House postpones health care vote | Cronkite News

We’re kicking off coast to coast coverage on the battle over health care. Today marks the seventh anniversary of the signing of President Obama’s signature health care bill and Republican leaders were hoping this would also be the day when Congress voted on a replacement for Obamacare. But House leaders canceled that vote at the last minute today. Cronkite News reporter Marisela Ramirez was at the Capitol today to find out what happened with the American Health Care Act and what Arizona’s congressmen are saying about it. It’s no surprise that Democrats opposed plans to replace Obamacare. But it was Republican Party infighting that forced House leaders to postpone a vote after they realized they didn’t have enough support on this measure. Those divisions are reflected in Arizona’s congressman who said the bill either went too far or not far enough. It was a divisive issue from the beginning. I’m looking for some real significant substantial changes. Biggs believes the replacement bill would not do enough to reverse the harm by Obamacare. Enough of his fellow Republicans felt the same way that House leaders had to delay today’s vote. They won’t be able to afford their deductibles and there will be actually reduction again health care. Democrats also opposed the bill saying it was more of a political move than an attempt to help the average American. It was a bill designed to give tax cuts to the rich was not to actually improve or replace the Obamacare. Congressman Tom O’Halleran said that one in five Arizonans rely on Medicare and that he was worried that AHCA would cut their access to those benefits. We cannot have a bill that is going to hurt the health care network and the people of Arizona and this bill would do that. Still the congressman said that he is still hopeful for a bipartisan effort in the future. We don’t have to have political solutions we have to have solutions that are in the best interest of our families and our children our small businesses and people of America. Other congressmen that we spoke to on both sides of the aisle said they did not want to see the measure rushed and welcomed further negotiations. Those are continuing tonight and the House could try again tomorrow. Reporting in Washington, Marisela Ramirez, Cronkite News.

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