DOJ Admits They Have Emails From Trump About Ukraine Aid

DOJ Admits They Have Emails From Trump About Ukraine Aid

To absolutely no one’s surprise, on Friday,
the Republicans in the United States Senate voted to not allow witnesses and to not allow
any new evidence in the impeachment trial, which effectively ends the impeachment trial. It’s going to go to a vote today, may have
already happened at this point, and then Donald Trump would be acquitted. He’ll start his victory lap and yada, yada,
yada. But on Friday, shortly after the Senate voted
saying, we’re not taking any new evidence, we’re not listening to any new witnesses. After that happened, and this was in the evening
by the way, the office of management and budget along with the DOJ made a court filing and
in that court filing, they acknowledged that they had 24 emails related to the Ukraine
scandal that explained how and why and for how long the military aid was going to be
withheld. And those emails are heavily redacted and
we can’t have them, they say in the court filing, but they waited until after the Senate
voted to not allow new evidence to tell a judge that, oh, by the way, we have a lot
of new evidence that actually tells the entire story. Now I’m willing to bet if this new evidence,
if these 24 emails that the federal government has would have exonerated Trump, those probably
would have been admitted. Those would probably be widely released and
be mandatory reading for every citizen in this country. But the fact that they waited till after and
they’re still redacted and we still can’t see them, that kind of leads me to believe
that they tell the entire story of Donald Trump’s criminal enterprise there at the White
House. This is what was said by the office of management
and budget in the official court filing. The documents in this category are emails
that reflect communications by either the president, the vice president, or the president’s
immediate advisors regarding presidential decision making about the scope, duration,
and purpose of the hold on military assistance to Ukraine. So according to the court filing, these emails
tell the entire story. So if Trump, as he claims, did nothing wrong,
why not release these emails? Why not put the whole thing to rest and show
us how stupid the Democrats were for going after this? Because that’s not the story that the emails
tell us, is it? I’m willing to bet these emails tell us exactly
what we knew from the start and that is that Donald Trump withheld this military aid because
Ukraine had not yet announced that they were investigating the Biden family. Eventually, these emails will come out. We’ll all get to see them. Maybe we’ll see bits and pieces before that. Maybe we’ll see the redacted versions longer. But none of it’s gonna matter at that point. Impeachments done. It’s over. And unfortunately there’s nothing we can do
about that. However, we can continuously remind people
of this president’s corruption. We can still fight for documents like this,
to keep the story alive and hope that they remember in November that Donald Trump is
a corrupt, horrible human being. Or we can suck it up, move on, focus on the
issues, and beat him that way. Because when it comes to issues, Trump has
no leg to stand on, and it would be very easy for a Democrat, the right Democrat, to beat
him on the issues. And to be honest, we know Trump’s corrupt. We know he’s done criminal things. Most of the public knows that. At this point it’s almost a waste of time
to keep hammering that. So I think it’s best to move on, focus on
the issues and beat him that way.

66 thoughts on “DOJ Admits They Have Emails From Trump About Ukraine Aid

  1. Elizabeth Warren said that she would release all the documents Trump blocked from Congress if she's elected. I would hope that any of the Democrats who would happen to be elected would do the same. I also hope any one involved with the cover up will be held accountable as well. I hope Congress doesn't give up on the investigation.

  2. No emails, no evidence, no witnesses – for Donald J. T$ump – But, Hilary Clinton……Trey Gowdy lead a congressional investigation, demanded her emails, spent millions of dollars, and thousands of hours and made Hilary Clinton testify for 11 straight hours, only to form the opinion that what she did wasn't illegal!! T$ump refuses to testify in person, or allow documents, and is obstructing anyone from testifying — guess if you're the party in charge of the Senate – you can do what ever you want! Don't forget Republikkkans – there will come a day when it will be back in the Democrats hands…..and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will take the GOP to task!! And don't cry when that happens, you will need to remember = that you started this behavior!!

  3. You won't beat him. Democrats are gutless. They don't know how to play the game. They try to remain civil. They're also just as corrupt as the Republicans. Burn the whole system down.

  4. The corrupt, Attorney General Barr at work protecting the corrupt, criminal in the white house! Satan's winning! Where is God? A no show again!

  5. Bill Barr must suffer dire consequences! Has Disgraced himself and the office of Attorney General! Did a great Disservice!

  6. It's amazing how Cadet Bone Spurs & the D.O.J. & the GOP GESTAPO MACHINE accuse Adam Schiff & the Demicrats as being corrupt and partisan while the GOP GESTAPO MACHINE continously hides, withholds evidence & continues to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

  7. Fuck the Senate. We will vote every one of these assholes out eventually. All I have to say is start looking for jobs assholes. I've been cleaning up dogshit would be a good job for all of you, since you clean up Trump shit all the time.

  8. There's no reason the House can't start a new investigation into this, and all the other questionable activities. Republican snowflakes will cry about it, one word answer, Benghazi.

  9. Trump spent 3.4 million in taxpayer money for the super bowl party, lets impeach him again right up till November, its the House constitutional duty, Trump has violated the Emoluments clause and his children should be investigated also. Trump still has not turned over his taxes and i want to see them. If he can waste tax payer money playing golf and throwing parties we can afford to keep him and the rest implicated in his scheme under investigation. I am sick and tired of this, i have worked and payed taxes all of my life and if i broke the law to the extent he has i would be in prison.

  10. The article reads as though these are the emails that we've had access to since December…? And that the court filing was to explain the reasoning behind the redactions…?

  11. You can't beat Donald and the GOP on issues. They tried that last time, it didn't work then, either. Rational thought and common sense never wins with his base, they feed on fear and rage. And his backers in the GOP only care about what they can get for themselves or to advance their agenda, so they don't care about issues.

    I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but bad guys win.

  12. The second most disgusting cover up apart from 9/11 in America history
    Republicans involved in both pretty much says it all

  13. Not sure why you can't Impeach again? There is no double jeopardy for Impeachment, is there? This time take the legal fight through the courts, however long it takes, get all the evidence, expose everything and everyone and then Impeach again!

  14. And this means nothing. Our government is beyond corrupt. Only the Dems should be held accountable.
    Even with proof and evidence they still won't convict any of these worthless Republican cheating scumbags. You want to know how to delegitimize any election and a government. Don't ever hold anybody in the government accountable. That's a surefire way for the people to think that their government is rigged.

  15. Hmmmm didn’t Biden have a Ukraine scandal? Oh I forgot he’s a Democrat and can do what he wants even get his worthless son an 83k a month job that would benefit him too

  16. Chump's corrupt ass was just acquitted but he has been EXPOSED and the truth will come out! I can't wait for the spineless GOP co-conspirators to have egg on their faces and they eat their words!!

  17. Cover up. LIE CHEAT STEAL. the MOST interesting calls hidden away are the ones with vladdy. The Kremlin told pp trumpakov not to release any transcripts of calls from vladdy ever…trumpPAB said ok. Imagine the president taking orders from Russia, scumbags

  18. Romney will be the only senator I vote back in the senate!! Those who voted to keep this turn coat will feel the wrath of the country!!

  19. America is corrupt as I see it from outside the US and they talk about other countries how corrupt they are and the US is the worst..that trump party is very corrupt and they just let it go..what a shambel your govt is…and if the people are brain dead enough to vote trump back in..then you deserve what you get and for the sain people in the US I feel bad for you..but this party is making US look so bad to the rest of the right thing for all of us as trump will put the world on edge…sorry for this little rant…but it is time people stand up.. 🙄

  20. So what? Drumpf is acquitted & now he's above the law, our first dictator. 24 e-mails blah blah blah & it all means nothing in our new justice system. Face it folks, America is SO corrupt & democracy SO demolished & the Constitution SO shit upon that America is DEAD! The America we knew has been destroyed from the inside by the most traitorous Senators in our history. The "focus on the issues" ploy won't do shit. Accept the fact that Repubes hold ALL the power with Drumpf sitting on his new throne. Laws are now meaningless! Drumpf's minions will swallow ANYTHING flopping from his noise hole. The courts are in Drumpf's pocket when the chips are down, face it folks. The ONLY SLIM CHANCE we have is voting blue & denying Drumpf & his corrupt cronies 4 more years to put the final nail in America's coffin. As it now stands America is no longer a democratic republic as the rule of law & Constitution mean nothing with spineless traitors betraying their oath of office, common decency & integrity.

  21. ick'em to gitmo…..traitors everyone including prez… low can u go ? your state of the union was part of the deep dark state bs…..flush it and be part of the swamp


  23. When Bernie wins he’ll declassify everything and open an investigation into all parties. The truth will always come to the light.

  24. I don't get why everyone is helping trump with these crimes. What happened to the rule of law? The 25th amendment is important now.

  25. And this guy Barr needs to be put in prison soon as we get rid of the others .law isnt law when ruled by a crook.

  26. Well US, you have now joined the third world of despot leaders and rule by force not law. Good luck with that. You are no longer the bright city on the hill, you are now the swamp!

  27. I am up for a 2nd impeachment instead of waiting until Nov. Bc I don't trust what he can do until Nov. Then we do the rest with the traitors in Nov.

  28. Watching this story unfold I see a one sided politically motivated attack to convince the public that Adam Schiff's outright in your face LIE (parody) was the president's phone conversation. Every bit of evidence (transcripts) proves otherwise. A secret inquisition (strategically damaging leaks) denying the accused legal counsel, witnesses and due process with a predetermined guilty verdict was rushed to Congress. Democrats witness testimony was totally destroyed, no direct knowledge except "I want nothing, nothing no quid pro quo from the Ukraine". No Republican rebuttal or witnesses were allowed. The job of investigation was the responsibility of Congress, not the Senate! Schiff CHOSE not to call further witnesses or evidence and presented a shoddy case without even an actual criminal charge. An "urgent need" vote is called declaring the case absolutely undeniable and irrefutable; followed by a not urgent delay in transmitting the articles. He withholds pro Trump evidence and transcripts while demanding that the Senate do his job. The Senates job is to try the CASE presented, not investigate allegations. If you have a problem with the outcome, blame Schiff's hasty shoddy incomplete partisan Schiff poor failure. A first year law student could have done better. Typical Democrat response, more damaging allegations without actual facts or evidence. Unless or until these emails are verified and released to the public they are just another set of damning leaks with no factual basis and just more rumour mongering.

  29. More evidence drips out day by day. Will anything chance the dufis45 cultists ? I think the P0S would actually have shoot someone in public to convince a few cultists of his deranged behavior. Even if he confirmed the shooting, many would blame the victim.
    If you cannot defend the message, attack the messenger.

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