COOKING WITH DOCTOR MIKE! | Healthy Chicken Recipe | Meal Subscription

COOKING WITH DOCTOR MIKE! | Healthy Chicken Recipe | Meal Subscription

100 thoughts on “COOKING WITH DOCTOR MIKE! | Healthy Chicken Recipe | Meal Subscription

  1. Mike I would love to suggest you to try your hand in cooking an Indian dish like chicken or paneer butter masala just for fun. It's so much of from starting a ginger garlic paste to all the necessary masala needed to put on it, you will know what actually cooking looks like !! Just a humble suggestion from my side, am sure you will enjoy it too.

  2. Put a damp towel under your cutting board. That will prevent the cutting board from moving so much, which will lessen the risk of you cutting yourself. Also, throw that cutting board away, it's all deformed haha get a nice flat one = less chances of a cut. Love your videos xx

  3. I love that you used a Cast iron skillet for the potatoes. Now I just wanna cook for you lol the culinary student in me is coming out

  4. Dr. Mike- "Imma be a potato master chef." Fire Alarm goes off, omg this part had me dying of laughter, I can't tell you how many times I have had that happen to me.

  5. Almost the whole video i was thinking "omg he uses a lot of salt", the first thing a doctor say is check your salt intake.. And then you made a comment about that, ha! Now i'm wondering.. what is your blood pressure dr. Mike? 😉


    Dr. Mike cooking: STRAIN STRAIN STRAIN

  7. I haven't had take out scine the first few days of August, and that's only because I moved and had no food, and everything needed for cooking was packed away.

  8. I have a rule:

    Men who are this perfect are either
    1. Lying
    2. a narcissist
    3. Gay
    4. Ned Flanders

    You know what this means?
    he's Ned Flanders

  9. It might be convenient, but should there really be so much plastic garbage in that box… Everything is packed individually and in so little amounts. Even the potatoes are packed in plastic, Jesus. Hope that box is a lot more environment friendly these days.

  10. A new app: Chefs Yelling at Terrible cooks. You choose which chef you want to yell at you the app does the rest. The update will be the chefs looks of disappointment.
    You can also chat with family and friends who think they are the next Top Chef.

    Another app idea Doc in Pock: need medical advice but can’t find anyone to ask. Look no further than Doc in Pock. Until u can find a medical professional to answer all your medical questions. This app only exists in these comments or possibly already exists.

  11. Aparte de guapo sos súper inteligente! I admire you a lot. Every time am studying I take breaks to watch one of your videos, they’re funny and I learn more about medicine <3

  12. we’ve been eating low sodium for a few weeks now, and my taste buds have already changed. Processed foods I used to love are just too dang salty. Pretty cool!

  13. I am dislexyc and not a native english speaker, so sometimes my brain does weird things when reading quick. I saw this video on my recommendeds, so the text was all bumped together and i read "Cooking Meth Doctor Mike".

  14. 1:57 Trans fat can be marked as 0g as long as it’s under 0.5g per serving. Some companies intentionally lower the serving size to write 0g. What is helpful to look for is hydrogenated fats, shortening, and margarine in the ingredients list. Hope that helps.

  15. He is a Scorpio…nuff said…
    I am a Taurus…also…nuff said…
    Those potatoes had me going bananas…no Dr Mike no…

  16. Thanks a lot, thanks to you I’ll be single forever. You set the standard for my future husband now and I doubt anyone will hit the mark :/

  17. Hey man good job on staying healthy, i just want a little advice about this drink that I've been drinking, i take 2 large carrot and 1 orange and a few strawberries and blend it, since I've been doing it I've been a little bit more focused.

  18. dude, the ad before this episode was LITERALLY saying "stop, do not exercise! hear me out, a lot of people doing exercise are doing more harm to their health than health. I want you to hear me" like what, is this planned? i just came back from dr. mike's video with eva where he says there is no fountain of youth but exercise comes closest. coincidence? i think not (i don't do exercise anyways but oh well)

  19. When you mince the garlic, add salt and then smash it with the flat side of the knife. That is how it gets perfectly minced.

  20. "gonna prepare a healthy recipe"
    burns potatoes and uses a ton of salt

    dayum doc don't let ramsay see this vid or he's gonna come for your head lol

  21. Ima try this but if i don't like it i'll stick to my medium rare chicken breast.

    edit: i hope you know this is a joke, if you don't i'm worried for you.

  22. U should really do more cooking videos .. it's so funny and so satisfying .. ❤🖤🖤🖤❤❤❤❤🖤🖤🖤❤

  23. If u randomly see Dr. Mike I feel if u don’t know that he’s a doctor you would think he’s a Chef 😂😂👌

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