Denied health insurance coverage? Appeal it.

If you’re lucky enough to have health insurance,
either on your own or through where you work, health insurance sometimes doesn’t feel so
lucky. Particularly if you have something go wrong, you end up in the hospital, or you
have a chronic condition. You start getting those statements from them saying what they’ll
pay what they won’t pay and then you’re left with the big balance. But guess what?
A lot of times what they say they won’t pay for, they’re wrong. You have a right under
your health insurance to have it paid for. If they’re denying payment for something,
you can appeal. And you have new rules that help you appealing. You’ve got to document
everything. First you appeal internally with the insurance company. Likely they’ll tell
you to get lost. But you’ve got to do that first. And then you have the right to have
your appeal of denial of payment heard by an outside panel. Do not give up. Stand up
for yourself. And if you have a major, major illness and you don’t feel well enough to
do this, you can actually hire a medical billing specialist to do it for you. I have a link
to do that at I’m Clark Howard.

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