Former NM gov rips Bernie Sander’s ‘unsustainable’ Medicare-for-all policy

Former NM gov rips Bernie Sander’s ‘unsustainable’ Medicare-for-all policy

100 thoughts on “Former NM gov rips Bernie Sander’s ‘unsustainable’ Medicare-for-all policy

  1. The impeached president currently has the lowest approval ratings of any sitting president in history.   Trump keeps trying to divide voters, but it’s not going to work anymore.

  2. Climate catastrophe is unsustainable. Dreams will come true if the foundation is responsible to the people who live here, all the citizens, all the immigrants, every person now oppressed by the trickle down theory will be lifted up by Bernie Sanders policies.

  3. "When a government controls both the economic power of individuals and the coercive power of the state … this violates a fundamental rule of happy living: Never let the people with all the money and the people with all the guns be the same people." – P.J. O'Rourke

  4. According to the latest Quinnipiac national poll, among registered voters, Trump would lose the 2020 election to Mike Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg if it were held today.  Voters are tired of being bullied by the impeached president.

  5. Bernie Sanders o. a job interview:.. Question….Mr. Sanders, why would you like to work for our firm?… Response: BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN DOING IS WRONG!!.. AND WHEN I'M HIRED I WILL FIRE ALL IF YOU AND CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE ENTIRE COMPANY!!…. Response:..Thank you for your time…. we'll be in touch…

    Sa dedz

  6. Hell, Bernie is not a register Democrat. Comrade Bernie you need to register with your real party. The American Communist Party.

  7. Yeah, medicare-for-all will bankrupt the whole system They don't take care of our Wounded Warriors. They have the Wounded Warriors Project. So they don't even take care of them. You see the commercials where they're asking you to donate money instead of the government taking care of them. So Bernie Sanders is another big fraud.

  8. Vermont is 700,000 people 96% white.
    Many out of state millionaires. Locals have Service jobs. Dying towns, high taxes on anything they can tax, still broke
    Free college?
    What about the self pay savers?
    What about people who paid,,
    Trade schools, stem, or university kids with poor choices of study….
    The idea of gov control will slap down the markets
    Most people don't understand wealth calculation is unsold stock values, in one day Facebook Mark Z "lost" 12b
    Or did he?
    Bernie will cause a sell off, billions lost causing a collapse, you won't get anything except USA with zero countries willing to loan, because our taxes will collapse the country.
    Its OK some day, AOC will find that tax incentive

  9. Bernie the snake oil salesmen forgets to tell everyone that those of us on Medicare PAY FOR IT and we have to have supplemental insurance to cover each of the separate "parts", ie hospital, prescriptions, Dr visits, etc. So it's not free now and he can't make it free, he's not tried to as a senator (where he has the power), nor as "president", where he wouldn't have the power. He's lying about all of it. And if he truly wanted to address those things, why hasn't he done so in the 40 plus years he's been in office??????

  10. I'm confused is America a Christian or Agnostic Nation . If it's Christian how does a Jewish peg fit in a square slot . Something is out of whack if this country has lost it's way . How can it be against everything I've been taught to believe . This goes beyond fellowship……???????????? Inquiring mind wants to know . When was last time you was at Synagogue ????????????

  11. Bernie will say anything to get elected. And if it goes the way all socialists (communists) take it. That will be the last multi-party and multi-candidate election in the US.

  12. $3 Trillion loss in market economy in last two days could of paid for the medicaid for all, and education for all. Republicans are scared! Bernie is going to help working class not just the rich. The corporations who pay no federal taxes like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Trump Hotels, all don't want to pay their share and Bernie will get them to pay their share. All they have done all day is talk about us. Support Bernie Sanders.

  13. The impeached president lacks the guiding principles and leadership skills required to govern the United States. Rational voters, regardless of their color or place of origin are recognizing this reality, and the results are starting to show up in the polls.

  14. Free education, the 10th plant of the communist manifesto – brainwash them. Of course, supporters don't know this is coming! Neither did Russia and millions died.

  15. With every passing day the impeached president continues to lead the country deeper and deeper into the cesspool of losing with his damaging policies and vindictive behaviors. Voters are tired of watching Trump help the rich get richer while he breaks his criminal buddies out of prison.

  16. I read these comments. The wannabe president make a lot of promises. Everyone who believes these promises can send me all of their money for i promise to take care of you.

  17. Medicare for All will have the exact same massive medical bills. Many Doctors and Hospitals will refuse to take Medicare for All. People will need to pay cash for their medical bills and hope the government reimburses them for a fraction of the cost. You can't force doctors into slavery like many communist countries.

  18. These are false voter blocks. There are only kinds of people in the United States.. American Citizens, and Non American Citizens.. naming people by their race or color is completely wrong and so very 18th century… The year is 2020 the only real issue is, do you chose to obey the law or not obey the laws…. Michael Jackson once correctly stated “ that he was not not going to spend his life being a color”.

  19. Bernie has made promises he cannot keep. Wake up people, it can’t be done! – Maybe Bernie can help by selling 2 of his 3 houses 🏠. Socialism is good for Bernie Sanders not AMERICA!

  20. I haven't seen figures on how high our taxes will rise to pay for Medicare for all. Would it mask our present medical premiums into taxes to pay for EVERYONE to have Medicare? I don't think so. As she said, everyone would pay for it. Thanks for the clip.

  21. I don’t know about you but Medicare for all sounds great. To hell with hillary and obama. But saying Medicare for is unsustainable is moronic. More rich idiots trying to stay rich. To hell with them. MAGA

  22. Healthcare for all has been implemented and sustained in the UK, Canada and other countries. Ya know those countries that actually CARE about ALL of their citizens and not just the rich ones?

  23. 2045 it wont matter 75 percent of jobs will be gone due to Automation and everyone will be getting some kind of Government assistance just to stay alive, Future is gonna be hell imo

  24. Good grief! Bernie has some of most stupid ideas I have ever heard from a candidate, I can't believe that people will actually vote for that not to mention he has been proven a fraud.

  25. Senator Sanders is talking about some more social programs for the 99% of the population of this country. It don't mean the economic system would turn to be a socialist one. Socialism, communism or Marxism are very far from the American society. A universal medicare program is of course sustainable, if it is sustainable and working well in the entire Western Europe, Canada and Japan. Tax laws are working for the 1% billionaires, mega companies like Amazon doesn't pay a single penny. Why a socialism for mega corporations and not for the 99% population?

  26. Ms. Martinez is a very smart lady! She knows that the "elite" on both sides of the isle want illegal aliens to use as slave labor, and that the Americans citizens who will be the most adversely affected by the influx of these people will be the poorest in the black and Hispanic communities. She is like many other Americans: she wants to save her country from the corrupt, so-called "leaders" who don't care about people, they just want power and MORE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES!

  27. Bernie wants 15 an hour. That will bring salaries up to about 33,000.00a year. In order to pay for all the giveaways, he will raise the taxes on people who make more that about 30,000.00. This will mean taxes for the person who just the 15. Plus companies will have to cut hours. Bernie is a nut case.

  28. How simple can FOX viewers be. Look North folks. Medicare. Medical care for all paid through general tax revenues. According to these pundits this is NOT happening. Go figure!

  29. More “whataboutism” from Republicans.
    Can’t we have something our parents and grandparents had? Affordable healthcare and education? We should also help our veterans. But let’s not use that take away from anyone else.

    Notice how they always talk about hard work, as if you want some of these benefits, you must be lazy, etc? Many folks who need it most work hard every day, even multiple jobs and can’t get ahead or even take care of themselves or family’s. So please stop spreading this sort of far right propaganda.

  30. when socialists say free medicare for every one they leave other part out who pays for we do how much i will give an idea the countries who has free medical for all pay between 45%and 65% of their pay check into medical, social security and taxes it is automaticly deducted from your pay and end of the year you dont pay any taxes or get any thing back that is called socialism these misguided latte sipping idiots do not seem to understand where does the government get the money from people like you and me

  31. Obama was an overreaction to Bush. Trump was an overreaction to Obama. I now fear Bernie might win the whole election as an overreaction to Trump. I really wish people were smart enough to not vote with anger but I can tell we're too far past that point. Both Trump fans and Hillary Clinton fans are absolutely toxic!

  32. Tell it like it is 💯 , they want to break the backs of taxpayers. so they're trying to tell us we got to pay for every flipping person who wants to illegally come across our border and live free off the American people. There's a reason why in the Bible it says it is good to have borders , it's so that each town can maintain the stability growth , prosperity & health of its citizens.

  33. Yup! Bernie in charge of Secular
    Godless Educators Unions and Government! Americans will send a message in November the Tantrum will ensue!

  34. There seems to be A LOT of Americans who seem to be excited about socialism, but the problem is that most of them are probably thinking that they themselves will not pay for that; They think some imaginary super rich people will pay, but either there are not enough such rich people, or the rich people will figure out legal loopholes not to pay, or the rich people will flee from the US before socialism takes all their money. So if only people who want free stuff without paying are left, what are they going to do? Socialism can only work if most of the members are willing to pay equal or more than they receive. See Sweden and other countries that Sanders praised and how high their taxes are. Their VAT is 25%.

  35. New Mexico the crime ridden state it is has a former governor rips Bernie? Maybe NM is crime ridden because poor people in NM feel they have no future is a nation ran by billionaires.

  36. I wouldn't be surprised if they start positioning her to run for the election in 2024…. No Rinos 😡
    The VA in NM failed due to her… She is the biggest hypocrite…

  37. Bernie is full of it.. Open borders equals a bigger housing crisis homelessness will rise. The cartels will be able to deliver more drugs to our country. And our taxes will go up. If Bernie wins America loses….

  38. Trump needs to propose a healthcare plan. Bernie shouldn’t be taken lightly . The socialist minded population is growing stronger and stronger . People want and need healthcare . Bernie is doing a good job fooling his numbnut base and will win if trump doesn’t come up with something very soon . Time is running out

  39. You found the worst idiot on the face of the Earth who invested billions in crappy buses that are not working. Absolute idiot!

  40. The Latinos that are swarming where I’m at hate America and Americans they only help each other and screw the Americans so don’t know who this lady is talking about

  41. Actually every Medicare recipient pays about $137 per month for Medicare now. If you are receiving Social Security, that amount is automatically deducted – If you are not receiving Social SEcurity, you are billed that amount. Why is nobody pointing that out to the "Medicare for All" and "It's Free" idiots.

  42. There's no such thing as free
    It's a scam to get your vote
    After democrats get into office the real news will be realesd that they all lied. And the TRUE COST of being forced into socialism will be revealed.

  43. Everyone knows that Medicare for All will be paid through taxation but if the insurance pool is the population of the USA then costs for individuals goes down because of the scale involved in spreading the risk and negotiating lower prices for pharmaceuticals.

  44. Why is anyone surprised that a bunch of illegals and low-skill newbies to the country support free crap supplied by the US taxpayer???

  45. I find it interesting that all these morons from south of the border who come from crap holes want to create the same crap holes they or
    their parents came from. Birth right citizenship is the next thing Trump needs to work on. If you're here illegally, your would be anchor baby takes the
    citizenship from whatever crap hole country you came from.

    Take diversity and stick it. I have no interest in living in mexco.

  46. I mean didnt we already have a president who tried healthcare for all? And we all know that got all screwed up not to mention the premiums went through the roof. Keep healthcare the way it is. Us Americans cant afford another screw up in the medical care system

  47. All the democrats/socialist want is Your Tax Money and the Power to Control You. Learn from history, socialist/ communist do the same thing every time. Tax & Control the Working Class until You have nothing left. Then they take Your money and leave in the Jet You bought them.

  48. If Bernie lose his vote that ok he can move to Russia and stay there , he like their lifestyle. Who cares how he will lose it. You want to save this country not to go broke, losing your mind, for the sake of children future.

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