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lots of stuff going on on there so I’m first off making some rosy pasta I love
making this it’s so quick I’m salting some boiling water and
adding in some red lentil pasta and then I’m taking some very clean tomato sauce
tomatoes are rich in lycopene and they’re actually better to be eaten
cooked because then you couldn’t absorb the lycopene some coconut yogurt the
measurements will be down in the description box and then I kind of melt
that together when the pastas done I throw it together super simple and I
love the lentils because it decreases your blood cholesterol stabilizes blood
sugar and helps with energy next up we’re making some cauliflower tacos so
I’m chopping up some cauliflower and cauliflower actually helps to boost your
brain because it’s rich in choline it enhances your cognitive function and
helps with memory and learning as well adding some seasoning and then I’m
adding some lime which is rich in vitamin C it helps with the digestion as
well tossing that up until everything is coated with the spices in the lime juice
and then I’m baking that in 400 degrees and then I’m cutting up alive again
great for digestion vitamin C and combining that with a little bit of
coconut yogurt and some cilantro and cilantro is great because it decreases
the LDL cholesterol in your body which is like the bad one I think of it as
like the LDL was like looser cholesterol like nobody wants LDL around I add the
cilantro into the coconut yogurt in the lime and kind of stir it up and it kind
of makes it a lime crema once my cauliflower is done I’m just placing
that on some tortillas and topping it with avocado avocado is for rich you
know like healthy fat it’s great for you then I topped that with a lime crema and
you have some super quick tacos that are great because they’re plant-based you
don’t need to buy meat this meat can be really expensive in college especially
if you’re like buying antibiotic-free in that next up we’re making some
Coco berry baked so I’m starting off with some coconut coconut is great cuz
it’s rich in iron it’s rich in zinc and then I’m chopping up some walnuts
walnuts are also great they look like brains that’s how I remember that
they’re good for your brain but they’re also good for your bone health as well
and then I’m adding in some chia seeds you guys know my my love for Jesus is I
have like a long time love for these Omega 3 and Omega 6 kind of guys so I’m
throwing in two tablespoons in there and then I’m adding in some cinnamon
cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar I always add it to open meals and
coffees and anything sweet some baking soda just to help them kind of rise a
bit any pinch of salt because salt tends to bring out the sweetness in this as
well I’m adding in one egg but you can do a flax egg if you’re vegan which is
one tablespoon of flax and a 1-up sorry three tablespoons of water and then I’m
adding in some almond milk you can use hemp milk cashew milk any kind of nut
based milk next up we’re gonna be using half of a banana bananas are rich in
potassium they also add some sweetness to this recipe without adding like just
plain sugar so I love it we’re gonna mash that up until it’s nice and smooth
because you don’t want like just giant chunks of your banana so you’re gonna
add that in it to your mixture and I love that you can make this into One
Bowl and have it for the week adding in some coconut oil that I’ve melted down a
coconut oil is so good for you make sure you just do your research and you know
consume it in moderate amounts and like coconut oil is not like bad for you if
you don’t like eat the whole thing of coconut oil if you know what I mean and
then we’re gonna be cutting up some strawberries and strawberries are great
because they help maintain you know my blood pressure they boost your immune
system and I just love how colorful they’re as well if you don’t like
strawberries you can also do blueberries in here I think blueberries would be
really good and if you’re wondering you can use a frozen fruit like a frozen
berry if you don’t want to buy fresh or fresh isn’t like accessible for you and
it’s cheaper for you to buy frozen go ahead and do frozen you know you do you
and then I’m putting that into a a baking dish and just pressing that down
and then I put some strawberries on the top just to kind of make it pretty you
don’t have to do this but like it makes it pretty and you guys know how
pretty food is just like more fun to eat so we’re making it pretty here and then
I just bake that off it will be in the description box it’s 400 for about 20-25
minutes and you will have these they’re super delicious and great for your
school week so I hope you guys enjoyed these healthy college recipes and if you
try them out don’t forget to let me know subscribe if you haven’t already and
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  1. HEY GUYS! Thank you for clicking on this video! I appreciate each of you ๐Ÿ™‚ Don't forget to come say hi on Insta! I love connecting with you guys ๐Ÿ’ž

  2. These look awesome but I won't have an oven when I move to college in a few weeks. Definitely trying that pasta though!

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  4. this is one of very few health-related food videos where I actually want to make everything. these recipes look DELICIOUS! can't wait to try! amazing job on the video:)

  5. They all look amazing!!!! And I love you for informing us easily on how to fuel our bodies healthily! Would you consider doing a full list of the benefits of each of the most consumed ingredients? It would make our lives much easier! Thanks

  6. Hi! Love your recipes – thank you so much for posting them! I was wondering, how do you recommend to store the Coco Berry Bake? Fridge or room-temp?

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  9. I found you through Nikki and Iโ€™m totally living through your videos. Thank you so much and I canโ€™t wait to use these ideas!

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