8 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight with the Kind Diet | Diet Plan

  1. Wow, well I lost 8 pounds in one month by not eating any red meat, and I take a multivitamin, vitamin b supplement, and get my protein from different protein powders, beans, etc. I wouldn't discourage people from not eating meat, I would teach them how.

  2. Useful video! btw my daughter followed this successful weight reduction plan called: Fat 360 Nuke and got rid of 16 pounds in a month. I don't remember the website just Google it.

  3. New slang these days I've seen on a lot of weight loss related videos. "google it" imma use it every day now thx spammers

  4. Miss Silverstone's kind diet is NOT aiming at weightloss! Reducing it to that means disregarding the entire purpose of the book and her lifestyle, which is: To be kind to the planet by the way we live and eat!!!

  5. yeah so obviously vegetarianism isn't a weight loss thing………what she is saying is go eat a bucket of greasy, fried bucket of chicken and include that in your diet.. yeah that should definitely work…..if you do vegetarianism the right way, you will lose weight, for serious.

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