84 thoughts on “Doctor Reveals Truth About Protein

  1. He promotes vaccines which include cocktails of ANIMAL dna from a range of innocent animals as declared by the CDC.

  2. One time… one time, I ate a potato, and my doctor told me I had severe protein deficiency.

    Vejanism is dagnerous

  3. No athlete is on a whole food plant based diet. They're on a HIGH REFINED CARB diet, regardless of plant based or low fat. This is the problem with focusing on ONE enemy: Its either protein, carbs or fat. How about this? Carbs, protein and fat are fine. But Carbs are most important, protein and fat are least important. 80/10/10. And before you think sugar is bad, remember a potato is 25% more glycemic than pure sucrose (sugar). LOL!

  4. I had a farming advert before this video saying how to plump up your animals to make the most profit like uhhh I'm vegan I'm pretty sure I dont need to know that 😂😂

  5. I don’t think I agree with this. I believe everyone’s body is different and it’s up to the individual to find what lifestyle works for them

  6. i found one major problem going plant based————————-there is toooo much and it tastes so gooood HAHA…. When you look at food for it's nutritional value you want to keep stepping it up better and better it is an awesome lifestlye. my pyramid looks like Dr Davis but I add some homegrown sprouts and wheatgrass juice as well

  7. The yoga instructor from Aggretsuko only speaks by saying: “PROTEIN” 🤣 hope he’s plant based too, haha.

  8. Went WFPB last year December 2019. No oils, nuts, dairy, animal protein. Obese, Type 2 diabetic. Down 20 pounds and A1C is down from 7.0 to 5.2. Eat until I'm full and weight is dropping slowly and steadily. Life changing.

  9. Meat and Dairy are the worst things you can put in the human body. The body makes its own protein, the protein needs would be the building blocks or amino acids. Meat and Dairy destroy the colon kidneys and other organs create many sickness and diseases a whole food plant-based diet will regenerate the body in time

  10. I was hopeful as a vegan that this would be a video I could share with the plant based sceptics who continually ask about protein. If the editing were better (repeated bits – why?) and facts were backed up with statistics in this video, I would be more likely to share this video with those sceptical people.

  11. So very true, I've been on a Whole Food – Plant Based Lifestyle for 8 months now…. love it, and yes I crave that big bowl of salad each time I have it. Just have to convince my wife to start on this heather lifestyle!!

  12. well when I did six plates on each side of leg press and I did for …. reps I thought well that's pretty good for a female. and then I went all the way up to 11 plates 45 lbs. .11 plates each side official leg press double bar . …once again with 11 plates both sides double bar I did it for reps correct form 90 degree angle. and then when I did that I thought well my dad just died. and he was strong as can be. I am probably strong like him so therefore I did 12 plates. ummmmm nope. I did 11 on each side with 90° angle correct range of motion. I only eat plants. every day for the past 3 years. I even bought a t-shirt which reads: …. powered by plants.

  13. Once upon a time a few years ago doctors never tell the truth, but now everyone on the bandwagon and telling the truth about the origin of protein. An elephant is always an elephant and never changes its' diet.

  14. TOTAL Success with this eating plan!! Ppl are ignorant to not learn about it! After month one OFF Bp med and I bet when my blood is checked that 16 points over 200 cholesterol is way lower now too!! I WISH I knew this years ago!!

  15. Talking about cravings… when i now pass broccoli and potatoes in the market my mouth waters. When I pass by meat, nothing. The smell is distasteful.

  16. How can you not appreciate Dr. Garth Davis?!? People like Dr. Garth Davis always motivate me to create more science based content on my channel as a plant based diet is the natural human diet. Now if I could just deal with this green skin issue, that would be great…

  17. I'm sorry to disappoint readers & watchers . ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL. Try out & see what suits you . Don't just follow one type of diet EVER

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  19. bullshit….i know people on vegetarian with cancer & beef eater living healthy….the fact that people want to get famous with #VEGAN
    veganism is bullshit…soon people on vegan diet will get cancer….data will come out & all these vegan stars will be like —> lets justify this with data that favours us….

  20. Right before this video played I got an ad that sells medicine for livestock.

    That's absurd, why here?
    Is the meat and dairy industry fighting back in ways I couldn't imagine or am I imagining things?

    If it is a calculated move this is rediculous.

    It honestly reminds me of when LGBT YouTubers got homophobic ads on their videos. This is just low man…

  21. More protein, shorter life, even plant protein. Keep low until old age. Obsession with beans and protein supplements is wrong philosophy. Only elite athletes where livelihood depends on optimal strength should elevate protein.

  22. People please do a research on Dr. Sebi. He got all the answers about diet. No need for more researches.

  23. His desk is not big enough… Science is a method of inquiry, not a truth generating process. If you try to use science to form an opinion you have entered the realm of Belief, same as Religion.
    Free your mind from belief

  24. ye I was always a bit worried that PBN was advertising protein powders. We jus don't need as much protein as much as people like to think.

  25. Great video, just a nice clear explanation of how to get better health, and clearly he practices what he preaches. It's so weird the first time you realise you really really want those greens, that refreshing zing of nutrient rich food, goes against all the advertising you've ever seen. 🙂

  26. 10 years as a vegan.
    More than 40 years plant based. I am 72 years old and in great health !!
    I used a vegan a diet to cure cancer in 1979.

  27. F yeah Josh, you go man.. love Garth, I feel like he's the advocate that never wanted to be but he's too good to be kept behind the desk

  28. Till mid 2000s young Indians were slim. There were one or two fat people in a school or college class. Forward to 2020 more youngsters are fat. The change is huge influx of American fast food chains and incessant desire to eat meat. Traditionally people used to eat meat once a week on Sundays but now it's become every day. Sad state of affairs.

  29. I’m so grateful for these platforms used to share great info about health that is otherwise misinformed

  30. Way to BS for 4 minutes and give out absolutely no real information and then plug some BS website where you can push your BS diet plan.

  31. I’m 35 years old. I went full plant-based 8 months ago. I feel great and arguably in the best shape of my life. I’m definitely healthier than I’ve ever been. 6’0 176.8 lbs as of this morning. 12.8% BF. Pooping 2 times a day like clockwork, unlike once every 2 days or more. That’s scary to even think about.

  32. Murdering innocent animals, bludgeoned to death, for a hamburger 🧟‍♂️💩🍔🔴!! That is a coward ! That is Evil !!!! I was a coward 🔴, but now I’m vegan ✅❤️😬💪, I don’t hurt the animals !!!!!

  33. My only problem with vegan diet is I am always struggling to meet my protein goal!! Please help if anyone have any suggestions thanks

  34. He's so right at the end, it's all about craving the right things. If I go a week without garbanzo beans, i don't feel right. If I go 3 days without cooked broccoli with some ground flax, it don't feel right. If I go ONE DAY without fresh fruit, it doesn't feel right! We are designed to CRAVE WHOLE NOURISHMENT far more than we are to crave any sickly-rich sensation on the palate. Whole nourishment is TRULY comforting, and this is really something we are craving as a people — the warmth, comfort, peace and vitality that comes from being truly NOURISHED.

  35. Eating vegan ruined my health. All of my doctors got me back to eating better. That includes real protein. I've seen vegans….sad sad sad.

  36. Watching this while drinking a PLANT protein shake. haha I am all for the whole foods plant based diet, but drinking plant protein helps with weight loss due to so many of the high protein foods on the WFPD being super high in carbs.

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