Full Marc Short: Pres.Trump Wants To ‘Prove His Innocence’ In Senate Impeachment Trial | MTP

Full Marc Short: Pres.Trump Wants To ‘Prove His Innocence’ In Senate Impeachment Trial | MTP

68 thoughts on “Full Marc Short: Pres.Trump Wants To ‘Prove His Innocence’ In Senate Impeachment Trial | MTP

  1. Wow! No shame in lying and contouring himself to cover for a narcissistic monster and capping it all off with talk about “celebrating the birth of our savior.” Gotta love Christians: they can sin all day, pray for forgiveness before bed and sleep fine without any pangs of conscience whatsoever.

  2. I like how when Biden corruption comes up, the reporter ignores it and quickly changes the subject… maybe he's worried that this video is out now …. https://youtu.be/8n2qmPGTrqk


  4. every republican says she is holding empeachment papers. no has said, no one is working now. they are on vacation. get real

  5. Dayum chuck…you're gettin more worse as the weeks pass…HORRIBLE interview… When a guest starts to "LIE" you're suppose to "CALL" them on it…whats the dayum point of the interview if you dont call him on lies..what is this fox news?

  6. What about Pence and his initiation of the 25th Amendment along with others. ? can anyone really speak his mind here? Impeachment everything needs to be secret ballot.. just too obvious

  7. The real thing is that The White House obstructed aid for Ukraine is a serious VIOLATION OF LAW!! The WH doesnt have the right to hold the aid APPROVED BY THE CONGRESS!! THIS MATTER SHOULD BE BRING TO SCOTUS and let SCOTUS decide to jail all the high even lower actors of the hold!!!

  8. Why the f__ do Republicans kiss the a** of this Leftist Propagandist. For F***ks sake, he hates you , you f****ing morons.

  9. I am so SICK AND TIRED of people in the trump administration going on these network news shows saying "The American people don't want this The American people love trump, The American people are sick and tired of this, the American people love the economy and do not want this impeachment process". NEWS BULLETIN ALERT FOR ALL trump people that come on these network news shows and label ONLY trump supporters as the "American people".YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF "The American PEOPLE"! SO stop generalizing!

    Over 60 some percent of we "The American people" DO NOT SUPPORT trump and want him to be impeached for immoral and corrupt conduct with a foreign country and for OBSTRUCTING this impeachment process in congress in every way, including no documents and now no witness's to testify or show up….and for pathologically lying and making up "False stories based on the fantasies in trump's own head" and conspiracy theories about "Ukraine" based on what "putin told me in person" in 2017 trump declared…and for OUTRIGHT LYING to the "American people" daily often hourly!. So PLEASE ALL the people in trump's administration stop saying "The American people" mantra and labeling ALL OF the American WANT WHAT YOU WANT….because it is not true!.

  10. How is Marc Short going to explain over 275 bills sitting on McConnell’s desk without action. Hey Mr.Short instead of kicking the House kick the GOP leadership (McConnell) in the butt to move on the bills.

  11. Nancy Pelosi got the House to vote within a week of ending negotiations on the USMCA trade deal: You cannot get a vote quicker than that.

  12. Ugh ugh and ugh. Lying, spinning, condescending and then pretending to be a Christian. Yeah, right. You are so believable Marc.

  13. Joe and hunter biden are innocent-the democrats are running a fair and impartial impeachment trial and epstein killed himself.

  14. Why do they keep lying and saying that the Obama administration didnt send any aide to the Ukrainians?! When he actually did 171 billion dollars plus blankets and food.
    This dude Chuck Todd didnt push back on nothing this man was saying, is he becoming complacent to what these liars are spewing. No push back whatsoever! Uuugghh

  15. If they want to prove their innocents then bring on the people instead of telling them not to testify.I am sick of this whole thing. I'm sick of how this 45 has abused his power, and has from the very get go..He's not presidentual, he's scum, low life, Con Boy all the way to the WH. Get him out and make him pay for what he's done. If he gets away with all this, he will do it again and again. He cant win anything fairly……..We The People want him OUT! PS economy ? Anyone can get a job at Wendy's . He' hasn't done anything Obama didn't start for this moron.45

  16. The only good thing about this interview is he isn't screaming over the interviewer at the top of his lungs like most republicans do

  17. Obviously Republicans and Trump supporters do not want any witnesses to testify in the US Senate trial. I am a 66-year-old American who thought a trial included witnesses and evidence, but if you are a totally crooked President it is definitely in your best interest to block any testimony and simply to declare your innocence.

  18. Good morning, Marc Short, coming back from your dreams! The aid was released in September! What is with this cover-up in the meantime?

  19. Todd, you needed your balls for this interview. You are a part of the problem when all you do is give him a stage to lie.

  20. The dems would have more credibility if not for the constant barrage of bias leaked information to a biased media and the constant threat of impeachment at every moment of this administration, not to mention the false portrayal of somberness and sadness with a half smile,now they are crying foul on procedure and partiality,were they them selves partial through this entire process or even before? You can not impeach a president based on his obvious character defects, maybe he should not be president again, but look at the alternatives,socialism and open borders,you think we have a drug problem now. WOW! He will be elected again based on the simple fact that there are no viable contestants.

  21. Todd, with his fake-news narratives, never laid a glove on Marc Short.

    It's laughingly transparent that the lefties are trying to use neverTrumper Mark Galli and Christianity Today to drive a wedge between Pres. Trump and his staunch evangelical supporters.

  22. Keep trying to nail the innocent outsider to the Cross. Schifts kangaroo court proved you have no shame. "They are coming for you America, I only got in their way" President Donald J Trump. New law passed two days before money released, Ukrainians can again go after corrupt, the time limit removed!!! O bareback only sent blankets in the hour of need! 230,000 voters removed from Milwaukee and Madison by Wisconsin Judge, dirty voter rolls intentionally kept and added too by the socialist gang. How is your state any different than Wisconsin? Get involved. Help save America

  23. A President that
    Attacks the dead little girls and military leaders anyone who doesn't agree with him. The one person he wont attack is Putin

  24. Terd. 9min of terd! As usual reps…. Spin AltFacts. Reps aren't politics thinking on the People. They are Lawyers! Simple law white man profiting.

  25. The Republicans in the Senate had better conduct a real trial. If they are unwilling they need to be censured and loose their seats in the next election.

  26. This guy makes a gazillion wrong statements with absolutely no pushback. This only helps #IMPOTUS minions continued attempts at muddying the waters.😡

  27. No American has to prove his innocence. We are all PRESUMED innocent. The burden lies with the accusers to prove guilt. Naturally, the propagandists for the DNC want to subvert this basic premise of our legal system for political gain.

  28. Trump is the first American in history who is guilty until proven innocent and according to the Left and Left propaganda media has to "prove his innocence." Truly amazing.

  29. The impeachment hearings were not a trial, but an investigation, like a grand jury, to gather evidence. Bill Barr wd not appoint a Special Counsel, like Ken Starr in the Clinton case, so the House had to do the investigation itself. Trump had no constitutional right in these hearings. When it goes to the Senate, it will be a trial, and he is entitled to all the lawyers and witnesses he wants. The ball will be in his court, but he will refuse to play, preferring to whine abt the House hearings. He must have the worst lawyers in the country, if they don't point out these facts to him, but then again, when has he ever listened to anyone but sycophants.

  30. Joseph Biden, apart from his choice to run for President, was the Vice President and issues reported independently in the New York Times in 2015 raised the specter of an IMPROPRIETY an conflict of interest, where by a major GAFFE by the renown Gaffe "ist named Joseph Biden , permitted his own son to sit as Director on a Gas Company owned by a corrupt oligarch in the Nation of Ukraine, a WAR ZONE, while himself, Joseph Biden the Vice President at the time, permitted all this to go down , without using better judgement. And then you want to claim no one can criticize or investigate what Biden did , because some assumed conflict with current "Election Laws " ??? That is preposterous on face value, IN NO WAY IS BIDEN GOING TO BE PRESIDENT WITHOUT GIVING A GOOD ANSWER TO WHAT HE DID AS VICE PRESIDENT, and none of this Malarkey is going to save Joseph Biden from answering the Voters. All the attack on Trump is just deflecting and shielding this vast GAFFE. It won't work, either Joe explains his lack of judgment or he is not going to be elected President. SORRY.
    When it comes to Donald making mistakes, since he was not a skilled professional politicians and he is going to screw up naturally , okay , but when you talk about Joseph Biden who has no excuse at all ,except he is INCOMPETENT to be President, based on his GAFFES he constantly makes and this horrible conflict of interest in Ukraine that was a total SIDE SHOW CIRCUS, there is just no excusing that..

  31. They said it is wrong to dig dirt on your political rivals ? Hillary took all the files from the FBI to the White House, many years ago to dig all the dirt on the Republicans, as a first step to assume absolute power in the White House, and she got away with saying "It was an accident". Joseph Biden fired the Ukrainian Prosecutor , violating every norm about emerging nations and self determination to muscle in on the Ukrainians to mind their business and force them to change their leaders at the coercion of the E. U. or the IMF, or the Obama Administration . But that is just dandy. And the House Democrats were not impartial when they impeached the President to cover up their own dirty laundry, to hinder any discovery of the dirt that ought to be dug up. And that is normal for the DNC. But now , it is not normal for the Senate to be partial , it is not normal to cover up the mistakes of a president, it is not normal to appeal to the Supreme Court, but alas, just today , Joseph Biden said he would not obey a subpoena from the Senate to testify in any trial of the same Impeachment the Democrats just made up, because Joseph Biden says he has nothing to do with it. However, during the Impeachment hearings in the House, they said Donald Trump was not justified to investigate Hunter Biden or Joseph Biden ,that it was "debunked" . But then if the Democrats are all liars , covering and shielding their own corruption, by attacking Trump , then it is not right to expose that , by having Biden testify in the Senate Trial as to whether or not Trump had a good reason to investigate the Bidens.
    That is just all a double standard, mired in such fantastical rationalizations of a purely partisan hack job.

  32. This guy needs to change the brand of glue you sniffing cuz he's obviously f**** high Trump is a piece of s*** is a f**** low life all he cares about is himself and his f**** family stealing from the American people and everybody else they can steal from f*** this clown

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