Eat This Not That Part 2 | Healthy Food Swaps

Eat This Not That Part 2 | Healthy Food Swaps

so today I am back with another Eat This
Not That video you guys loved my last one which I will link down below in case
you haven’t seen it but these are all really great healthy swaps that you
could make in your life to just be that much healthier if you’re
new don’t forget to subscribe and let’s get in to those healthy swaps for your
normal sugary nut butters you’re better off swapping it for one that has one
ingredient no added sugars or oils it’s going to be a lot better for you for a
Coco try it subbing cacao in your raw recipes this
way it has all the antioxidants from the fresh plants and you get all of the
benefits from it swap regular potato for sweet potato it
has more beta-carotene more vitamins and more minerals and still tastes just as
delicious for fruit juice which has no fiber and usually high in sugar try
swapping either the whole fruit or something like kombucha which is really
great for your gut health for croutons which are usually made of white grains
and also hydrogenated oils try swapping and some seeds they still have a great
crunch but have lots of minerals for iceberg lettuce try swapping in a darker
green the darker your green the more nutrients and vitamins it has so if you
can do something like spinach or kale that will be better for your fake
pancake syrup try subbing real maple syrup 100% this way it doesn’t have any
high fructose corn syrup and is made more naturally for your normal creamer
which is made from dairy and also lots of oils additives and preservatives try
swapping coconut oil it makes a really delicious frothy latte for your normal
ice cream that has lots of fake colors try making your own homemade I have lots
of videos where I make a delicious ice cream at home that I will link down
below for your normal margarine which is made of palm oil and other hydrogenated
oils use ghee is high in vitamin k2 which is essential for your health and
has butyric acid for bread crumbs try swapping chia seeds
it makes a great coating it adds fiber omega-3s and you still get that nice
crusts that you would need from breadcrumbs for ketchup it’s usually
high in sugar so try subbing that for hot sauce
you still get flavor you get a little bit of kick but you don’t get all the
sugar that is in a lot of ketchups for your normal white toast try substituting
sweet potato toast I keep these in my freezer and I pop them in the toast just
like you would your normal toast and the toppings are endless for your normal
store-bought jam try using cheese jam I simply mash up
some strawberries or blueberries add a little chia seeds and it thickens in a
few minutes to make a nice Jam for chips try subbing and seaweed it’s still a
salty crunchy snack but it’s a lot better for you and it doesn’t have a lot
of the harmful oils okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did don’t
forget to give it a good ol thumbs up and leave me your favorite like healthy
swaps down below so that I can learn them and everyone else in the comments
can learn them as well and I will see you in my next video bye guys

20 thoughts on “Eat This Not That Part 2 | Healthy Food Swaps

  1. I just found your channel and have been binge watching all of your videos! I love them so much! So creative and informative! Keep up the great work xx

  2. Good.afternoon..

  3. Hi I make your ice cream but wanted let u know Luna and Larrys brand has vanilla coconut bliss ice cream check it out its so good I can eat it I have low sugar and food sensitivities they also have other flavors no sugar only agave syrup cocnut milk coconut cream vanilla only little agar agar its creamy like real ice cream

  4. I have always had a love for chips but I to swap some seaweed now for that salty crunch. Plus its is good for thyroid and iron deficiency which I deal with both. Thanks for the healthy swaps.. ☺

  5. I was until recently a Huge rice eater. My swap is "riced" cauliflower which I use just like regular rice.

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