How Models Lose Weight Fast

How Models Lose Weight Fast

hey what’s up guys so I’m here at
Baldwin Hills scenic overlook and I’m about to climb these stairs so while I’m
climbing these stairs I’m gonna be talking to you guys a little bit about
some tips that models do to lose weights in a short period of time also I wanted
to remind you guys about my 10-day fitness challenge that I mentioned in my
last video so if you watch that video I’ve challenged you guys to join me on
this 10-day fitness I’m going to be doing it from January 1st through
January 10th and I hope you guys are pumped up just as I am so let’s go I guess I actually made it up to the top
of the stairs it took me about 10 minutes the climates so now that I’m up
here I want to talk to you guys about how models use lose weight in a short
period of time one way their models lose weight in a
short period of time is to go on a fasting diet so when I say fast and
diets what they do is that they drink a lot of water and they try not to eat
past 5:00 p.m. so if you try not to eat too late eat all your meals earlier in
the day so that way you have enough energy to conserve you for the rest of
your day your daily activities that’ll be great so try not to eat past 5:00
p.m. if you’re trying to lose weight in a short period of time and when I say a
short period of time I really mean between three days to a week so this is
how models lose weight within that short period of time a second way that they
lose weight is to take on a very low carb diets and a diet that’s high in
vegetables high and low calorie vegetables like celery or salads things
of that nature some fruits even and then often cutting out red meat could
actually help you lose weight quickly quickly so cut out the red meats and if
possible cut out the chicken maybe just do fish or do some kind of seafoods and
then do a lot of salads and eat a lot of vegetables that would help you lose
weight in a short period of time another way the models lose weight quickly is to
cut out the sugar so if you go on a sugar diets or sugar restrictive diets
for a couple of days you’re gonna notice that you actually gain a lot of energy
and you actually lose weight quickly at first you’re gonna have sort of like a
relapse from the sugar right so you’re gonna be feeling like like you need
sugar you’re gonna be having headaches and and you you might even get the
jitters just because you haven’t had sugar in a while but cutting out the
sugar could actually over time increase your energy and make you less dependent
on meat and sugar for energy another tip for losing weight in a short period of
time is to drink apple cider vinegar water in the morning so you take a tiny
cup of apple cider vinegar and make and dilute that with some water and just
drink that in the morning and that helps you speed up your metabolism for the day
it helps you burn fats you could also use lemon so just take a little bit of
lemon squeeze it into your water and just drink that you know first
in the morning before you even have your first meal and that would actually help
you kick up your metabolism and that were your burning fats with all your
daily activities finally the last way models could lose weight is to take on
safflower oil now there are some products at GNC like SAFF slim or CLA
which are all the same thing safflower oil actually helps you burn belly fat so
by taking safflower oil you burn a lot of belly fat and you break down the fat
so it makes it easier for you to burn that fat off with your daily activities
alright guys so hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget my 10 day
fitness challenge that I mentioned I’m gonna leave a link to my meal plan in
the description box below if you guys like this video give me a thumbs up
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25 thoughts on “How Models Lose Weight Fast

  1. Awesome video pepper. I have regained a few lbs since i stopped exercising and weren't paying much attention to my diet and health. But now im super ready and on my weight loss journey. I will indeed incorporate some of your advice into this. Thank you so much!

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  3. Which do you think is the best one? I don't really need to loose weight per say just a flatter stomach but had back surgery. What would you recommend?

  4. 1. fasting diet (drink a lot of water, dont eat past 5pm)
    2. low carb diet (lots of vegetables, cut out red meat and chicken, eat fish)
    3. cut out sugar
    4. dring aple cider vinegar water in the morning (tiny bit mixed with water, dring on empty stomach, u can also usr lemon)
    5. safflower oil (burns belly fat)

    the results are noticable in the first week

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