Happy Thanksgiving! Yep! Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in Canada. And for those of you in the United States,
you’ve still got about a month and a half so now is the perfect time to start implementing
some self-care strategies to help get you through this Thanksgiving. For the best advice on self-care and personal
empowerment, be sure to subscribe to my channel and click that bell to get notified when I
release new videos every Monday and Thursday. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that
bring us together across the miles and over the dinner table, but for a lot of us it can
also mean overwhelm, anxiety, and stress. Today, I’m going to share with you my three
tips for managing your self-care during the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving self-care tip number one, keep
the focus on the gratitude. Now, I know that that sounds simple, but in
the midst of this holiday, we can tend to lose sight of the fact that this is really
what it’s about. And so what I encourage you to do is in the
morning, on the day of Thanksgiving, not just around the dinner table, do a little gratitude
practice. Maybe write down the things that you feel
most grateful for. You could also do my three wonderful things
gratitude practice, no writing required, and I did a video about this. I’ll link to it in the corner above and in
the description below. Research shows that when we practice gratitude,
our levels of stress go down. We don’t become as overwhelmed because we
are connecting to those things that are true for us, the things that make us happy and
the things that we know we have an abundance in our lives already. I’d love to hear from you, what are you most
grateful for this Thanksgiving and this season? Be sure to comment below. Thanksgiving self-care tip number two, get
outside. Thanksgiving can be one of those holidays
where we’re busy running around, we’re cooking a big meal, we’re greeting people, we’re going
over to somebody else’s house, take a moment to go outside. Research shows when we get out in nature,
it increases those feel-good endorphins in our body and we need more of that, especially
during what could be a stressful and overwhelming holiday. When we take time to get outside and breathe
fresh air, it reconnects us to the season. And if you’re saying, “Well, the weather might
not be great,” they have a saying here in Canada, and that is there’s no bad weather,
only bad clothing. So even if it is pouring rain outside, bundle
yourself up and get outside. It can feel so good and is incredibly nourishing
for the system. Thanksgiving self-care tip number three, protect
your energy and ask for help. How many of us feel like we have to do everything
during the holidays? I know it can feel like we have to get the
house ready, make the meals, send the invitations, coordinate when people are coming and we just
don’t. We can ask for help. And trust me, nothing feels better than seeing
somebody’s face when you say, “Hey, would you mind helping me out with this?” People like to feel needed. People like to feel appreciated and wanted. And, if you’re anything like me, I like to
be given a job to do when I arrive somewhere. So be sure to ask for help because when we
spread the work around, we can reserve some energy for ourselves and stay a bit more relaxed. Are you curious about the difference between
Canadian and U.S. Thanksgivings? If you are, I want you to watch this video
by Leanne Bubs. I’m going to link to it in the description
below. She shares some of her insights about the
difference between these two holidays. I hope you found this video helpful and I
wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Stay ignited out there. Stay in gratitude out there. And I will see you soon. Bye.


  1. Great video Heather! I am very excited for Thanksgiving this weekend (Canadian here) I am grateful for…. My family (furry and human), Self Love and Pie

  2. Gratitude is so important — I start and end my days with lots of gratitude and it helps me switch my brain mode to the right place!

  3. I love that 'no bad weather' quote! I am grateful for family, health and nature. Great video Heather. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great topic Heather! The holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are the perfect time to focus on gratitude and self care. I am most grateful for my family and my daughter finishing chemotherapy this month after 2 + years!!!

  5. I am, as always, most grateful for my two beautiful kids (now teens – eeek!). I used to get wrapped up in the stress of creating perfect holidays but then realized that the huge expectations and changes in routine brought about by holidays really did not work for my kids (they are both autistic). So now we keep holidays mellow and chill. We spend lots of time outside and focus on enjoying each other's company.

  6. I am so grateful for new opportunities for my kids, my husband quitting his job to work at home with me, and old wedding dresses cause we like to dye them and make them into dismay princesses. 😁

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