Debra Finds Balance with Self-Care

(gentle piano music) – The best advice I’ve ever
received is to not worry about things that are out of my control, and to really put the effort and the attitude into what the issue is. The advice I have for young females entering the workforce
is to not be so concerned about where you’re going,
and just enjoy the journey. Yoga is my balance, without it I just feel out of whack, not myself. I always like to compare it to a tree. Life is like a tree,
you’re constantly swaying in and out of different emotions, different feelings, different situations, and through yoga is
where I find my balance. Being a female means being confident, being sexy, beautiful, feeling powerful. The first five words that come to mind when describing motherhood
is one day at a time. It’s important for your
children just to be happy. In life, they’ll be met with challenges that they’ll come across, but in the end, I just want them to be
happy and have a good time. I teach yoga so that other people can feel the confidence within themselves. It’s not about judgment or
judgment of other people, but just feeling complete
within themselves.

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