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  1. My friend got me a groupon for Betterhelp because she saw I was having a hard time… i didn't end up loving it because I had a hard time connecting to someone else via an online platform, but it helped ease me into seeing a therapist in person so it ended up being helpful. (So I would recommend trying it if you're on the fence 🙂

  2. you should've done this vid a LONG time ago, they should make psychological help both free AND mandatory Internationally, I also hope one day we get "Psychiatrists Without Borders" a Guy can dream

  3. Thank you, I think, and what I mean by that is it still terrifying to me !!!!!!! My health has gotten bad so I haven't been out of my house in 4 months or so which is not a big deal but it is a good excuse. I think you might know what I'm trying to say. Thank you for all you do !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Signed up to BetterHelp a few days ago as my current therapist is based in my hometown and I'm moving up north soon so I need a way to access therapy even when I'm 200 miles away. So glad to hear you approve of it, Kati. It seemed like a good idea but I trust your opinion far more than my own 😂

  5. This video helpful, I am considering Better Help because it would probably work out with my schedule and other things I need to do.
    I'm not going to sign up yet because I want to wait until I have a job and I started school so I don't have to worry about saving as much because by then I will already know we're my money is going.
    Nice video. ❤️

  6. It's really tough when u can't afford a specialist. I have severe ocd to point I became suicidal. Couldn't afford an exposure therapist and none too insurance. Luckily McLeans Hospital in MA has an OCD specific 3 month program. I'll be finishing next Friday and am doing sooo much better with my ocd, it's been amazing. Unfortunately with my ocd symptom decrease, my ptsd has become severe again. So now am working on that again……..

  7. If only they have included live person to person therapy and no im not talking about thru messages or video messaging because that seems to be different ! Also Kati can you do a video on Pica and Intermittent Explosive Disorder!

  8. #katiFAQ what's the difference between councling and therepy? Are they the same thing with different names of not? Thank you

  9. Hi Kati, I want to let you know that videos like this one where you help people to enter therapy (and your other videos as well) are so amazing. I have struggled with some issues for a long time but never seen a therapist until recently. Watching your videos has been one of the most important factors which have finally motivated me to seek therapy. Now I have been to a couple of sessions, and I am very glad that I have taken this step. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!

  10. Kati Morton, this would be great if I could afford $45 a week and/or they could find a way to work with insurance, especially ACA/Medicaid/Medicare. Oh well. I guess you're too busy to help me. I'll just erase all my inquiries and look for help elsewhere. Thanks anyway.

  11. I shared your channel to a Discord group I am in that is peer support for mental health, addiction, trauma, and health and wellness I am also ganna share this video in the thearpy channel section Thanks for all you do!

  12. My previous therapist costed me an amount of cash equivalent to a week's worth of food per session, and she wasn't even that good. I find it honestly infuriating, I mean for example massage therapists are also highly trained professionals who work by the hour and they are much cheaper than a therapist!

  13. I used betterhelp for two weeks. It's convenient and unlimited. I don't use it anymore but it can be very helpful.

  14. You and others talk about relying on a support system, of family, friends, etc. to help with your recovery. I have struggled for 40+ years with anorexia but was at a set point weight wise; we moved 11 yrs ago leaving my home of 46 yrs behind.  I have recently relapsed with my ED as a tried and true coping mechanism in times of stress.  My family is all dead, my children teenagers and my husband is one of the stressors.  I have a therapist again for the past 3 months but no one else; the trustworthy friends I confided in in the past have moved on and I have no friends I can trust here for support.  I appreciate your channel and Mia's as well.  My husband thinks it is all about the food and being thin but for me it is about control when he & life events take over my life I grab at food and exercise as a means of control….

  15. #KatiFAQ Is there anything like this in the UK? The NHS are having me wait MONTHS before I get any help…

  16. Should therapy be like most other professions that have a lot of face time? I’ve only seen one counsellor and one
    psychiatrist, and honestly I felt more knowledgeable about my own condition than they did and I pretty much did 95% of the talking and structured my own sessions when it came to the counsellor (who was charging $80 per hour). I was wondering whether a better model might be to use the money to train to be a therapist yourself seeing as diagnosis is difficult because of the vast range of possibilities and length of time it takes to reach a decent outcome.

  17. I am switching to a new health insurance next week because I turn 26. I have a new therapist now who is on it and she's great but she's going on maternity leave in a couple months. Do you think this is a good option inbetween? It personally would be more expensive for me because I only have to pay like $10-$20 per session with someone since I'm on health insurance. It's just hard to find someone who takes this plan that also is the right age, gender, and specialty. Thanks!

  18. Wow these comments make me realise how lucky I am to be Australian. As a young person I've had access to a service called Headspace which was completely free for 10 sessions per year, and now I can see a psychologist for $55/hour due to government rebates (Medicare)

    I couldn't hundreds per session, I'm so glad I don't have to.

  19. Thanks so much Kati. I have been seeing this app and was too afraid to try it out but I definitely don't have the funds to keep going my therapist.

  20. Hey if anyone needs/wants help trying to find low cost counselling/therapy services in the UK, I've had my fair share of struggle with it (but also successes!) and I'd be happy to help you look! (Bing bong me @anasyrmos directly on Twitter/insta if you don't wanna go public ⭐️)

  21. It's sad because I'm venezuelan and its hard to me in my country pay 35 dollars a week when that is basically my salary for the month… But thanks kati you're such a good help

  22. I don't know if you or anyone will know but is there a similar app for people in the UK? I'm currently waiting to see if I can get therapy I'm on a waiting list for like the 4th time in the past year and a half and have had 0 help in the last year. They just keep turning me away so I don't have much hope for this referral either. I'd just like to have a decent professional therapist to talk to!

  23. I would prefer to meet face to face, would better help aid in setting up meeting with a therapist like that?

  24. Hi, Kati. I've recently discovered your channel because I'm planning on seeing a therapist for the first time in a few months or so. I love your videos and I love what you do to help us out. By the way, the therapist I am planning to see says she charges $120 – $180 per session, but I don't mind. I'll probably be visiting like monthly or so. But anyways, thank you so much for everything you do. You're awesome.

  25. Therapy is no different than cars. You absolutely get what you pay for.

    You can easily overpay based on the brand (letters after the name in therapy) and you can find highly effective, reliable and reasonably priced practitioners in between.

    Test drive a few then decide.

  26. Here in Australia, we go to our GP and get a mental health care plan, wait 6-10 weeks (sometimes longer) and we get 10 appointments with a mental health professional, sometimes we have to pay a gap but I've never had to. Medicare covers most for low income people.

  27. Hey Katie 🙂 I was wondering if you could help or give some advice on my current situation with my mother. I'm going into sophmore year of highschool and ever since 6th grade, my mom on occasion isnt very nice. and what i mean by not very nice is we would get into screaming arguments over dumb stuff when I was in middle school and it resulted in her telling me she was going to kill me while her hands were on my throat on three separate occasions. When I try to tell her about how much that hurt me, shed just tell me I was trying to guilt trip her. She's still never apologized. Another time, she pinned me onto my bed with her knee, putting all of her force on me and screamed at me for a poster I had on my wall. She brushes that off too. For a while, we stopped fighting because I stopped talking to her as much. But she has started drinking. I've never seen her drunk before 8th grade. Here is the common theme of the fights when shes drunk—it's late, almost midnight and she is listening to some song on a speaker. We live in an apartment and the walls are very very thin so It sounds like the speaker is in my room. We also have neighbors with a no noise policy past 9 pm. I ask her to use ear buds so my brother and i can sleep since we need to get up early for school in the morning. Fast forward, she refuses to and starts yelling at me. The first fight (theres a total of 3, so hold on lol) she called her boyfriend and he came over. She was yelling at me telling me I'm always looking for a fight and that if i want a fight then she'll fight me while getting in my face. She tells me that I'm a criminal and that I cause all of her problems. That obviously hurts me because i love her and I don't know what I do wrong. The next fight was basically a duplicate of the first one, except her boyfriend didnt come over and I think she shoved me a couple times. Now, the third one. This one happened last night. I ask her not to drink around me since I know what will happen, but she does anyway. Tonight she picks vodka. The same music thing but this time something happened and she started to get way more physical with me. I think it was because I poured the rest of the vodka down the sink (not the best choice probably) Like pushing me from my door to my bed and pushing me onto my bed and pushing me back down whenever I tried to get up. She did this weird thing where she held up one finger and then like punched me in the face and neck but with one finger up. it was strange. Then she kicked stuff around my room like a skateboard and my brothers art project she gave me. I went into my brothers room because I didnt want to be around her. I was crying, and I NEVER cry. nothing makes me cry because I have this sort of mental block against crying from our old fights. She taunts me and says "Oh your such a vitcim! Poor victim! toughen the fuck up." She does what she always does and threaten my brother and I that we're going to go live with our father like she always says. I go in my room and go to sleep. Its the next day and we havent said a word to eachother. She's never sorry after these fights. She always says she was in the right and I was in the wrong and that im just a manipulative bully. I try not to believe her but i cant help but think that maybe I do cause all of the problems. Maybe I am a horrible daughter like she says. She really has effected my confidence and self image and I dont know if I am right in being very resentful of her because I admit that in the past I would argue right back with her and possibly fuel her fire and deserve what I get.

    This is VERY long oh my god. i'm sorry, I just needed a place to vent my feelings and stuff. This has taken a very huge emotional toll on me. I don't know if I should tell my father but I don't want anyone involved and i dont want my brother and I to move and force my brother to find another group of friends, which was very hard for him. I think thats all I have lol 🙂 again, sorry for the incredibly lengthy post. <3

  28. I just left a looong comment but I just want to leave a shorter one.

    When I was a child my mother would tell my brother and I that she was leaving and never coming back. My father (who isnt with my mother) was with us when she said that. I may have been 5? I was wondering what kind of effect that would have on a young child and how would it transform as they grow? I'm asking because I'm looking for the source of some of my feelings that dont seem to have a logical start. Thanks katie! Love your videos!

  29. I pay $180/hr. I looked into switching to someone in network years ago, before taking a therapy break, but now I'm back and I just feel so comfortable with my therapist that it's worth it to me (most times anyway). Money is a problem for me and I do stress about the cost sometimes, but I also don't want to start over with someone new.

  30. At least for me in my country it is. Even online but I understand the therapist studied and invested time effort and money in their careers. I need to start therapy but I need to save.

  31. Hey Kati, where do I go on your website to ask you a question? I know there's groups, but I'd rather talk directly to you if I can.

  32. Does BetterHelp ever partner with Medi-Cal? I work for the WIC program and am frequently trying to refer my clients to counseling!

  33. Hi, Kati. I have been going through depression for almost a year now and I don't really want my family to know and it's getting worse.. what do I do?

  34. #KatiFAQ Is it normal to become more at peace with thoughts of suicide? Like when you think of it you start seeing it as normal.

  35. Therapy can be really expensive. I think it's important that people seek what they want from a therapist. I would also always suggest that people seek out free services first such as phone lines and charities and take it from there.

  36. Hey Kati, I'm pretty sure I suffer from BPD but everyone else thinks I'm wrong or doubt me. I don't have quiet BPD, I have 'normal' BPD. I am quite an aggressive person anyway but I just want to know how to get over the fact that literally everyone thinks I'm either lying or just want attention. It annoys me how they don't hear me out, one of my teachers even laughed at me when I said that I think I have BPD. Please help me…

  37. The worst thing is. I have D.I.D. and C-PTSD and therapy is the only thing that helps, yet insurance will only pay for the psychiatrist and meds which did do nothing other than giving me side effects and making things worse….

    I think therapy should be covered by insurance as well. Especially since a therapists/psychologists know more about you than a psychiatrist who only listens to you for an hour and then prescribes you stuffs. And cuz there are disorders who are best treated with therapy rather than medication (I live in europe so maybe things here are different)

  38. I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for nine years, I was very suicidal not understanding why i was back when I first had it it go worse overtime. Recently, i got help went to my family doctor she diagnosed me with severe anxiety and depression. She give me a blood test which says i had high cholesterol and vitamin d deficiency which i've done some research they say people with severe anxiety and depression can develop these symptoms over time which kinda makes sense.. She also let me see therapist I don't hate my therapist she did help alittle bit but not enough for me to learn how to cope with it better. It's freaking expensive to waste 500 dollars with therapist that she barely is helping me when alot of these coping skills I learned by myself or the internet. I only see her twice for 2 months until my mom told me it was getting way to expensive i only told her only seeing her a month now. Can you do video about if your therapist doesn't help you towards the end of your session seeing her? What she you do?

  39. One thing that can help pay for counseling or therapy, is selling plasma at a plasma donation center (such as CSL Plasma). I know it sounds kind of freaky, but I've had only good experiences so far. It is a really good way to encourage healthy eating because you need the nutrients in order to donate. It also helps with self-harm urges, as watching the blood can be calming, but safe. Plus, it helps save people's lives (whether that be the person receiving the plasma, or the person donating.)

  40. In office therapy makes me feel really anxious! I have social anxiety so that's why lol…But everytime I saw a therapist I was really anxious! with my previous therapist (she worked in a counselling university service) I was anxious everytime I had to see her. And she wasn't bad at all, she was really professional, gentle, really patient and tried to understood my problems and to research them if she didn't know something. I saw her for almost 2 years (I did only 1 pause in between because I was feeling better) but I felt anxious with her even after all those months! Everytime I had to see her I started to shake and was really anxious (like 8/10). It's frustrating bc now I want to see another therapist but I'm afrai I'll be anxious even this time! I'll try with a male therapist because I feel more comfortale around males, so maybe gender is a factor too! In the meanwhile maybe I'll try better help!

  41. Ive been self harming since i was 16. I started counseling senior year of high school, she told me to stop self harming or she would put me in a psych ward… ive since stopped cutting however i stopped going to counseling and now I've replaced it with hitting myself and burning myself with cigarette butts. Ive been bullied and put myself down a lot through out my childhood and its effects have lingered i feel stuck. I have trust issues so i feel like i cant ask for help…

    Kati, is there anything i can do to get myself to talk to people and get the help i need?

  42. #katiFAQ well in upsest with Titanic and Kate winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio the thing is I watch them overly to much

  43. I wish I would be able to have a therapist like you. I want to go to therapy and be diagnosed. And work with it. Except I know my parents would not want to pay for it or believe it and whatnot. From a Junior in high school, with what I've found out to be social anxiety and ED: restricting

  44. #KatiFAQ Can you discuss politics and mental health? It's easy to get depressed about all the ills in the world you want to fix or over your political beliefs not "winning." How can we approach politics in a mentally healthy way? Thank you!

  45. Hey Kati and friends. Have you read the fine print? It sounds like they can share your info and what you say to a therapist with pretty much whoever. Am I wrong? I was so close to signing up, but didn't.

  46. I would advise others who are really hitting the poverty line to also look up clinics that have sliding scale fees (I've paid as low as $10 for an hour session) or look into community health centers in your area. These can be hectic to deal with, but I've found the best help through it. I've been with the same therapist for almost two years now and have made much more progress than the first three years of my mental health care.

  47. i have learned when you google "what to do if there isn't food in the house" all you get are recipes about what to do with food in your house. same kind of goes for when you google how to get therapy when you have no money to spare. i do not have enough money to afford good therapy, just like i don't have enough food to make that recipe online.

  48. I was curious about BetterHelp, but after I answered the initial screening questions, they sent me an email which said based on my answers, they were not an appropriate choice for me, and recommended traditional therapy. I don't have that kind of money. Any suggestions?

  49. Here’s my take on things- I have anxiety. Bad anxiety. And I get therapy for free because of Canadian Health care, and I’m blessed.. but it’s very limited. And it’s not helping me. My parents can afford private help ( like 150 dollars a session) but knowing that it costs that much would bring me so much anxiety that it would probably make it even worse than if I wasn’t getting therapy. Truly don’t know what to do. I personally believe all therapy should be covered by universal health care ( and that all countries should have universal health care)

  50. Better Help is great for new clinicians, but their payment structure is horrible. It really turns away a lot of clinicians, like myself, who have been in the field for a while. Basically, for a 1 hour session, i earn the same amount as I was earning as a fairly new provider doing 45 min sessions.

  51. It's hard when you live in a country that has less access to therapist unless you're in the worst kind of mental health condition. I lived in australia for a couple of years and it was easy for me to find a therapist and it was covered by my insurance. Now i think i have to try betterhelp

  52. I shouldnt have to pay to help myself im poor I hate having to rely on money if I need help I hate that shit 250 per session bam heres your fee im hit with anxiety again cuz of my bill im struggling cuz I poured the last of my saving for somone to talk to and depressed because im so stressed bout finance and the fee 250 that's fucking rent and a salary some people make I shouldn't have to pay online therapy with no1 I know if it was free yeah why not but its expensive then when I am ready too kill myself call suicide line ambulance pops up in my yard im go to a hostpital I get pumped up with meds with supresses it but dosent cure it im the type of guy if I cant get help I will rob a random person on the street get money to help myself ive done this b4 than roll up in a fucking er medicated I hate that shit

  53. You need to update this video. The plans now cost nearly twice as much as you've states. Unless these places work with insurance, there is no way I could afford them.

  54. $35 a week isn't cheap. No wonder Suicide is on the rise. Now im not saying its their fault. I get it Therapist have to eat and pay bills too. Its just sad cause there are people who want to get help but cant afford it and as a result it ends up killing them.

  55. I really wish better help would take younger people. I could benefit so much from better help, but I'm only 16 (17 very soon) and so I cannot use it. I used to have therapy, but my therapist stopped taking my insurance and 150 dollars is too much. So, I attempted to use it, and received an email declining me. I would love better help, but I realize adolescents and children have different laws than adults and consent laws. So, I will wait. I'm sad though.

  56. i never get accepted into better help even if I lie in the survey and use different emails, and every time i got an email saying that its too severe and i need to go seek "real help". luv it

    also i live with parents who arent exactly too supportive of therapy yeet

  57. You have been exposed shill…its all a horrid bs lie that preys on people with Real illnesses. You will burn for this.

  58. taking advantage of people when their the most vulnerable is DISGUSTING. YOU AND ALL YOUR YOUTUBE SHILLS ARE EVIL .

  59. I am dissapointed that you support better help… They don't help at all. They never even bother to show on their appointments and even if they do they suggest you a real therapy. It feels like a peer to peer help instead of professional help. I been using forums that offer peer to peer support and they do help a lot as you discuss your issues with other and you find the comfort you need and they are free. But better help is not close to professional and they still cost a lot in terms of what they offer. Which is peer to peer help… Please if you are a person that really struggles don't listen to her even though she is a professional license therapist. Save the money that you will spend on the better help app and go to real therapy. To people that can help you.

  60. If you were paid to promote the BetterHelp app, you have profited from other people's suffering and made their lives worse. Remote txt/phn therapy is NOT the same as face-to-face counseling. This method of app counseling provides sub-standard services, which are questionably unethical to the socioeconomically disadvantaged.
    Shame on you.
    Beyond that obvious critique, the product is a data mining app, that allows the business to create a database of the anxieties, depressions, and disorders of Youtubers, along with their irl info, and billing information. This database may be sold and used by marketing firms to prey on the vulnerability of the most vulnerable.
    Your option is to recant and disavow BetterHelp, give BetterHelp their promotional money back, return the money they paid you to make this video, and delete any endorsements you previously made. If you do not, you will be exposed as a profit-seeking shill who sold your name and reputation for a little change.

  61. This video is from 2017 lol
    So im sure that Kati didn’t know about all the situation when she did this video but if i were her and knew about this situation now i would delete this video.

    Anyway im not a hater or anything,im just saying.

  62. I was so happy when I found out about better help, I have really bad anxiety so I can’t do face to face therapy. I even have trouble talking to my doctor about the way I’m feeling, so I tried better help and then they sent me an email saying with the answers I gave, better help might not be the best option for me & that absolutely crushed me. Now I literally have no where to turn to.

  63. This was one big giant ad…I'm disappointed in you. I was hoping you might actually talk about how much face-to-face counseling might cost. Damn.

  64. Liked most of your video's but dont kinda like this one. The process makes it a routine and makes it too comercialized which is also a underlying cause of the sickness.

  65. can I be honest about you? like with how you talk and these little beats you put at the intro… I keep thinking you’re gonna be like… idk

    like “yo! what-is-good! today we finna talk bout therapist. they tax’n? or nah.” and I wrote this so early and I can say BetterHelp is nice. I actually like it. you actually got me to seek something to warm up to an in person session (if I can afford it).

  66. I tried this service and it sucked. My therapist would take almost 2 days to reply and it completely removed the helpfulness. You're better off finding an in person therapist that's on a sliding payscale.

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