How to Achieve Your Goals With a Daily Goal Planner (Goal Crazy Planner Review!)

How to Achieve Your Goals With a Daily Goal Planner (Goal Crazy Planner Review!)

Tara Wagner: In this video I want to walk
you through how to achieve your goals using a daily goal planner, specifically the Goal
Crazy Planner that I have been using recently. Now I’m not usually one to do sponsored videos. When Jason reached out to me, I was like,
“You can send me a planner, but the likelihood that I’m going to like it and want to do a
video on it is slim to none.” I was wrong. I actually really love this planner and I
want to walk you through how I’m using it and how you can either use this one or something
like it to help you stay focused on what you’re working towards every day, every week, every
month to actually move you towards your goals. Tara Wagner: Now, I’ve been coaching for 10
years and so much of what I know about coaching, about personal development, about goal achievement,
about mindset is built into this planner. I’m actually pretty thankful because I’ve
been looking for something that includes the things that this has included. So drop me a comment below. Let me know if you already use a goal setting
planner or which one you use or if you’re curious about this one. And as you do that, I’m going to switch cameras
and actually walk you through this one, and how it’s actually used on a quarterly, monthly,
weekly, and daily basis to help you reach your goals. Tara Wagner: Okay, so this is a pretty new
setup and a way for me to record. So be patient with me because I will probably
bump the camera or the mic at least seven times during this video. I’m going to walk you through how this actually
works and how to use it. So the first part is kind of like your little
coaching. It’s going to walk you through how to set
up your goals, and the intention is to do this basically quarterly or at least review
it quarterly. Tara Wagner: The second part is going to actually
walk you through the planner. It is the planner itself. So every planner comes with a section that
is basically this section right here that’s just goal planning. And then this actually will walk you through
your days, your weeks, and your months. You’ve got your months first. So let me walk you through what this looks
like. Tara Wagner: So to walk you through a little
bit of a how you do this, kind of the basics of goal planning or goal achievement and it’s
going to have you start off by focusing on your accomplishments, what you intended to
do but didn’t. I love this. Benefits, so you’re going to be looking at
the benefits you would have right now if you had done these things that you wanted to do. This helps to create some motivation. And I love this as a coach, this is a technique
that I use as well and it’s super helpful what’s been holding you back. So you’ll look at some different questions
to answer there. Tara Wagner: My learning experiences, so things
that maybe you messed up, you’re not proud of, but you learned something important from
them. Why does any of this matter? I love, love, love this, and I’m looking forward
to doing this on a quarterly basis. Essentially you’re rating yourself in your
health, your family, social, financial and career, educational, fun, spiritual and faith. On a scale of one to 10 and figuring out just
where you are, and then you’re able to put that into the wheel of life is generally what
it’s called. So this allows you to take your percentages
from the previous page and really look at where you are in the wheel and get a great
visual of what’s missing and where you’re not very well rounded. Tara Wagner: So from there you go into your
dream list. It’s anything that you want to create in your
life essentially. So then we’ve got forming your goals, your
long-term goals. You’re kind of ranking your dream list in
terms of one year, five year, 10 year, lifetime and dreams. So like a dream is to travel into space. Tara Wagner: So then you’re looking at turning
those goals into plans. So you plan out your goals for this year. You plan out your most impactful goal. Now this is really important because this
is basically your number one focus. And as I go through I’ll show you where you
use that throughout the book, and I’ll explain what mine is and give you some examples of
it. It also gives you a little bit of coaching
in terms of if you don’t know where to start, but then once you have your most impactful
goal, and I look at the most impactful goal as the one that is going to make the biggest
difference on all the other goals. Maybe it’s the one that needs to come first. You’re going to actually write down what the
goal is, today’s date, the date you’ll achieve it, the benefits you’ll gain by achieving
it, what you’re willing to sacrifice to get there. People who need to know about your goal, possible
obstacles, possible solutions to those obstacles and steps to achieving your goal. Tara Wagner: And if you remember in, I believe
it was last week’s video, when I talked about how I had actually shifted my work hours from
40 or 50 hours a week down to 20 hours a week so that I could focus on my health, my health
being my most impactful goal, these were actually some of the steps that I took to be able to
do that. So I love that they were already built into
this book. There’s so much great coaching or coaching
strategies that are already in here. Tara Wagner: And then you have your goal tracker
and your milestones to reach this goal. I love this because it reminds me of middle
school when you were trying to raise money for a field trip and you would mark it on
the thermometer. It’s the little things in life, people, that
just make me super happy. Tara Wagner: So then you get into part two,
which is your planner. So what this will actually do is break down
by month. Then you will break each month, you’ll have
a month overview. At the end of the month, you’ll have an end
of month reflection. Then what you’re actually doing through most
of this is your week by week. So you’ve got a what you’re going to accomplish
this week and when you’re going to accomplish it. And then you have your pages every day. You’ve got a morning page and an evening page
to review that day, and you’ve got your habit card. Tara Wagner: So let me actually back up a
little bit and show you there are three different bookmarks in here. So your first bookmark is actually going to
go inside the most impactful goals so that you can come back and look at this. Your next one is going to go in that month’s
planner so that you can go back and look at what were your goals for the month and anything
that you had scheduled out for that month. And then your next one is actually going to
be at the beginning of the week. So when you do your weekly planning, that
goes there. Tara Wagner: Then what you’re going to find
at the back of this book, you’ve got three cards that will actually allow you to write
down the top 10 habits that you’re focusing on for that month. And then this is actually your habit tracker,
and you’re using this day to day. So let me show you, for instance, on a Friday
you’re going to write down which habits you actually hit that day and then your percentage. Were you 80 out of 100%? 50, 10, 20? And I really, really love this. Tara Wagner: Now there’s one thing that I
do wish was different about this. I actually wish that I could track the habits,
maybe write them right here and then track the days of the month here. Only because I would love to be able to see
the entire pattern for the week or for the month to be able to see what days am I missing
which habits, and that really helps me to notice my patterns. So if I were to say anything that I don’t
love about this, it would be that. I love having the percentage, but I don’t
love not being able to see the month view on a whole. And this was something that I was doing in
a bullet journal, but the setup for a bullet journal every month, every week was just too
much. And so this saves me so much time because
it has all of that in there. Tara Wagner: So let me show you now the weekly
or the daily trackers. What you actually do in the beginning of every
day, you’re going to write the date. You’re going to have your most impactful goal. You’ll write what you’re thankful for, what
you’re grateful for, what you’re excited about. It can be that day or something else. And then affirmations for the day. I don’t actually write three affirmations. I use this as a paragraph of affirmations
instead. Your number one goal for the day, the most
important things you want to accomplish, the things that would be nice to get done and
then the not to do list for today. Mine is usually like don’t work past 1:30
or don’t stress out about how much I get done today. Tara Wagner: You can also do a bullet plan
for the day, so if you are a daily planner person, I’m not, so I really like having this
in more of a planning, but not necessarily a day planner setup because I never use the
day planner in other journals. I like this aspect of it, I like it giving
me the ability to plan out my day, maybe even do some scripting for my day, especially with
the affirmations, but I would never use the actual planner. I am using this because it’s simple and easy,
but I don’t necessarily do my scheduling. I just use this to give me a visual of what
my day’s going to look like and again, just kind of helps me to script out my day and
set my mindset properly before I get into my day. Tara Wagner: At the end of every day you write
a positive sentence to describe the day. You write your top three accomplishments,
your best moments from the day, any new ideas that you had. You have a place for notes and then this is
probably one of my favorite questions. If you can see it, it says: How will I improve
tomorrow? And it’s just having these little check-ins. It’s including all the most important things
that are really going to be helpful in keeping your mindset in the right place and moving
you forward in the things that matter the most in your life. Tara Wagner: Now, one way that I use this
is I actually fill out the I’m grateful for in the evening. I track my food and any symptoms from my food. I might track water here, any changes to my
mood or energy levels. I keep track of all of that within my notes. And again, that’s the one thing that I have
a hard time with. I would love to be able to have one page where
I’m tracking some of these things so that I can see it all in one place and kind of
get an overview or notice the patterns, if I’m dipping in my energy levels or my mood,
is it possible for me to see where or how that’s happening. So that makes it a little bit harder because
you only have the daily trackers and not something like a weekly or monthly tracker, but it’s
still a really fantastic planner. It’s about as close to perfect as I have found
yet. Tara Wagner: So I’ve used other planners in
the past, but I either found that they didn’t have everything that I needed all in one place. So I was using multiple planners, or it was
too much and I was spending too much time on it. Or maybe it was only to be used once a day
or it just wasn’t clicking. This one clicks. The thing that I love about it is that everything
I want, my scripting, my affirmations, my number one focus, planning things out, taking
notes, tracking my habits, it’s all in one place, but it takes me three minutes in the
morning and three minutes at night. I leave it right by my nightstand. I do it as I’m getting ready in the morning
as I’m doing all of my other mindset work. I do this check-in, helps me to focus in on
what I need to focus in on, both big picture and that day, and then at night I’m coming
in and I’m checking in again. How did I do today? What stands out for me? How can I improve tomorrow? Tara Wagner: The most important piece of any
goal setting planner is the fact that you are creating a constant focus, and by doing
so you’re activating what’s called your reticular activating system, which you’ve probably heard
me talk about in other videos. You’ve maybe heard other people talk about
it as well. This is a part of your brain that filters
out the non-essentials and pulls into focus the essentials. By giving yourself checkpoints every morning,
every night to remind yourself, what is your most impactful goal, what are the things I’m
working on, what are the things that matter most? This is allowing you to filter out all the
things in life that like to distract us from what really matters, so that you can pull
into focus what actually matters and you’re able to spend more time and energy there. Tara Wagner: If you don’t already have a system
that’s helping you to create that focus and you’re looking for a planner like this, I
highly recommend the Goal Crazy Planner. It’s what I’m using now. I’m absolutely loving it and I even got you
a discount. If you use my name Tara Wagner, you can get
a 15% discount on your order. Tara Wagner: Now, I started this at the beginning
of the year. It is undated, so that means you don’t have
to do it at the beginning of the year or the beginning of the quarter, but I like that
I started it at the beginning of the year. I would recommend that you get one now, and
plan to start it before the quarter starts so that you can go through the first part
of it, setting up your goals, really getting things aligned, taking your time with that
and then starting with the undated planner as soon as you’re ready to start with it. Tara Wagner: Let me know in the comments of
what you use to help you track your goals on a monthly, weekly, daily basis to be able
to create that focus and keep you on track. And if you’re brand new here, just so you
know, my name is Tara Wagner. I’m a belief breakthrough coach helping women
to crush their goals, not their soul. If that sounds like your jam, be sure to subscribe,
hit the bell, give this video a thumbs up, drop me a comment to say hello, introduce
yourself, let me know what it is you do. Check out the other videos that I have for
you as well as some freebies linked in the description, and thank you so much for watching. I will see you in the next one. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  2. I don’t have this particular journal but I have and LOVE using a bullet journal. It allows me to be as flexible as I need it to be and also creative. So that makes me happy

  3. I am still struggling with impatience – basically feeling sorry for the time I spend with planning and filling out planners instead of doing the "real things". 😀 And then guess what happens… I love this video because it got me thinking without any gaslighting or nagging. Thank you! Zsuzsi

  4. That looks like a great planner. How long does each planner last for? I'm assuming it's a quarter long?

    I'm currently using an Agendio planner, which is amazing because you can customise the pages to your specifications.

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