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Health Administration is personally fulfilling. It’s quite interesting, and it’s also an area
that you can feel good about doing something. My name is Dr. Louis Rubino, and I’m professor
and program director of the Health Administration program here at California State University
Northridge. Most students who come into Health Administration,
the number one reason, is because they want to help people, and I think that’s important
to us. – “How can we relate this to our healthcare system?” – “Okay, leaders, management…” Sometimes students want to go the clinical
route, but we are people that assist the clinicians in order to get their job done. They need us as health administrators to be there treating and helping patients and the disabled. There’s certain prerequisites that we request that the student have before they come into our major. These are: Biology with a lab, Accounting,
Sociology, Psychology. The quality of our faculty is really important,
and we’re very proud of it. It’s actually a very diversified group with
lots of different cultures within our faculty, but we also have a lot of our part-time faculty
that are actually working in the field. These are practitioners that might be on our
council, or our alumni, because they bring what is currently happening in the healthcare
industry into our classroom. The types of internships that we offer our
students are varied. They might be a shadowing experience with
a top level executive in a healthcare site, or it could be a rotation under different
types of departments within a healthcare site, or it also could be project based under a
preceptor that might be helping that student to understand what’s required and how to be
successful. A lot is happening in healthcare right now
in the United States. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for
us to provide more access to healthcare through Obamacare, and this is gonna create a lot
more jobs overseeing this influx of people into our healthcare industry. We recommend that the student somehow get
involved in healthcare. Now, that could be an entry-level type of
job, or it could be a volunteer experience at any type of healthcare entity. We also have opportunities on campus through
our Student Health Advisory Committee, which is part of our Klotz Student Health Center. This is having students actually being on
the governing board of a functioning ambulatory care center, and we highly recommend that
the students get involved in some way. It is one of these types of majors that it’s
interesting as to what our students end up doing. We’ve had students that have been omitting
clerks, financial counselors, as receptionists in imaging, or other hospital departments,
or maybe working at a hospice coordinating different staff. Our program allows students to deal with the
whole system in its complexity. They’re able to find out the problems and
able to act upon these challenges and transform the current industry into something better
for all of us.

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