100 thoughts on “Doctor Tries Whole30 Challenge (it was ROUGH)

  1. I would love the opportunity to see a registered dietitian but many insurance companies don’t cover that unless you have diabetes or some other medical condition that warrants it – being morbidly obese is generally not considered a medical condition that warrants it if you do not have diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. My bloodwork always comes back with everything within healthy range but I am 90-100 lbs. overweight and my joints suffer because of it, which makes exercise difficult and painful. Dietary assistance by a registered dietitian is not available for people like me unless we pay out of pocket for that service and paying out of pocket is not a viable option for many. What do you suggest in this situation?

    BTW – you are about the same age as one of my daughters. I never had a son (I have 3 daughters) but I would love to think, if I had a son, he would be a lot like you. You are adorable.

  2. How did you overcome your gluten sensitivity? I suffer terribly with gluten intolerance and have been thinking of looking into medication for it.

  3. all of these 30days challenges are probably confusing the heck out of dr. mike's body lol but I'm glad you're doing it so that I don't have to 🤪

  4. I know as someone who has gastroparesis it can vary for everyone. I was recently diagnosed and would love to see you do a video on a gastroparesis diet. I'm coping pretty poorly.

  5. Hey Doctor Mike, can you make a video about Kidney Health? Kidney stones, kidney infections, cysts, and maybe good ways to help keep kidneys healthy both before you have any kind of disease on them and once you have been diagnosed? I have kidney stones and didn't know i could even get them as a 20something year old that eats decent and exercises a lot!

  6. In my science book in school there is an drawing of a kid with a rectal thermometer in his mouth, with rope connected to an computer monitor (not the computer itself) and displaying a pulse reading… just thought i’d leave that here.

  7. the buzzkill is people who keep insisting you drink after you turn down the first offer … no one has to justify why they don't take alcohol and if a person needs alcohol to be fun, there's a problem there and it's not because of the lack of alcohol

  8. Dairy ONLY has vitamin D because it is fortified with it, and not ALL dairy is.
    Oily fish and mushrooms have natural sources. Take a vitamin. It'll have more than milk.

  9. I agree with you, Dr. Mike. I was recommended by my DOCTOR to do the Whole30 diet because I have an autoimmune disease and gluten and dairy allergies. I would not recommend it to people unless they are really struggling with an autoimmune disease which is what I believe the book is for even though it does not say it is (I think the author needs to add that!).

  10. Hi Dr.Mike i really like watching your videos and hearing your thoughts on medical series and i would really appreciated if you watch the korean drama "Doctor John" so we can be able to see the diffrence between american and korean medical series .

  11. You touch your face (mouth and nose) a lot. I'm sure this is unconscious but as a doctor working in a hospital I would think you would be aware of this.


  13. Hey Dr. Mike!
    Would you be able to do a video on the Low FODMAP diet (not necessarily a challenge, just a video with info about the diet like some of your other videos)? I just learned I have to start it and I am super lost!

  14. I'm curious what Dr Mike thinks about removing harsh cleaning products from our homes. We've #tossthetoxins and are trying products like Force of Nature, Branch Basics, Puracy, Grove, and Thieves.

  15. If you cut out a lot of carbs it's going to take some time for your body to adapt to get into ketosis and gluceogencis and your muscles will be depleted of glycogen. That's probably why your bench weight was getting tougher. But these are short term adapting symptoms that go away in the long term.

  16. Or trying to quit drinking altogether. People should REALLY stop trying to peer pressure people into drinking, making them feel guilty for not drinking, or otherwise judging people for it.

  17. I’m exactly 2 months older than you Dr. Mike (born 9/12) and still get people thinking i’m still 19-25yrs old. And i eat like trash. Must be my genes. 😂

  18. I tried taking breads/grains out of my diet for a week..
    Instant constipation and SO. MUCH. GAS.
    The first day I ate a sandwich the gas went away. Crazy.

  19. I'm not really that great at picking healthier options but something that helps me is finding a healthy substitute. I've recently started using cauliflower in place of rice and pasta. I thought I would hate it but it's actually pretty good. What helps is, it doesn't really have that much of a flavor so I'm not bothered by the fact that it's cauliflower and not rice. One thing I noticed though is cauliflower smells weird when you heat it up.

    I also, have a diary allergy so I try to stay away from most milk products. I actually use unsweetened rice milk instead of milk. I used to eat yogurt but I haven't found a dairy free option that doesn't taste like poop.

  20. I don't do diet. We have some similarity some of my friends drink alcoholic, and I don't drink instead of it I drink water or juices no one can Force me to dink alcoholic drink. I Am older than you 7 MONS. APRIL 12 1989 😂. Am impressed to you doctor mike at ypur age you're a Family med. Doctor. Adorable man

  21. How many 30 day diet challenges did Doctor Mike do in 2019? I worry about his internal balance if he didn't balance things out with his regular diet for long enough in between the challenges.

  22. Canadian thanksgiving is in October. I am of the opinion that an October Thanksgiving is far superior to a November thanksgiving.

  23. Don't talk to a nutritionist, who could have little or no class work or training in nutrition. Talk to someone with an actual university degree in nutrition, a dietitian

  24. Can you please talk about MVID? It's a very rare disease, and I unfortunately know a little girl who has it. Life expectancy is 4,5 years. Vanessa Research Inc. are in phase 2 of their clinical trial for Shylicine, an oral medicine that could help those unlucky few affected. There needs to be more focus on it, and you have the perfect platform. Please just at least mention it, so people can know about it.

  25. Not sure if im just reading the Whole30 "rules" wrong but its impossible to do it as a vegetarian… right? Or is it just extremely hard.

  26. I cannot understand the MSG restriction. There is not a single shred of scientific evidence supporting the belief that MSG causes any kind of health problems, digestive or otherwise.

  27. How about the diabetic diet challenge? While short term, my wife's gestational diabetes caused some major mandatory nutritional changes., and opened our eyes quite a bit to carb counting.

  28. My son is celiac. NO Sugar, salt, spices, flour, vegetable oil, dairy, fast food, etc. every thing bought needs to have ingrediece you can read.

  29. I have tried this. After the first few awful days, I felt the greatest I have ever felt.
    But I gained 4 pounds in a month and spend so much time cooking from scratch that I did not exercise.

  30. Hi dr mike, I’ve come to ask something that is probably easy to answer in a regular doctor’s office, but in my family there’s really no habbit of going to the doctor…
    Any how, I’m 20, and suffering from male pattern baldness, and I have have tried some hair products That havent work so far.
    What can I do?

  31. Dr. Mike: maybe you can do a video on the importance of not pressuring people to drink. And that choosing to be sober at an event doesn’t mean you are a buzz kill.

    If you say you don’t drink people assume you are an alcoholic in recovery or pregnant (if you have a uterus). It always seems to be that not drinking has to be because you CAN’T not just because you do not want to.

    I do not drink now because it will interact with a medication I am on. People accept that and do not try to get me to drink. But when I was younger and chose not to drink because I did not like the taste, people constantly kept trying to change my mind and it was so annoying.

    Whatever reason people have for not drinking should just be accepted and everyone moves on. Because if you are not having fun unless you are drinking, then you are not really having fun.

  32. I did a Whole30 round and I HATED it. I never felt good, never got the energy everyone talks about. I was just miserable. I did learn a lot about reading nutrition labels, kicked my sugar habits, and learned how to make clean food taste really good. And I lost 11 pounds.. But I will never ever ever do it again.

  33. I could do that easy…..if not for not being able to eat junk food. Sugar withdraw seems to be a thing. I tried going two weeks without eating junk food, and when I bought some fruit during the second week because I started craving something(anything, really) sweet I freaking ate it all for lunch and dinner. Apples, Strawberries, grapes, a kiwi, and I think at least one banana. Some with peanut butter, some without. What should have lasted me as light snacks for about a week was gone in half a day.

  34. Love the colleagues laughing their asses off in the background @4:00 I wonder if they were reacting to Dr Mike's distress or to something else entirely 😅

  35. Has anybody watched the show called Manifest? Dr Mike reminds me so much of Ben Stone I hope someone knows what I'm talking about

  36. Hey doctor Mike I fall sick very often and it does really affects my studies I think that I have a very weak immunity system and since my childhood I have taken so may antibiotics that if I take a normal antibiotic dosage I don't get cured and even if it is a mild cough and cold it doesn't go away on its own are taking so many antibiotics harmful

  37. Welcome to my life! I can't have dairy ever thanks to allergies. Daiya is my friend…and cashew milk, almond milk, country crock…

  38. Question regarding “diets,” or specifically the fod map diet. A family member’s doctor set them up with this diet and it’s hard to understand why certain foods were eliminated or what “fod map” is. Note: It might actually be called a low fod map diet.

  39. Second time on Whole30 and I also do weight lifting at the gym. I have a green vegetable and fruit shake, a boil egg and last half a sweet potato after a workout. You have to eat a lot of vegetables and don’t stick to the same ones you have to venture out of your comfort zone.

  40. “What holiday falls between November and December”
    Me, a Canadien: wh-
    Dr Mike: tHaNKsGivInG
    Me: ah yes, America

  41. I would love it if you did a video on how to talk to your doctor and make sure they are hearing and understanding you. I know I have trouble with it

  42. Honestly I had a real hard time doing whole 30. I made it 23 days and I just felt sick and horrible. I checked with some friends of mine who have done it before and went over the foods I was eating and all that- they didn't see anything wrong with the foods but overall we sort of came to the conclusion that its not going to be good for me. The community around whole 30 felt very judgy to me as well. Idk, was not a fan! So glad it works for some people though. I also found a diet that works for me and I feel so much better too.

  43. Dr. Mike really didn't make this easy for himself. He chose to do this during the holidays, and he proceeded to go to a major art gallery (which almost always means there is going to be champagne ). And he went clubbing as a part of the event. 🤦‍♀️

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