100 thoughts on “Elmo and Zoe Play the Healthy Food Game | Sesame Street Full Episodes

  1. Where's Guy Smiley or Sonny Friendly? They are game show hosts. So one of them should've appeared in this episode.

  2. Seriously can't believe all the talk about milk, butter and cheese in this episode.. along with the visuals of milking cows. It's 2018–Sesame Street needs to get with the program and realize there's nothing healthy about dairy. Facts would make better learning for kids than propaganda does.

  3. Dairy is healthy for baby cows. Not humans. Also, D is supplemented into milk. It doesn't occur naturally in it.

  4. Are we really considering milk as a food, and not a drink. Yes, they can all be consumed, but I think that’s cheating just a little. Also, when did this episode air? I’m guessing early/mid 2000‘s or maybe a bit earlier.

  5. lol is there anyone who put this on for their little siblings and is amazed by the amount of 4 year olds stealing their mom's devices?

  6. Was that a box of cheerios Cookie Monster was snacking on? Right when I was doing the same exact thing. What were the odds of that?

  7. The new Sesame Street is good too, but nothing beats this. I felt so nostalgic watching it. When I was little, Elmo's world was probably my favorite, but now I've got to say cookie monster. Please upload more of the early 2000s episodes. ♥️

  8. the sene with elmo recording himself eatting looked like an (don’t hug me i’m scared) leak… Where it’s strangely "unsettleing"…

  9. I love when the girl has a BBQ with her family and her friend. Makes me think of having a BBQ with my family and neighbors.

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