Charlamagne Tha God: We’re Experiencing Fascism In America | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Charlamagne Tha God: We’re Experiencing Fascism In America | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Charlamagne Tha God: We’re Experiencing Fascism In America | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Harris would not win. She can be a prosecutor, keep her previous profession instead attacking Obama’s legacy

  2. I don't usually agree with Charlamagne and I'm usually baffled by the fact that he's employed by news networks for his political opinion BUT, he's absolutely right on this occasion. I'm glad he didn't pussyfoot about the issue. He called Trump to task and called out what we all know to be true. The president is a despot and a fascist. Period

  3. It is scary how after the Mueller report we have 2 LONELY WHITE NATIONALIST TERRORIST attacks back to back . it ain't convenient .

  4. He, indeed, is correct about racism but if the marginalization were not communities of color… it would be another group… destined for persecution… to be scapegoated for their obvious difference. People need someone, something or somewhere to place the burden of their "sins…" The Aztecs used human sacrifice. You can bet your booty the human who was sacrificed was part of a marginalized group, not the elite.
    Few realize the importance of personal accountability….but Harry Truman did. The sign on his desk announced, "The buck stops here." He owned his responsibility and it was he who ended WWII by dropping the A-bomb on the Japanese. Like that decision or not, Truman owned his responsibility.
    The current resident of our White House would not own ANY responsibility if his hair was on fire. His blaming of others is no doubt pathological. He seems unable to control himself as if it were so ingrained in his psyche, it was carved in granite. My guess it was the way he navigated his youth and escaped punishment (consequences) as a child. He is not a great leader. Great leaders have empathy for the people they lead. He has none. They take counsel with those with opposing views and seek understanding of a complex subject. This is impossible if you believe you have "a very, very good brain." Most of all, great leaders have humility and humanity. These seem foreign concepts to this man.

  5. America is falling Trump. At least trump is kind of honest about the fall of America. But let's be honest those coal jobs in west Virginia are not coming back. Half of our jobs will be gone by 2040 and politicians are not telling voters the truth about robotic job replacements. China is out producing the world with cheap labor . The politicians are rich and have no cares about the poor or middle class. Get ready to loose your job to the robots.

  6. Charlamagne has no clue. He is nothing more than and a race-baiter who blames all the ills of the black community on Trump and so called systemic racism rather addressing serious issues inflicting the the black community by holding a mirror to it. There's no line between denial and delusion it's just a matter of how far gone you are and this clown is somewhere in the abyss.

  7. This is why I keep watching Stephanie. She acknowledges that the media is obsessed with The President’s tweets. The media spent much of the past week talking about a tweet storm rather than Mueller’s testimony

  8. You do know that it is ok to criticize any non white and not be racist? You fools think if whitey says anything about non whites it is racist!!

  9. Oh yes….Charlamagne is who I turn to for guidance. Why is it that people who say that Trump is racist are the same people who went to Trump for help when it came to A$ap Rocky (a black rapper that I'm sure Trump knows nothing about)? Why is it that the people who said that Trump "manufactured" a crises at the border with those "brown kids" 7 months ago suddenly had a change of heart and are crying about the conditions of the holding facilities when they were the ones who turned down $4.6 billion in border funding in the first place? I'm pretty open minded but I can't help but to side with Trump when I see soooo many holes in the stories that major new outlets like CNN and MSNBC put out. Then you have FOX news who put out the same stories but actually show more of what's happening. Like that conversation with the lady who's son died in Afghanistan. CNN slammed Trump saying that he said "this is what your son signed up for". But then FOX got a hold of the entire conversation between Trump and this lady and played it for everyone to hear. It didn't sound no where near how CNN reported it. It was at that point when I realized what Trump means when he says "fake news".

  10. As a european I find all your news channels weird. The host might as well just tell the guest to not come on and do his/her own rant instead. Some of these questions are so leading that most journalists in Europe would feel weird about doing something like that on a major station. And in between the questions are a lot of "opinion" statements. Americans need news. Facts. Not opinionated hosts like Tucker Carlson and whatever. Why would MSNBC try that too? I'm not in disagreement with anything said in particular but I can't help notice how American news hosts are more busy directing the conversation than getting answers. It's just weird Americans watch news shows like that.

  11. Bernie Sanders is the man for the job. He is definitely not a typical Democrat and that's what makes him unique.

  12. He is one of the most intelligent man I have heard speak in a while. He is at least searching for the truth. I have never heard his music though.

  13. Baltimore has got billions of dollars. Trump wants to know where the money went. Y’all wAnt him to run the country and every city individually? Y’all are crazy 😂😂

  14. From the moment when he started to talk about fascism and the state of democracy I was up in my chair for this guy. Spot on.

    And he sounds like Al Sharpton after a speed overdose.

  15. Dem logic you can’t be racist unless your white? He had several racist statements towards whites where is the backlash? 😂😂😂😂

  16. The black guy routing for the only black candidate.. trump is a villain because he’s white. Why kind of bs is that lmao but trump is the racist

  17. Like how his defense of Kamala is pointing out Biden. Don't act dumb and dismiss Bernie as if he don't have a better record than both of them

  18. Stick to your day job which is putting your foot in your big mouth every morning when interviewing trash rap artists ❄💩🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  19. No dis to charla but he doesn't know what fascism is. They need to have people who has actually been reading about what it is. Try Noam Chomsky, or someone who studies political science

  20. What if I criticize Harris' record prosecuting people of color and also don't want Biden? What's the argument then? I think we have better options than either of those centrists who are both complicit.

  21. No, "it shouldn't fade away" regarding.. K.,Harris. All candidate's are off point & will ride the gravy train 🚆 until it's hijacked!!

  22. And you racist blacks are on here talking about white supremacy…………yet you’re listening to a guy that calls himself Charlemagne tha god………………& you’re so brain dead you can’t see the irony in this………….get an education…………read a book why don’t you

  23. Oh & another thing capitalism is the only reason that this misguided clown has a supposed network of $10 million dollars…………because he lives in the United States of America

  24. Just really quick, to recap the video Charlamagne says:
    – Trump is a racist
    – Trump has brought fascism to America
    – Trump is a Russian agent
    – Democracy in the US, as we know it right now, is dead
    – If black voters don't come out and vote Democrat in the next election, they will end up in concentration camps
    – There should be no black or brown person who should even look in to voting for Trump or a Republican
    – Joe Biden is racist cause he was involved with old crime bills
    Oh, and he now supports Kamala Harris and is going on cable news to mouthpiece for Kamala. I'm sure there was no $ involved whatsoever from the Harris campaign hoping that Char can talk her up to black voters eyeroll

  25. Tha god (little g), the problem with black America is not oppression, but suppression of the truth. People like you are spreading lies throughout the black community. Too bad that there are not enough blacks listening to you. See you in November 2020.

  26. True!avoid trump and Cummings!it's all to cover up them words of the immigrants!it can only happen in the panhandle!setup!democracy in America is dead!we can do the revolutionary thing to do and stop being scared of the Government!

  27. Trump is so racist that he created inner city work programs mainly in Chicago & New York as well as bringing down the Unemployment rate to all time lows. The reason why Trump is not helping those districts like Baltimore is because it's ran by a democrat imbecil, if Cummings wants to help Baltimore he needs to call Trump ASAP

  28. Y'all are the racist, homeboy said there are literally no black neighborhoods that are doing ok, y'all so dumb, jeez lmao

  29. This bull$#!t… patronizing, race baiting lady tries to get magne riled up… and he reads off a script!?!?… am I the only one??…smh🤦‍♂️

  30. I hate to see when a black man get paid by a white man his perception change when he agreed to take a check he working after that

  31. So called systemic racism doesn’t make neighbors look dirty, the people that live their do. Charlemagne has been lied to

  32. Naw they are wrong about sending federal aid to any city or state that sucks. That's the states issue to solve their economic issue until their issue affects the rest of the country. Th3re are many cities in the country that have died and federal government hasn't intervened because it doesn't impact the country.

  33. I haven't heard a Single Fact Against Trump! Everything Trump says (Not PC) is True! Although I do agree his ego inflates his greatness at times, he isn't a terrible president.
    1) Russia didn't directly interfere by changing votes (bc electoral college counts not majority) Russia influenced the election by purchasing election ads (against Hillary) on Facebook and other outlets
    2) What Trump campaigned on he ie actually trying to accomplish, not double talk like most politicians
    3) He speaks his mind on truths, regardless of your feelings. Your parents did the same and at the time you disliked them bc you thought they were just trying to tell you how to live but as a matured adult you understand why they did it
    4) #KAG2020 #OneNationUnderGod

  34. This is why the dems will lose again they are lying too much. Working class people have been doing ok and better than in the past. Why are they saying the country is doing poor must to fit an agenda. It's a lie

  35. Kamala Harris is just an "Indian" Hillary Clinton. Just because a candidate has 100% or 0.1% black DNA does not make them a champion of black social and financial Improvement. Though I do not always agree with Charlemagne's position on political and social issues oh, I do agree with the majority of what he said in this interview

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