2 thoughts on “FNN: Trump Talks on Shutdown Day 33; Hacienda Healthcare Arrest; Suns Arena Renovations Approved

  1. If federal employees are not working, it makes no sense to continue childcare expenses when you can take care of them at home, so cut the childcare expenses, cancel your Cable TV, buy at the dollar store instead of at The Mall, Target, Walt-Mart, etc.., don't eat out in restaurants and cook and eat at home, save gas and don't go out unless you need to, talk to your bank and make payment arrangement for mortgage, credit cards, car, boats, and other property payments, do garage sales and get rid off all your garbage and make some money selling what you don't need, cut down internet speed for lower rate $. You can't continue living a glamorous life style when you don't have a job. That's what people in the private sector went through during the Obama administration. When I was laid off three times, and SPENT 5 YEARS UNEMPLOYED, no one came to me and gave me any type of relief, government food stamp were denied, having 2 little babies and one being disabled, no medical insurance. So I did everything I said in this message. It was the awfullest time of my life. That's why I've been keeping my cars for 18 years….no car payments. I'm not chanting, nor I'm happy for the situation, but federal employees need to learn how to survive in this situation, learn how to be more considered and more compassionate for those who have no jobs or have been unemployed for years to the point that they became homeless.

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