How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

start my name is yesterday this is the acid eraser in Tokyo today’s I’m going to teach you how to eat sushi the most important element sushi is a rice underlies is main ingredient so people talk about a fish but the fish this is a second ingredient hi I welcome to since fun so tonight I’m going to teach it how to eat sushi yes now is having a soy sauce to the customer usually we serve the soy sauce for the customer when they have rolled sushi and this is the soy sauce this is my original brand of the soy sauce this soy sauce mixed sake and also a seaweed and bonito flake Sampson to this ginger this is my original preparation of the ginger and also choice of the awasa be roots usually all of the American people they believe in the wasabi is a horseradish but the horseradish is not green wasabi so this is net with Japanese prompt net with Japanese vegetable wasabi it’s not strong taste just check taste just by itself so this is a hundred percent natural and it was sweet before the kick came yeah on the tip of the tongue yeah that’s right anyway I’m gonna make some note so this is the scallion I gotta make some Toro scallion Lord so this is my most favorite rolled sushi so this is the number one grade of the series and this series is a well near most tender seaweed this is a number one entire whole Japan so that means number one seaweed paper in all the world my sushi rice and the grain come from my hometown so this is my mother’s gift so this amount this is just for the fatty tuna so this fatty tuna this is one of the most highest fat twenties and then roll over this is just mixed and Lord so this is a lower sushi when you have some this seaweed roll the seaweed the stair Irma’s there’s no compare which Avenue type the seaweed so prettier the finger to eat roller sushi and also a please check up the taste of the ginger taste and ginger do not touch soy sauce just eat by itself sometimes some of the people pick up the ginger from to the sushi to eat together but this is very much too bad mama please have some roller sushi a use a finger to hold just sieve inside and the soy sauce on to the one side of the Allies portion just attach enough so this is the balance there’s a lot of things going on yes that’s right it’s almost impossible to explain this yeah then I have a single piece of the ginger just by itself yes so this is a ginger paste yes and my palate yes very good so this is a single piece sushi I didn’t put soy and where you get the sushi just like this how to use the soy or the proper portion of the fish right and red and the single piece sitting right here to town on the website to hold the fish sushi just like this so onto this fish side so this is a this way where you got the sushi just like this just do it so this is the king of Sam who come from New Zealand so I wrote it over on the side yes good you know to hold then just go this use your ears stop yes enough don’t shaking don’t shake it don’t shake it shaking so this is just for the bang and go and finish that the men’s room hi hello next baby tuna so this is my all Toro usually author oh there’s a white stripe we develop the white stripe so this is a pure oh follow our author oh so this is almost like 80% pads and looks white so this is a high fat content of the autonomy so this is the amount of the wasabi and also a different amount of the assessor’s so this is the Ming made a mouse so please try so every tense can change taste of the otter because of the nice temperature and also this total temperature is so much difference stay the reed with time and the change will impact change taste sushi eat here in a counter eat at the table it taste so it’s difference because of the temperature program it’s really juicy right it’s already gone yeah pretty much yeah nah but not bad yeah that was pretty sweet yeah like you thank you I hope you enjoyed my sushi resin so if you’re my run really more so click being Pierrot

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  1. what? the best in japan means the best in the world? so arrogant old japanese haha. the ugliest in japan means the ugliest in the world. this is absolutely right.

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  3. Moi ce n'est pas cuisine Japonaise que je préfère c'est ……. les Japonaises , belles , mignonnes , enfantines elles ont un genre irrésistible

  4. Why would they bring in an amateur. I know it’s supposed to be how to eat it but he’s literally dead inside.

  5. Sushi Comedy Club… I just flew in from Chicago…boy are my arms tired… but Abba… Take my wife please… But seriously folks…Be here all week 🙂

  6. Please can you do, "How to use a sauna" I'm from Germany and nobody in the English speaking world knows how to behave or perform a sauna ceremony correctly. It's such a shame, I really miss the sauna

  7. This is gonna make people mad, but y'all should try putting ginger on top of the sushi, its good as hell. Sure you might be shunned by the entire country of Japan, but trust me man its good.

  8. I'd rather fucking eat instant noodles at home in liberty than to be parented while eating. Damnit that must be awkward.

  9. If I was in this guy's restaurant and he was telling me how to eat I'd rip a huge belch and scratch my nuts with my keys. Then I'd go down the street and get me a porterhouse and a Delirium Tremens.

  10. What a masterful tutorial on the proper way this elegant dish should be eaten. also this Chef must be of the Master Class his skills are very impressive!

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