Free diet plan for Weight loss/Diet Plan For Indian Men and Women

Free diet plan for Weight loss/Diet Plan For Indian Men and Women

It is finally here guys today video is all
about the super simple diet plan to achieve that goal body of yours so stay tuned!
so before starting this video let me just show you something quickly this is me before
and this is me after why am i showing this?because i want you to know i already shred down that
much body fat into this,because i already achieved that goal because some of you will
definitely ask how are you so sure that this diet plan is going to work?because of that!before
i tell you my diet plan there are some protocols you need to follow in order to lose this body
fat,in order to lose so much weight. no.1 rule is that avoid sugar at any cost
and remember sugar is the worst enemy when it comes to fat loss,when it comes to weight 2 rule is avoid packeted foods which all are
coming in packets,this lays,this uncle chips,avoid these foods at any cost if you are so serious
about fat loss and weight rule during this weight loss journey,during this fat loss
journey make sure you are hydrated throughout the whole day make sure you atleast drink
5-6 litres of water every single rule this is just a general plan,and many
people with different body types and different sex types are gonna be following this diet
plan and the thing you have to do is you have to check your portion control how much food
you are consuming and keep in mind for any meal the amount of carbohydrate you should
be consuming is just this palm size this is the amount maximum for any carbohydrate for
any meal the first thing in the morning before eating anything is make sure you drink atleast
1 big glass of water try to drink atleast 1 litre of water before eating anything first
option you can eat in breakfast is plain oats with water handful of oats and make it boil
in the water and you are good to go that is carbohydrate source if you dont like oats
you can go for options like idli,this upma these are very healthy options in carbohydrates
one thing if you can live without carbohydrates first thing in the morning you can avoid these
oats,this upma and you can have some protein starting with some boiled eggs and also these
eggs you can consumed boiled,scrambled,omelette,bhurji you can make the way which you like and when
you make bhurji or omelette you use oil as less as possible so how many eggs should you
eat?you can have 1 whole egg,and some 5-6 egg whites and if you are vegeterian who doesnt
eat this fish,eggs you can go for options like paneer a handful of paneer will do the
job okay this breakfast i will give you another option and if you are someone who loves roti
or paratha you can eat it but make sure you eat the roti without oil and you can have
little bit of sabzi,one small quantity of sabzi tea lovers or coffee lovers you can
even have those but make sure you drink it without sugar or use the sugar as less as
possible now coming to morning snacks those people who are hungry before having lunch
what you can do i have some food options for you eat one fruit for example apple is the
best there is a saying also “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” you can even drink
one green tea if you are access to it now coming to lunch the idea here we are gonna
do is we have to consume little bit of protein,little bit of carbohydrate and little bit of fibres
all these three are essential we will be including all these 3 little little 1st thing have one
big bowl of vegetables you can choose any veggies which you like try to eat raw if possible
and if you are someone who doesnt like raw you can even boil the vegetables and you can
make it like soup it is very tasty trust me now coming to carbohydrates you can eat 1
or 2 rotis of your choice without oil if you like rice you can even brown rice little bit
now coming to protein you can have some egg whites,for vegeterian source you can try paneer
if you are access to chicken or fish you can grill them and eat but make sure you eat the
chicken without skin if you are not accessed to these tandoori chicken or grilled chicken
you can make it at home take a non sticky pan put some oil as much less as possible
just spread the oil everywhere and cook the chicken cook the chicken for 15-20 mins now
coming to evening snacks this is the perfect time where people usually go out and eat you
should not eat outside foods like processed food this samosa,kachori you should leave
all these,what you can do is you can eat some egg whites you can have one green tea and
if you are someone who loves tea you can have tea without sugar you can even have yoghurt,curd,dahi
but you can leave out this option and go directly to dinner if you are someone who is not hungry
you can just drink one tea and be done with it now before coming to dinner let me tell
you one important thing this plan will work even without exercise,but exercise will make
even faster your fat loss journey but if you are someone who cant go to gym who doesnt
have access to gym you can do some home workout i have made tons of home workout you can check
in the video description coming to dinner this is almost similar as lunch what we are
going to do here is i told you in the lunch protein,carbohydrates and fibres but in dinner
if you are serious about this fat loss we are going to avoid the carbohydrates we are
just going to consume some protein and some fibres same like the lunch protein can come
from grilled chicken,egg whites tandoori chicken and if you are vegeterian you can eat tofu
paneer and make sure you eat some amount of vegetables with these protein i know there
is lot of protein there is lot of chicken there is lot of eggs but this is what you
got to do if you are so serious about this fat loss people have misconception of protein
ahh this guy is so much eggs this guy is eating so many chickens what will happen?nothing
will happen!i already made a protein video how much protein is essential you can check
that video out i will have the video link down in the description also okay now try
this diet start from the first thing in the morning tomorrow try this diet for 10 days
and come back here in this very video and let me know in the comments down below whether
you have actual made some change i am sure you will you just have to try it and trust
me this is hard but you got to do what you got to do the 1st 2-3 days you wont like it
and if you are someone who eats lot of proccessed food who eats lot of food you are not gonna
like it for the first 2-3 days after 3-4 days you are gonna go with this diet and you will
love it trust me thats it basically from me today if you like this video make sure you
give a thumbs up and comment down below what you think about this video also make sure
you subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification bell icon until next time bye

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