German health insurance without the headache – ottonova for Expats

I’ve moved around a lot for work and for
school to different countries and every time it’s always a challenge trying to
figure out what visas I need – health care what’s really important is just that I
know I’m taken care of when I need it I never felt I was getting the level of
care that I was looking for. Being able to have the person on the other end
book my appointment for me it’s really helpful. At ottonova, they offered me a
consultation with one of the employees they were able to talk to me
about what ottonova offers but also just explain the differences between
private and public healthcare in Germany and what I was gaining by going to ottonova. I want to know that once I have an issue I can easily get it resolved and I
can get reimbursed super easily. With ottonova I know I just take a
picture and I know where I upload it on the app and it’s really simple. I don’t
really want to be bothered with too many details and too much paperwork
it’s my health and I want to feel secure in it.

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