How to Appeal a Health Insurance Decision

How to Appeal a Health Insurance Decision

How to Appeal a Health Insurance Decision. Occasionally, your health insurance claim
may be denied. Paperwork and persistence are crucial to reversing
your carrier’s decision. You will need Help from your doctor Medical
paperwork Persistance and a computer with internet access (optional). Step 1. Enlist your doctor’s assistance with correct
coding information, proper documentation, and medical records. Step 2. Write your appeal letter. Be sure to include the date, claim number,
date of service, policy number, reason for denial, why you are writing, and what you
are requesting. Sample medical appeal letters are available
online. Step 3. Include supporting paperwork with your appeal
letter such as letters of medical necessity from your physician and medical records. Step 4. Identify the address where you will need to
send your appeal. It may be different than the claim submission
address. Step 5. Send via certified mail. The return receipt will ensure that your appeal
is received. Did you know Did you know? The first U.S. health insurance plans began
during the Civil War and offered coverage of rail- or steamboat-related travel accidents.

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  1. meanwhile, you're still on the hook for the bill, possibly in the hundreds of thousands until they decide if they'll cover it after all.

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