FREE Self-Care Tips for People with Depression

FREE Self-Care Tips for People with Depression

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today, I wanted to talk about something a little bit different because I have been seeing a Lot of talk about this on YouTube and in blogs and a lot of times. I feel like the advice given While it may work for that particular youtuber or blogger It’s just not Accessible for everyone so I wanted to give you 5 self-care tip that are 100% free and that will keep you on the right track not necessarily cure your depression because in a lot of cases That is just something that you’re gonna have to deal with on and off throughout your life But these are things that will help you move in the right direction I want to go ahead and get this out there. I am NOT a doctor alright I can’t say whether or not you have depression And I’m not here to tell you that you need to seek counseling for depression But if you are concerned with your mood if you are Finding yourself self harming not just in physical ways But in emotional ways or even in just pushing the people that you love away from you Then you might want to go talk to somebody about that and the other thing that I want to mention is A lot of people have also been kind of circulating this meme that says It’s like a picture of a pill bottle and it says this won’t cure your depression, and then it’s a picture of like outside of nature and Under that part it says this well if you rely on medication to regulate your brain chemistry and that is 100% ok if Someone has multiple sclerosis or cancer or any other number of diseases you wouldn’t tell them not to take their medicine So I want you to remember when you start hearing things like that from people like oh, just take a yoga class Oh, just go in the ocean And oh just take a hike through a forest like these are people who have never dealt with depression So they don’t understand what they’re saying is actually making you feel guilty about taking the medication that you have to have To be able to exist in your day, so I want to get this right out there. I am NOT anti medication I think for some people it is an absolute need so number one And I think what a lot of people overlook in their whole self care regimen is Getting enough sleep and by this I mean not getting too much sleep and not getting too little sleep so with depression there there are two types of people I find people who sleep all day or People who can barely close their eyes because they’re just so focused on their anxiety and the things that they’re worried about Make sure you’re setting aside time for yourself to sleep a full eight nine ten hours whatever you need to feel rested and that changes for everybody depending upon your age and depending upon your Natural sleep cycles so choose whatever works for you But make sure you’re getting that eight hours Now on the other hand if you sleep way too much when you’re depressed give yourself that amount of time that you should be sleeping And when that cutoff happened get up brush your teeth You know sit up in bed do whatever you have to do But don’t allow yourself to just lay in bed because then you will sleep all day So generally I’d say you know sit up in bed if you want to be in your bed if that makes you feel more comfortable and grounded Sit up in a chair and try to read a book if that helps you to any degree you know Sit on your sofa and watch cat videos do what you got to do But try to make sure you’re not over sleeping because that will also contribute to your depression Because when you oversleep you can feel just as crappy as when you understand so number one make sure you’re getting enough sleep number two and this kind of fits in to the people who When they’re depressed tend to stay in bed a lot and not really want to take care of themselves Make sure in the morning you set aside five to ten minutes to do all the self-care stuff that you have to do Take a quick shower Brush your teeth brush your hair You know put on a fresh set of clothing And then if you feel like you really can’t be awake and up any longer get back in bed Do what you have to do for yourself? But at least at that point when you get out of your depression you’re not gonna have matted hair You’re not gonna have let yourself get so bad that you feel like You know this those feelings of like oh my god I can’t believe I did this to myself, but we all feel when we are coming out of our depression And we see you know what we’ve been doing for the last three four six months So just make sure you’re giving yourself that time to do Everything that you feel you need to do just to maintain your like hygiene Just get it all out of the way and sometimes I find that when I’m in depression sometimes just making myself do that much? Makes me think okay. Well I’m gonna make breakfast now and then after ate breakfast. I say okay well I need to unload the dishwasher, and then I unload the dishwasher I see that the counter needs to be wiped down so I wipe down the counter and sometimes. It’ll trick my brain into Progressing through my day it might have been my 100% intention after I brushed my teeth and combed my hair To get back in bed So that’s number two Take care of your hygiene or anything that you need to do for your body in the first five to ten minutes of waking up number three is to Develop a routine that you know comforts you so give yourself 30 minutes if you can an hour To do this routine and for me, that’s often Make a glass of tea or some coffee Sit down Look through cat videos. So that’s just really my opportunity to come back to myself to not have to think about anything that stresses me out or Makes me anxious or makes me depressed And it really gives me an opportunity to just have my little moment of peace so for you that might be you know Taking a bath, and then you know getting out in your robe reading a book Whatever that means to you, but the point is to do something that really makes you Happy or at the very least content do something that is just for you 100 percent and make that your routine so you do that every single day That’s something that you can look forward to that’s something that doesn’t allow you to focus on your depression or on the things that make You really stressed out number four is to call a friends now? This is not always possible, and I know that I’ve had situations where I’ve moved to another city And I didn’t really have any friends, and I didn’t know who to turn to But even if you just call a friend. I promise you your friend wants to help you and in fact It makes people feel good to help other people I know a lot of times people with depression myself included You don’t want to talk to anybody else because you’re like my bullshit is my own I don’t want to force it on anybody else I don’t want friends to get sick of hearing about how depressed I am all the time I’m just gonna keep it inside and when I do that I Don’t call anyone. I don’t go out with anyone. I stay in my bed I stay in my room, and I just watch videos and that is it that is all I do with my day So it really takes away your friends ability to be intimate with you to know you at a different level and Unfortunately for us humans are deeper level is not always pretty and it’s not always fun and it’s not always You know the life of the party Sometimes it really is dark people love to feel needed love Like if you feel like your friend comes to you You know not just when they’re happy But when they need to vent when they need to talk as long as it’s not you know a completely one-sided Situation your friends is gonna want that she’s gonna. He or she is gonna want to be there for you when you’re having problems Now the trick is to make sure you’re not Constantly going to them for help without asking them. Hey what’s going on in your life like how are you doing? Even if you feel like you’re not able to listen to someone else’s happiness it’s a Responsibility that you then have to your friend to be with them through what’s going on in their life Even if what’s going on in there? Kind of makes you feel shitty about what’s going on in yours so you have to be able to kind of distance yourself from that reaction Which is to just a you know I can be happy for my friend without feeling like This makes me even more Depressed because that’s ridiculous your friend doesn’t want to make you feel shitty about what’s going on in your life Just because she’s having a good time right now, so just make sure that you’re giving that back And I find that a lot of times when people are depressed Because they don’t want to burden someone else with their shit They tend to lose friends, and if your friends know what’s going on with you They’re gonna understand when you don’t make the phone calls or when you don’t go out partying And they’ll probably want to check on you to make sure you’re doing okay It’s number four talk to your friends five is meditate now I know a lot of people do not like meditation, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be like a Mmm doesn’t have to be that serious all you have to do is sit and try to quiet your brain so basically that means Whenever a thought comes in your head. That’s fine. That is not you failing at meditation That’s you having an opportunity to say I see you and I’m gonna let you go And you know if it only makes you feel good in that time period of your meditation Then that’s that’s fine That’s at least you know ten minutes more peace than you had the previous day as you continue meditation You know if it works for you for some people it does not work for them. That’s totally cool This is just a suggestion once you continue meditating And you kind of find your way into it you might find that you’re able to let those obsessive thoughts go a little bit easier in your everyday life, so that is the goal to be able to See if that like I’m not worthy of this. I’m not good enough You know I don’t really have any friends to see those thoughts and to just say I’m gonna let you go So that’s number five meditation and then the last thing that I want to leave you with is Just remember that even Everything feels fucked up and like you can’t do anything right and like nothing is ever gonna work out for you and then You don’t understand why you’re on this er. It’s just remember that literally everything is temporary so This moment is temporary a year is temporary You know even the happy things that we have can sometimes be temporary so you have to be able to separate yourself Especially when there are sad things with happy things you revel in it you take joy in it you say I’m so happy that I have this right now and With the sad things you say okay, I get that I feel sad about this and I get that it feels overwhelming right now but I won’t feel like this forever and Sometimes that will help you get through to the next hour to the next day to the next week and into a better life But if you feel like things are too much, and you want to end it, please please please Seek professional help. I know it seems scary and I know that in that moment you want nothing more than to stop the pain But please please Seek help Even if it’s just calling your friend and saying I’m not in a good place now I’m scared of what I’m gonna do to myself. Please help me you are a beautiful person And you deserve to be happy and sometimes that just means allowing other people in So that they can help you to cope and to find balance in yourself So I’m rooting for you for one, and I hope you’re rooting for yourself, and I hope something that I said can help you mmm-ah

43 thoughts on “FREE Self-Care Tips for People with Depression

  1. Less than a year ago, I went through a divorce after suffering for 5 years in an abusive marriage. Building a new life and a new me has been tough and emotionally draining but I know that in time things will get better. I appreciate thoughtful and caring people like you, thank you.

  2. I've found counting in Chinese helpful to ground me and stop my mind racing. I'm learning it at uni at the moment so not only do I need to think about each number and getting the pronunciations right, it'll also be useful in my studies.

  3. This was wonderful advice, I’m so glad that they’re people like you put in this world making these type of content <3

  4. Hi, Here is my Grossful No-Brush Episode.

    i rarely brush my teeth for 2 years while on the depression.

    it ended up to ruins my teeth, had me to go a dentist.

    it was 12 visits/3 month for a total of 5 of my teeth,

    and cost me total of approx. $250.

    (i would better to purchase a good "chair" or "Pillows"

    for the money. Me idiot.)

  5. I cried at the last bit. I know how it feels to feel horrible and hopeless and like this feeling will never leave but one way or the other, eventually it does and it feels like after this really long cloudy, rainy period the sun is finally peakin thru the clouds and those moments alone are worth to stay alive. Sending love to everyone struggling with mental illnesses. Youve made it through all those days, you can make it thru today. I love you. You are not alone.

  6. Sometimes I feel just ugh when people say “maybe you don’t have that many friends but just call that friend”
    What if you don’t have any friends? What are you going to do then? 😕

  7. I HAVE dealt with depression, I DO understand what it's like, and I cosign the memes saying (basically) ditch the pills and get outside to heal, 10000%!!!

  8. Thank you for this video. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers. I hate when people say " just get over it " if we could we would. No one wants to feel like 💩

  9. You mentioned when you moved state you didn’t have any friends at that time. I’m about to move to another state. How did you adjust and meet new friends?

  10. Great video – thanks for giving unbiased information about self-care that's accessible for everyone. And, believe it or not, people do tell someone with Multiple Sclerosis to go without medication. I have been told I should ditch my MS medication in favor of bee stings, because "they're natural."

  11. Actually many friends stop wanting to be your friend when you get depressed because you are no longer fun. I lost lots of friends when I got very depressed years ago and now I have ONLY 1 friend. Friendships are toxic, very overrated and only there for you when the times are good. Where exactly are all these good, non toxic friends? Don't tell me to take classes, join the gym, join support group, etc…because I have done ALL of that and not one friend has come from it. I am done with friendship…too much stress and heartache. Friends make me feel like crap. I am better off alone. I have 5 pets and they keep me company, are never toxic to me and do not leave me when I am depressed. Good talk though…I just got triggered by your comments on friendships.

  12. Beginning of last year I wasn’t showering or brushing my teeth for days to weeks. I wasn’t cleaning anything, I wasn’t washing anything. I was self harming because it was the only thing that made me feel okay. Now I’m seeing a doctor and experimenting with different medications to see what works best for me. It has made such a monumentally positive difference in my life to find the right medication. It has made me feel like a normal person. I am so truly grateful that I am walking the path of recovery.

  13. I was told I should get off my asthma meds and well, its called "life-saving medication" for a reason.
    Sometimes the reason is that if I wasnt on meds I would die. Sometimes the reason is that you are stupid and I would punch your face off without it.

  14. I have this thing that i keep pushing people away even my family for no reason but i just really hate being around my family and i hate it because i want to be with them but whenever i am around them they always talk to me and idk why but it really annoys me but they don't even do anything so i usually stay in my room with music for legit all day except for dinner- i wonder if theres any other people out there that feel the same

  15. I’m so thankful for all these videos on YouTube. I’ve been going through a long long depression and I’ve been actually getting slowly better with these types of videos to help make me feel like I’m not alone. I’ve felt really embarrassed about my depression and felt like I was just a lazy piece of crap who couldn’t get out of bed but now I know that’s not the case because of the help of people on yt.

  16. MY main problem about calling friends is not that I don't want to load them with my depression. It's because I can't stand when they start nagging about their work problems. I'd rather not talk to anyone.

  17. Take the medication, but do something you are worth something! Keep a brush in your purse or bag, and buy some to go toothbrushes in there. You can do it on the go. You are worth that and more, but absolutely that.

  18. Im 13 and i have depression this was so helpful. Does anyone who also went or is going through this at a young agw have any advice?

  19. 1. Sleep (7-9 hrs) not too little not too much.
    2. Hygiene- get ready first thing in the morning.
    3. Develope a better routine to makes you happy.
    4. Reach out to a friend.
    5. Meditate (or take time to quiet your brain)
    6. Remember this phase is temporary.
    1-800-273-Talk (8255) (suicide prevention hotline

  20. This video is really great and I feel such a connection and immense compassion from you. This helped a lot.

  21. I'm relieved for once to find someone who isn't anti-medication. I don't like relying on meds anymore than the next man. But I'd much rather not have it contribute to my already numerous guilts in life.

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