Grocery Shopping 101: Stocking Up on Healthy Food with Chris Powell and Heidi Powell

>>Alright, so transformation is all about
preparing for success. And considering that nutrition counts for
80% of your success, well, this is where it all begins. The grocery store. So let’s take a trip through the store and
prepare for another week of transformation.>>Well, first things first, I have my shopping
list ready to go, and we’re ready to rock, babe.>>And I’ve got mine, alright, let’s do this!>>So keep in mind that you might already have
some of these foods, condiments, and spices already in your home. If you do, no problem, there’s no need to
pick them up today. But when you do run out, don’t worry, they’ll
always be on your list.>>Alright, so the best technique for the grocery
store is to make sure you shop the entire perimeter first. Make a quick pass, you’re gonna’ hit all your
major sections that you need.>>First up, produce. This is the foundation of our nutrition, and
you’re gonna’ get fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, all the things you need for a
healthy diet.>>Of course, nonfat milk is great on those
high carb days, and almond milk, it’s great for any day.>>Alright, next up, eggs and dairy. So eggs are one of the best protein sources,
both full eggs and egg whites. And, they’re actually one of the cheapest
protein sources as well. You’ve got to check ’em first.>>Next, the meat and poultry section. This is where we get all of our lean meats,
like chicken, lean steak, and ground turkey. Of course, these are the foods that we grill
and bake in bulk at least two days of the week so that they’re always ready whenever
we need them. It makes it so much faster and easier and
convenient.>>Stocking up!>>Alright, so next up is the deli section. This is where we get all of our lean cold
cuts. Low sodium, of course.>>And, it’s also a really good place to get
a fast and healthy meal. Which most people, they don’t know about.>>Alright, so now that we’ve hit the perimeter
of the store, let’s make a pass through the aisles. Come on.>>Whole wheat bagels and whole wheat English
muffins, they’re allowed too!>>And these are great things for a quick fix
meal.>>Absolutely love frozen vegetables. It keeps them fresh, and it locks in the nutrients.>>And the best part about it is that it’s
cheap and crazy convenient.>>And yes, you can eat cereal and transform
too.>>Choose a high fiber cereal for best results.>>Pasta, especially whole grain pasta, is
amazing for those gourmet meals, plus, you, can also cook it up in bulk, keep it in the
refrigerator, and heat it back up and it’s still delicious.>>And then these sauces, these are amazing
to top your starches like rice, potatoes, and pastas.>>Finally, plastic containers to store those
foods once they’re prepped. This is the secret to success.>>Alright, so we are loaded up and ready to
rock.>>It’s time to transform!

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