Healthcare Hypocrite Rand Paul Heading To Canada For Hernia Surgery

Healthcare Hypocrite Rand Paul Heading To Canada For Hernia Surgery

Republican Senator Rand Paul thinks that universal
healthcare is akin to slavery. In fact, he said as much just a few years
ago, she said the universal healthcare nationalized healthcare, it’s slavery, and that the free
market healthcare is actually going to fix the healthcare problems that we have in the
United States. Obviously, that’s not true. It hasn’t happened and it will never happen,
but you know what is happening is that Rand Paul, the man who again thinks universal healthcare
is slavery, is actually about to fly to a country that has universal healthcare. To have his hernia repaired. Rand Paul is going to be going up to Canada
having hernia repair surgery on January 21st because the doctors up there just so much
better. In fact, he’s going to a privately owned hospital
that actually still does receive funding from the government up there. But, uh, he’s going to this privately owned
hospital. He’s going to pay cash out of pocket. He’s not getting it done for free. He’s going to pay roughly 4,000 on the low
end, maybe 8,000 on the high end for his hernia repair surgery. Now, here’s the thing, this is nothing new. Wealthy people in the United States travel
all around the United States to go find a better doctor. They go out of country to find a better doctor. So that’s not even what this is about. I mean, if the specialist for what you need
done happens to be in another country and you have the money to go there, hell yeah,
you’re going to go there. What this is about is the death of a talking
point and that is what Republicans have been telling us for years, that universal healthcare
destroys healthcare in a particular country. That people in Canada have horrible wait times. They have horrible doctors. The doctors there are miserable and can’t
make a living and oh, by the way, they also have some of the best doctors in the world
and we’re going to go see them the second we have a problem, which is what Rand Paul
is doing. This is about his hypocrisy. You know, he has the money to go up there
and only pay four to $8,000 according to this hospital’s website, for this hernia repair
surgery. The average person in the United States, hell
even rand Paul in the United States, having that surgery done here, that would cost literally
tens of thousands of dollars. This would not be a four to $8,000 outpatient
procedure. This is something that would destroy someone
financially if they were not prepared for it, especially if they didn’t have health
insurance. So not only is rand Paul going somewhere where
medical procedures are cheaper, a tiny fraction of the price they are in the United States,
but he’s going to a country where doctors are at least partially funded by the government. That is hypocrisy at its finest and that is
what Rand Paul has been all about since day one of his career. Slight warning though to Rand Paul. I hope you’ve been tuning into Ring of Fire
here because we have been warning people for a couple years at this point about the faulty
Hernia Mesh that’s being used in hernia repair surgeries. That’s causing massive problems in patients. It’s, it’s migrating. It’s actually bonding with the human tissue
creating these massive infections. It’s nearly impossible to remove from the
body once that happens. So I know we’ve let it go rampant here in
the United States because our regulatory agencies are so dysfunctional, but you may just want
to check with your doctors at your fancy private hospital up in Canada to make sure they aren’t
using one of those faulty Hernia Mesh kits because you wouldn’t want to come back into
this country and then suddenly realize that, oh no, because we hate regulatory agencies. My body’s now worse off than it was before
I had the surgery.

23 thoughts on “Healthcare Hypocrite Rand Paul Heading To Canada For Hernia Surgery

  1. I live in Toronto and the Hospital that Rand Paul is going for his hernia repair is the Shouldice Clinic, a
    little north (20minutes) of Toronto and no, Shouldice uses no mesh and if you were a Canadian you would have the repair procedure
    done and never receive a bill in the mail. The Ontario government insurance (OHIP) covers everything. Show your OHIP card,, have the repair done, go home and get on with life.

  2. Canada if you are listening make sure he gets a little extra anesthesia, tight stiches and cathater to be removed when he is back in the USA. Any other extras will be greatly appreciated. Love and light😁

  3. Consider this; why is there even such a thing as a 'private hospital' in a country where healthcare is supposedly free?
    If people are given a choice of:

    A. Go to a government hospital get free treatment, or
    B. Go to the private one and pay $8,000

    And substantial numbers choose the private hospitals- how bad must those public hospitals be?
    In other words, government healthcare is so bad they can't even give it away.

    We have the same thing with schooling here in Australia. Government schools are free as the air and available to all students, yet over 40% of students in Australia attend paid private schools.
    Again, government is just so shitty at educating kids it can't even give it's schooling away.

    Also, Paul only had to go to hospital because he was injured by Left-wing violence.

  4. Shouldice Clinic specializes in NON-mesh hernia repair procedures. They are the world leaders:

  5. Republican Senator Rand Paul you are a total hypocrite, trying to claim that our Canadian Health care system is "slavery". But you still went to Canada in Ontario to a provincially covered Hospital and therefore, you jumped the queue in Canada so you can get cheaper health care than you can get in the US. Hypocrite to the tenth degree.

  6. The hospital he's going to in Canada is largely known and lauded for it's leadership in non-mesh treatment/results in hernia procedures.

  7. We have some of the best hospitals in the world.our doctors are amazing and give amazing service there is no wait time Americans you have been lied to for years about universal health care please vote for it u will never see a hospital bill again while getting excellent service.

  8. Rand Paul, you don't know anything about the real slavery which happened in Africa transporting black African people to the Americas. How dare you to compare the universal health care system to slavery. I went to Ghana and saw the path black Africans had to take from north of Ghana down to the coast of Ghana, imprisoned in the Fort near Accra close to the beach where they then forced to the ships which sailed to the Americas. So, Rand Paul, how dare you compare this journey of black African slaves to the Americas to an universal health care system. You should be ashamed of yourself. And why is the American mainstream media not reporting these comments and his trip to Canada for a Hernia operation on our Canadian government dime?

  9. Hey man, with all respect to you, and no respect to Rand Paul or his brand of politics, he is doing the smartest thing possible when it comes to hernia repair. As I have just gone through the hernia wringer, being implanted with a 4” x 6” pice of cheap plastic mesh for a 1.5cm muscle tear, and then having to get it removed (after 4 excruciatingly painful months and considerable expense – I’m a PE teacher)with an abdominal wall reconstruction surgery last month, I thoroughly APPLAUD Mr. Paul for going to that particular hospital – away from US doctors who have been brainwashed by hernia mesh companies like “Bard” who are consistently ruining many good Americans’ lives with toxic plastic products that have been “grandfathered” in through a totally corrupt FDA 510 process, which has been perpetuated by shitheads like Rand Paul in government – yeah, so I don’t know, maybe you’re right.. but after having gone through what I have, I can’t blame the guy for going somewhere where they openly talk about how drumbeat and dangerous it is to use plastic mesh..

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