a week, I bet you’ll start to see some results and the simplification
of the process is going to make it something you can stick to. If you want to reinforce it with some calorie
counting, I’m not telling you that you can’t do that. But I do think the longer you stay hooked
to those apps, and the longer you stay hooked to the whole process of doing that you’re
becoming a slave to the entire process, when you don’t have to be. I have not counted a calorie in 30 years. 20 or 30 years. I’m not a slave to the process. I know what I’m putting in my body, visually,
just by looking at this and following the same guidelines. So, while we’re on that point, what does my
plate look like? This is what my plate looks like. You’re going to see one stark difference here. On my plate, you can see from the mounding,
I have that under control. I’m not building this thing up like a tower. Like this. Instead, what I’ve done differently is changed
the proportions of my fibrous and starchy carbohydrates. For me, again, as a hard training athlete,
what I do is, I find that my body responds much better to the starchy carbohydrates,
to fuel my workouts. To fuel my muscles, to make me look better,
and perform better. So, what I do is, I make this the starchy
portion. This is still my protein, and this is my fibrous
carbohydrates. You can see on my plate here; on this particular
night I had my edamame for my fibrous carbohydrates. I had two portions of the starchy carbohydrates
and I had my beloved sweet potatoes, second only to carrot cake, believe it or not. I do like them a lot. That’s the key, guys. You do have to like what you’re eating. This is not about picking choices here that
you don’t like. You’ll never be able to stick to anything
if you’re doing that. You need to find foods that you like that
fit in this equation. But I have my pasta portion and I have my
sweet potatoes that occupy twice as much space. Again, this works for me. I’ve been lean now for a long period of time. This is how I eat. If this didn’t work for you, if you tried
this and it wasn’t working for you, the first thing you’d do is switch these up to go to
a smaller portion. Which is what I recommended at the beginning
of the video, for those looking to lose weight. But I wouldn’t sacrifice my protein portion
over here. So, guys, I hope that you can at least try
this. It’s a very simplified approach, I get it. But a lot of times, simple is what works. Simple is what gets adopted long term and
dietary consistency revolves around simplicity. This is something I want you guys to try. If you’re looking for a step by step plan,
we include our nutrition plan with all our programs – the X-Factor Meal Plan – and
I’ll not only show you some of these strategies, but I’ll give you more of the lists of foods
to do it. Guys, as I mentioned, if you want to find
a list of the carbohydrates, we have them over at I’ve put together a free list of the fibrous
and starchy options so you can peruse those and see what fits your tastes the best, so
you can fill out your plate better. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful make sure to leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you. If you haven’t already done so, make sure
you click ‘subscribe’ and turn on your notifications, so you never miss a video when we put one
out. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

66 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

  1. Did two takes of this video and somehow my fat recommendations didn't make this cut. As always recommended, healthy fats are essential to a balanced nutrition plan. One of the biggest mistakes I made earlier in my youth (as I stated in a video on the topic) was following a no-fat diet. Now, I am sure to include them in every meal. In the example provided, you want to either cook with them (pasta in a cracked red pepper and olive oil red sauce) or add them directly (sweet potato mash with added butter). If fibrous carbs were spinach for instance, I would never eat them raw. I'd instead sautée with garlic and oil and mushrooms for more flavor. Remember, if it's not tasty you won't eat it long term. This defeats the purpose of establishing a game plan for PERMANENT healthy eating! I'll publish the unseen footage on my instagram @athleanx for those interested in watching!

  2. I lost 100 pounds in 12 months, got of insulin, Crestor and BP meds and threw away the cane I needed to walk by reducing carbs to 20 grams daily. Once I could walk unassisted, I started lifting 3 days a week and walking, eventually, 5 miles a day 3 days a week. Now, at 64, I’m 12% body fat. Once I got there, I added up to 100 grams of protein a few days a week. I never counted calories, only grams of carbs. And I was never hungry.

    Do what works for you but low carb works for me.

    Oh, and I eat 1 piece of carrot cake once monthly.

  3. Jeff, what is your opinion on eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, and eating it often 🙂 fans of the KETO diet say don't worry about Bacon and eggs, however I would like your opinion on this, thanks!

  4. I've been looking for the answer to this question for 25 years and I think this is the solution! Thank you so much Jeff!!!!!

  5. This is absolutely helpful. I've been through a rut earlier this year that involved stress induced binge eating. Trying to get back in the game and your content is the best!

  6. Jeff I love your show for the markers, muscle description, attachments, geometry of movement etc, but, I don't think you understand how other metabolisms work.
    The current scientific journals, anecdotal evidence, my story, support Keto. You get a bunch of good omega fat and clean protein in your system and you'll be a believer too! You're whole body will thank you, skin, hair, connective tissue…
    Watch your competition, Thomas Delauer, you two are my go tos for growth and it's working! Love to see you two do a show!

  7. That makes a lot of sense I've tried that off and on here in there sometimes I only eat two things on my plate but when I do eat three I usually separated that way I love chicken turkey steak I love as well but I not too much of it but I definitely love chicken and fish

  8. I just watched jeremy and said literally that u have to write everything and count everything. Meanwhile this guy says the opposite

  9. But will this give me enough macros like protein? And what to do when Bulking? Calories and Protein are a fickle thing when it comes to Cutting and Bulking… :/

    Also, how many plates like this should a 6'1 guy eat who is trying to cut down to a low body-fat level? Twice a day? Please help. 🙂

  10. How many should I eat a day? I am a advanced 16 year old lifter & have been eating 3 a day. But I am still hungry. Is 4 okay? I weigh 190 pounds but I am currently cutting

  11. So anyone trying it out (the first way he explained it) long term, has it worked for you? has it not worked for you? i wanna know

  12. Jeff, youre doing a very good thing here. and imma tell everyone why. Fitness mongols tend to make everything so technical making the Fatties feel helpless and purchase personal training packages to "help" them, but it never does, not because their trainers are bad, they end up quitting cause they are not HAPPY, cause it feels like they are in JAIL and shit, can you blame them? NO. if they have self control then they wont be fat in the 1st fucking place, so instead of making their hard life harder, why not show them that there are alternatives. bro if salt and pepper ain't working for your chicken, then fucking put garlic powder in that motherfucker. yes its true that if you take food as an AFTERTHOUGHT then you will look like and AFTERTHOUGHT, but it doesn't have to be so "unpleasing", you still gotta remember, you are the star player of your life but at the same time, respect yourself and put down the Cheese burger and fries. Jeff really did a good one on this. if i could like this video a billion times i would, cause i like this a lot and it would help me burn more calories.

  13. The reason i like jeff cavaliere( and dr. Eric Berg) talking is that he actually talks about only what he knows with an honest intent to help people with various exercises and diet rules. Most of the other youtube channels posting fitness videos are loaded with crap made by pretentious nutcases who dont know shit and pretend to be doctors.

  14. Me for two weeks back to healthy eating and training (even after years of doing the same following thing):

    New MyFitnessPal account, calculating every gram on the scale, putting macros and calories and figuring out the perfect macro ratio for me, changing up my eating plan. Literally that’s the crap that’s been making me fail for years and I had to start all over again… I’m not doing it again that’s why I came here to learn, I failed miserably.. I have no goddamn clue of why I just cannot get the idea in my head that is simple and not to go insane about it (for 7 years), believe it or not, I did workout and eat healthy and failed for at least 30 times across all these years and nothing worked for me me, you know why? Not only because I didn’t ask for a change, but because I was taking it way too seriously, counting all my shit, overtraining, thinking I’m going to make it happen with a shit sleeping patterns and 2 hours in the gym and a trash diet.. Winning should taste so good when I get my dream body after all the ups and downs. Finally now after all the fails I’m making a nutrition plan that I’m actually enjoying now and this video is going to make me enjoy it even more and not worry about a damn macro and app anymore that controls my life. Sleep on point for the first time in my life, so is my workouts, I have it all now.

    I always learned to catch myself and try again and again, and you know what I got? Experience and 7 years knowledge in fitness and nutrition and that’s not because I read some stuff online. These are serious. Sometimes it’s not about what you leave behind, it’s about what you learn from the things you left behind. I’m on my way to 10% body fat first time in my life and I don’t care what’s in front of me. I’m going to make it, fuck calories, fuck overtraining, fuck intermittent fasting and diets, fuck it all, fuck everything. I’m getting there.

  15. Broo , flexible diet is the best. I love counting calories. I've been doing it for over a year. Now when i see food, I have information about macros in my mind. For almost all foods i know the macros. I track them in myfitnesspal because I don't make effort to remember what i ate in the morning, so.. I mean thats the easest approach for dieting if you know how to apply it. 😉

  16. This is such a simple explanation but it really clicked with me. I appreciate how you make this information available to everyone and put it in terms that are easier to relate to.

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