How To Eat HEALTHY During Holidays

How To Eat HEALTHY During Holidays

HOW to eat HEALTHY During the Holidays. … You don’t. I apologize for the little bit of clickbaity
title here but frankly, this is possibly the most honest and accurate answer I can give
to the very question of how to eat healthy during this holiday. Initially, my intention was to give some actual
nutritional tips to stave off excessive eating during your festive meals. But as I started outlining the details to
this script, I just kept thinking to myself… man… this sucks, and it just didn’t seem
like good, genuine, and, more importantly, realistic advice. The holidays are the holidays man. One time of the year where we can relax, take
our minds off stress from work, relationships, and even ourselves, and just enjoy our time
with the ones we love. Why then create more stress by trying to perfect
eating habits at a moment where perfection is the last thing on our minds. I know for sure I’m not gonna be anywhere
near perfect so who am I to tell you otherwise. Instead, the best public service announcement
is to simply acknowledge that this holiday season and every holiday season, you will
be indulging yourself a bit more than your dieting program might deem acceptable. And… that’s okay. Don’t guilt-trip yourself for taking another
slice of turkey or avocado toast, whatever you like, and just appreciate it. Don’t worry, your fitness program will be
waiting for you when you get back. And always remember, fitness is not a single
act. You’re in this for the long haul. One time of the year to enjoy yourself is
only a very small arc, a filler at best, of your entire fitness storyline. Now, I don’t wanna leave you completely
without maybe some tips. If you can, try ta pay attention to the amount
you’re eating and cut back when possible. It doesn’t have to be concrete, more so
just rely on your intuition and your body’s signals. Ya know, the simple stuff. Again, if you can, as I always like to profess,
reach for proteins first. With protein’s amazing satiety effects,
getting protein first might help curb hunger levels which reduces total calorie intake. Also, protein requires more calories to digest,
which again can help in managing your weight. Other than that, the basic stuff applies:
choose mostly whole food options, vegetables, more water, exercise beforehand, and give
yourself and your belly a good night’s rest. Again, please don’t beat yourself up for
enjoying yourself. You will be back on track in no time. And I do wanna take a moment out of this holiday
season to be thankful. Thank you to you, for watching, commenting,
criticizing even, and just enjoying my content. Without you and everyone watching, I wouldn’t
be able to do what I love, which has been about fitness since I was 11 years old. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would
be making silly drawings on different topics of fitness for a living. And I’m glad I’m able to share this with
you and I appreciate you sharing some of your own time with me. Have a wonderful holiday, thank you for watching,

100 thoughts on “How To Eat HEALTHY During Holidays

  1. haha i gained 7kg year ago on holidays (I was injured too couldnt walk) but now intermittent fasting and some workout i think i can handle it well much love everyone take care of yourself both mentally and physically<3

  2. Thanks PicFit. About to eat the fuc outta this fried turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, Mac n cheese and pies. All homemade! Happy Thanksgiving people!

  3. I'm glad you have a realistic approach to your content! Thanks to your tips and honesty I have been able to get in the best shape of my life. It's the little things that go a long way 🙂

  4. I loved this video lol thank u made my day 🙂

    I wish you a happy holiday and thanks for the advice on your videos over the months

  5. But u know it’s not this easy to say and accept in INDIA.. cuz we have too many festivals and this is so sad… but still i choose to eat healthy always accept DIWALI .🤪

  6. My analogy, so today is Thanksgiving ill eat now then dont eat again(waterfast, with vitamins and electrolytes) until Christmas🤣

  7. Exactly eat what u want it's one day a year.

    u don't get fat in 1 day it takes time of bad habits, same with getting buff.
    Theres so much clickbait there's videos out there saying "I did the rocks workout for 1 day look what happened"
    I'ma eat good today, and back to my routine tomorrow

  8. This channel is one of the things for which I am thankful!!! Happy Thanksgiving PictureFit Triangle Man and Everybody!!! 🙂

  9. Thank you man I appreciate all of your videos. All your videos have actually helped me to shred my fat and went from a dad bod to a toned up 4 pack on the road to a 6. Praise your videos man🖤🖤

  10. A great break from the typical videos you see from every fitness channel. Loved the casual, "don't beat yourself up" part. Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. PictureFit! 🙂

  11. Hey PicFit, i want to throw a video idea your way. I have heard that not getting enough salt in your diet makes you crave sugar. And so, getting adequate amount of salt could be one advice for avoiding weight gain.

  12. Oh dear. My poor abandoned program looking forlorn and meekly holding up a sign reading "Where U At?" that gets me in the feels.

    Not enough to stop scarfing down turkey during the holidays though. -_^

    Happy Thanksgiving PicFit and fellow PicFit peeps.

  13. Before clicking the video, reading the title I muttered to myself : "you don't." I'm happy that's also your take on this 😉 HAPPY HOLIDAYS ERRYONE

  14. If you just don’t eat the day before and/or after the holiday, you’ll end up about the same as if you had eaten normal.

  15. To be honnest I probably eat more healthy than in the summer… I always go out with friends but in the holidays my family is kinda deconstructed so we just have a Christmas dinner and that's it.

  16. When you think about it most of our grandparents went through the great depression so being able to have a holiday meal was a big deal . Times aren't always good so enjoy it while it's here

  17. Speaking from experience as someone who is used to carefully plan and track their nutrition, the main problem when going "off plan" is moderation. Because I'm usually much more strict about what I'm eating I tend to go on an all out binge when the time to "cheat" arises, especially when alcohol has subdued my willpower.

  18. I spent all morning stressing about eating bad today, then told myself, I didn’t gain muscles in a day, I didn’t lose 20 pounds in a day, I didn’t get where I am in a day, I won’t destroy it all in a day. As Einstein once said, “yolo”.

  19. I’m bulking rn (clean bulk) but the holidays don’t matter to me I still went to the gym today and will go on Christmas if open (also I don’t find it hard to eat healthy my mindset is just why eat unhealthy because you only taste it for a little bit)

  20. My favorite advice.
    "Eating unhealthy one day isn't going to change your life anymore than eating healthy one day will make you fit"

  21. My favorite advice.
    "Eating unhealthy one day isn't going to change your life anymore than eating healthy one day will make you fit"

  22. My favorite advice.
    "Eating unhealthy one day isn't going to change your life anymore than eating healthy one day will make you fit"

  23. This opinion of mine might be unpopular.
    Eat to your heart's content. You have got rest of the year to maintain diet. Just don't let this be a habbit.

  24. What happens if you eat a bunch but you did not workout that day?

    And thank you for your videos and your knowledgeable viewpoints

  25. Lol. That was literally what I thought, when I read the title. YOU DON‘T 😆
    It’s a well deserved break from the constant struggle to ‚do it right‘. Just enjoy it, for heaven’s sake.

  26. Actually this is an important video. You don't get fat between Christmas and new year you get fat between new year and Christmas. Enjoy your holidays folks 🙂

  27. Don't know if anyone else feels this way, but one of my favourite things about this channel are the videos under 5 minutes or even 3 minutes. No filler trying to get to 10 minutes, just the shit that I came for.

  28. Tip #1 for not get fat during Christmas:
    Change religion. I'd recommend don't choose Pastafarianism just to keep your carbs intake under control

  29. I mean its not that hard to still not eat unhealthy shit. A lot of calories sure, but that isn't necessarily bad. Not everythings about weight man.

  30. If a single meal will ruin your entire "diet" and you're not competing in body building or something with extreme cutting then there's probably something wrong. Realistically it's probably 2 or 3 meals for the entire year. Possibly a fourth if you're looking at new years day/eve. It's not a big deal.

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