How Bernie Sanders has talked about authoritarians over the years

How Bernie Sanders has talked about authoritarians over the years

100 thoughts on “How Bernie Sanders has talked about authoritarians over the years

  1. So I guess trump made contributions to your “company” you’re taking clips and putting them out of context with little side notes fooling the layman, You WP are part of the problem, corrupting democracy , Shame on you

  2. Bernie praised only few programs that helped people in these countries as Trump, Obama and other leaders did it BUT ALSO Bernie called them dictators or condemn them as did it Trump and Obama. Doesn't make him a bad candidate…This is funny because in fact Trump and Obama took a cup with this dictators but Bernie never did….LOL You should make a documentary of Trump secret meetings and cup of teas with Putin, Chinese, Maduro and all dictators together.

  3. Please put the video of our favorite president Trump having a cup of tea with all dictators. Perhaps this fact makes him ineligible as presidential candidates LOL

  4. Also, Washington Post does not forget to upload the videos of Obama praising Cuban dictators and his dictator's social programs, do not forget the cup of tea they took together. LOL, your report is incomplete and just targeting Bernie Sanders to blow his momentum…Washington Post you made an unreliable report

  5. We can see through your manipulation Washington Post. Its a pathetic attempt to manipulate context. It does not work. It only backfires.

  6. Bernie is the most consistent honest politician this country has ever seen! Bernie got my vote for that fact alone. I'm sick of voting for snakes.

  7. Good old Bolshevik Bernie, frankenstein’s ‘crazy scientist’ millionaire pushing a platform that involves confiscating your personal assets,
    limiting earnings and transfering his socialist costs to other wealthy millionaires, which in turn begs the question how did a career socialist politician like Bernie ever become a millionaire himself? Well here’s some REAL FACTS for those with the necessary intellect to understand what is going on.

    Firstly, you need to know how much money has flowed into Bernie’s 2020 presidential campaign? Well it was $18 million for the second
    quarter alone! With more millions following each democratic nominees debate. So how is that money spent? well obviously millions are spent on Media adverts commonly referred to as “Media Buys”.

    Here’s the key, each “Media Buy” is negotiated/arranged by an “Agent” who receives an “undisclosed” “Commission” of 15% for each “Media Buy”
    advertisement that goes to air. Word has it that one “Media Buy” at a cost of $2 million produced a commission of $300,000 for Bernie’s “Agent”. So guess who is Bernie’s “Agent” taking care of these “Media Buys” …   Its Bernie’s WIFE!… In fact, they even set up an LLC for this very purpose.

    Raw hypocrisy and a living example of a millionaire socialist career politician holding himself out to be an anti-capitalist promising “freebies” to everyone while silently steering campaign money into his own hip pocket and fearfully unable to explain the real costs of his socialist agenda.

  8. We the American people will not fall for the out of context smearing from the establishment democrats and republicans. Bernie is going to win whether you like it or not!

  9. Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos will have to pay taxes when Bernie is President, hence the constant attacks from Washington Post on Bernie.

  10. It's unfair to throw the comments on Ortega against him now. Ortega was a puppet, he was always a puppet. The Sandinista establishment is a disappointment today. But, it's true their literacy campaign was historic, both Nicaraguan and Cuban. Sanders is part of a great lot of people who supported Ortega or the Sandinistas back in the day, but are disgusted by Ortega now, and have been for the last 10+years.

  11. Old media on its death rolll. Where did real journalism go ? They take a tidbit out of a larger discussion.What out for Authoritarian so called Journalism are givimg pats on their heads by there's Masters .They no longer are only way of controlling as dumb workin folks

  12. Since Bezos exposed Bernie's lies, you can bet that the tax on his wealth is going up if Bernie is elected. 99% tax rate for you Bezos.

  13. This corporate media’s working over time to smear Bernie. Fake news. I hate trump, but they were going after trump for long time and his supporters don’t like them, now they r going after Bernie. u losing credibility with Bernie supporters & trump supporters. Soon no one will trust ur media. American media is worsen than 3rd world country media. There is no honesty at all.

  14. NOTHING Bernie says in this video is false. Bernie's whole point is that sometimes it IS a good thing to point out when authoritarian countries do good things occasionally. Why? Because the media (ex. The Washington Post) is NOT going to do that, they are just going to bash everything these countries do as evil, and what's the result? American interventions into these nations! Bernie's entire point when talking about Cuban literacy programs is that the American media tricked the public into thinking that Cuba was going to revolt against Castro after the Bay of Pigs invasion! What ACTUALLY ended up happening was that Castro was popular among the Cuban people and 122 American and Cuban exiles died for nothing! Just look at Iraq and the role the Washington Post played in LYING to the American people.

  15. To see the Washington Post posturing makes me feel like somebody I want to respect built a sandcastle too close to the incoming tide.

  16. I this all you got WP ? You are pathetic. You helped give us trump in 2016 by trying to shove clinton down our throats. You are complicit in every act of evil trump has committed. Jeff Bezos … your every machination is OBVIOUS … you of all people should know that.

  17. What about amazon workers skipping bathroom breaks to keep their low paying jobs. Why not report on that Washington post, wait you can’t because it’s owned by dictator bezo.

  18. What he said about the food line is very true , people here do not appreciate that the government has always find the way so everyone in some way don’t starve and they provide their needs

  19. The state of the news and their special interest is disgusting. I used to think Trump was batshit about Fake News but god everyone is playing the game huh? What happened to a fair and independent press?

  20. Not sure of the point. These videos show Bernie’s take on these imperfect countries in ‘85 and then the other videos show how he feels they’ve degraded over the past 35 yrs. Isn’t that true?

    Although imperfect, there were many positives in the neighborhood I grew up in back in ‘85. Today it’s a bastion of poverty and local governmental corruption. Both statements are true but they represent two eras of the same location just 35 yrs apart.

  21. bernie is the leader for america. hes looking at the positive of the world he can fix south america stop coups sanctions regime change stealing resources . don't listen to MSM

  22. Oh my god.

    This Primary is a handicap match Bernie vs. Other candidates, Democratic Establishment, Republic Establishment, CNN, MSNBC, Wasington Post, Billionaires, Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies.

    He is still winning. Washington Post should be ashamed, hand picking comments from 1980s to make Bernie look bad. He has condemed Authorotarian regimens not just in Cuba, Nicaragua but also American sweetheart states like Saudi Arabia which murdured Jamal Kassoghi, a journalist who worked for the Washington post.

  23. The mainstream media is never gonna learn. Literally every time someone tries to smear Bernie it completely backfires and he gets more donations and supporters.

    So keep the desperate sad attacks coming I guess.

  24. Bernie supporters demand 100% loyalty and only praise of their candidate or they attack. Just like trump supporters. Don't forget, Bernie supporters called him a "coward" for endorsing Hillary.

  25. Hell Bernie, they have the old tapes of you praising the communist dictators so you might as well fess up. The more you deny it, the more they're gonna be badgering you about it. If you like Communist dictators, then just admit it and move on. Just say "If liking communist dictators is a radical idea, then I guess I'm a radical".

  26. Good try WP. You might have shown how Bernie is actually authentic and consistent. He says how those leaders are authoritarian but they have implemented some half-right things. What Bernie understands is that the world is completely grey, not black-and-white as news orgs make the world out to be. And what establishment fails to recognize, is that prior to all these leaders, Americans had overthrown those governments and put cronies in power that undermined democratic values, stole from the people of those countries, and gave into US demands for resources. Revolutionaries took their countries back for themselves. Sure, Venezuela's president is corrupt and corrupt people sometimes get elected into office. Just look at our president. Bernie is a revolutionary, but he is NOT corrupt like everyone else.

  27. Andate a fare in culo, carissimi editori del Washington Post. E mettevi nel culo la vostra propaganda travestita da giornalismo.

  28. I have LOST ALL RESPECT for the Washington Post in the last few weeks. IT IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS TO THE PUBLIC THAT YOUR ARE ON A SMEAR CAMPAIGN! History will not look back on you fondly. We see through your manipulation.

  29. This is hilarious. Bernie Bros complaining about clips of Bernie's own statements from the past, and claiming that they're unfair to Bernie. Just like Trump supporters. That said, Bernie's right on most of what he says in the decade in which he said it. For example, Daniel Ortega looked pretty good back in the early 1980s, and turned increasingly authoritarian later on. I don't expect anyone to have a crystal ball, only to revise their opinions when the facts change. Mostly Bernie does that.

  30. The establishment is getting nervous! Don't you guys see it? The more you smear him- the more we love him. There is no such thing as bad publicity and every time you publicize you show us that he is a sensible and honest guy who calls a spade and spade and can see shades of grey! Berned.

  31. Logic behind the video: Who owns 100% of shares of Washington Post?
    Billionaire Jeff Bezos

    This is not washington post, this is Jeff Bezos.

  32. I feel like this was supposed to make me suspicious of Bernie, but I don't know why. Seeing him when he was young and fiery and passionate, just makes me love him more now that he's old and fiery and passionate :p

  33. Washington Post is embarrassing and is completely unable to understand the real impact of American foreign policy over the last decades.

  34. So if I praise the Founding Fathers…does that mean I'm pro-slavery and pro-native genocide and anti-women's voting rights? Or can I be supportive of the good things they did and condemn the bad things? PS-Look up the word "nuance"…

  35. Lol. Just maybe Bernie has noticed US’s pattern of demonizing other countries, toppling their governments and turning them into far worse shitholes, and as such doesn’t wanna participate in the propaganda

  36. Edited propaganda, show the full clips in context. The people see through this neoliberal outdated media corporation.

  37. You're taking every single statement out of context. That's absolutely sad Washington Post, if you're in need of money ask you're readers or change your format. Don't contribute with billionaires on disinformating the public you fought so hard to gain trust from.

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