[ENG] 꼬마집사 몸에서 안 떨어지는 고양이!! 도도한 고양이의 반전 매력~~!!

[ENG] 꼬마집사 몸에서 안 떨어지는 고양이!! 도도한 고양이의 반전 매력~~!!

Sit here~ It sticks to your hand~ It sticks lol~ Milk Hook Pong Cony
Cat House
Please Subscribe ~ before watch mew~ Green eyes, pink nose No 1 of beauty in my home, Absolute beautyful Milk~ One day, Little girl called me so, I went to living room, I found Milk lying with little girl~ Milk loved her exceptionally since kittenhood. No matter what posture you take~ All Okay~ Flexibility, as if to form one body with her in any posture~ Why are you opening your eyes so big and round! It’s on her lap, but looks little uncomfortable. Little girl~ lap is so small to stay~ Then~ Cony your turn~! Cony might hate it more than Milk~ Umm? Cute~~ Is it happy now~? It doesn’t move.. Cony cut into Milk’s special video~ It sighed~ Cony~ Are you Okay? Not okay~~!!!
Ha~Ha~ Milk again!! It still melts in the little girls arms~ How can you stay still like these? Milk!! It is broken!!
lol Then.. Why it doesn’t move~? Milk~~!! Didn’t it move? I’ve been curious for a long time.
Is there another cat like this? Even she didn’t hold, Milk doesn’t leave~ lol Are you comfortable and good? Milk, looks human!! It sleeps on the bed,
And it sleeps on the arms, As like putting mommy’s arm under my head? Pleasure~~ [Singing] She has a lot of energy~ This time.. on the little girls bed. There is a one cat, sleeping on the bd. This Milk.. Always sleeps on here. From baby… when is this~? Even there were no fur on the nose~ I’m passing by~ Sigh… This Cony.. Milk has great charisma for other cats,
but so cute for me~ Milk~ Put on. Really heart breaking cotton bat.. Grab~~ Friendly milk that holds my hands.. Milk~ You should clean fur on your foot~ It has grown so fast.. This time… what about little girl~? she is doing homework with another cat Pong~ Sitting, Kicked out relentlessly.. It’s face is saying ‘What sohuld i do?” Is it pleasent? Milk is sleeping deeply… It seems like real human.. Little girl’s heart caring cats, is in the note written in school. Subject: What if i can communicate with animal? I often worry about this.
is my cat happy living in my house? If i can talk with animal, I want to ask cats “Are you happy to live my home?” So kind little girl~ Can i read one more short write? If i can be a invisible man.. Ah.. I shouldn’t read this… Milk is sitting on the desk that little girl is studying. That’s right..
I knew it, you wouldn’t do nothing! Ah~~ I should do study , Today~~ Milk~~ Today there are so many homework to do~ Embarrassed Milk’s back. Today she is so cold.. Didn’t she pat you?? Milk~ Go to her one more~ (Whisper) lol Do you understand?? Please pat her~ Wait a sec.. Why don’t you touch her once and stduy~ Mommy will pat you~~ It goes again… lol Milk looks cool but It sticks too mcuh~ Sister~~ Milk keeps looking~ Because of Persistent Milk, Little girl closed her pen. Treat it with kindness~ But it likes this~ Yes, I’m so pleasant! So pleasant~ It sticks on her hand~ So cute~ It might so happy~ Please sit~ lol
It sticks on hand~ It attached~ It was satisfied~ Why do you stick to me~…. especially today~ Milk’s low purring is hard to listen~ Umm? Cutie~ Why are you lying her bed everyday? You should take off its sleep on eyes.. Mew~~ Cony~ Is here~ Cony loves bed as much as Milk~ Watch the Milk’s eyes~ Cony How dare you… Cony is sick now.. There is a long story about Cony’s neutralization… What are you guys doing~ Sleep~ It hates~~ Wait a little~ Mommy,.. doesn’t take off sleep well. Cony~ Milk is having a good time now~ My Cat Cony, Still likes hand touch.
And purring now~ Mom~ come here~ They are so much lovely~~ So Plenty of Cats on little girl’s bed~ I want to lie with you~ Do you come again? Cats seem don’t want to share her~ Please let me in~ Hey Kid~ Come later~ Did Milk come and lie it self?
Yes Why are you always… like human.. It really likes here~ So lovely Milk and little girl~ Sit~~ Don’t go~~ Please keep watching their endless friendship~ It smells CoCoa.. Milk Hook Pong Cony
Cat House

33 thoughts on “[ENG] 꼬마집사 몸에서 안 떨어지는 고양이!! 도도한 고양이의 반전 매력~~!!

  1. Its nice to see a child who knows how to treat and love a cat properly !!!
    The cats appreciate being treated with love and respect.

  2. 이쁜 꼬마집사님 옆에 예쁜 밀크, 코니,
    포옹~^^ 사랑스렵네용 ~~~~
    부렵기도 합니다 아름다운 영상 감사합니다~♡♡♡♡♡

  3. 밀후퐁콘네는 정말 다 예쁘게 생겼어요! 꼬마집사남까지 넘 예뻐지고 있어요!
    애교쟁이들… 항상 건강하고 행복하렴.

  4. 저도 밀크처럼 세상 도도한 미모에 성격은 애교쟁이인 반려묘와 17년째 꼭 붙어 잠을 잡니다ㅎㅎ 꼬마집사와 밀크도 오래오래 행복하렴~

  5. 밀크 진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 반전매력이 정말 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 항상도도해보이던 그녀가 누굴 사랑할땐 멍해지는 묘미가 있었네요 ㅎㅎ

  6. 이집은 애들하고 냥이하고 즐겁게 노는 모습이 보기 좋은거 같아요 ^~^ㅋ
    저는 혼자라서…
    대리만족 하고 갑니다 ㅎ
    공부하면서 대충 만져주기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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