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  1. Hello Dr. Marks,

    ive asked this question to myself many many times.
    the way you went about answering the question was really helpful.
    thanks for this video and all the others that helped me so much.

    quick question :
    i have bipolar type 1 and was wondering if you offer online psychology treatment.

  2. Wow, thanks for answering this question so clearly. This explains all my grandiose ideas and why I couldn’t follow throw on them.

  3. That was a great question with a great response. Thank you Dr. Marks. Please write a book.
    Did anyone else see Dr. Marks sitting on a couch with a teddy bear onesie on with a beautiful dog? I'm afraid to go back and look in case I hallucinated that. Stranger things have happened to me for sure. 🙂

  4. Dr. Marks many walks of life, you know they get by sufficiently, and some make it appear as if to sail through it, usually there's not a single wish to consider any neighboring state where the matters would seem irrational and frightening, but some among the young and others undertake it because such a thing is "Good for the Soul", is that how you decipher your task here?

  5. “Was the time I succeeded manic?” “Can’t I do the things that I used to do just because I’m diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?” “If I do this, would I be seen as manic?” “Can’t I be financially independent because of the disorder?” “I am stable now but would I be sick if I start working?” “Am I useless because I can’t work?”
    I keep having these thoughts so I understand the lady who had this question.

  6. If you can't do something because of unknown reason,s find another new way to overcome these challenges in life like her putting to much on the plate at once it overwhelmed anyone you can still do it just find a new way to deal with the stress that comes with it🕆🤔🕆

  7. Dr. Marks, is that your real dog, or is (s)he an actor stealing the limelight with his/her cuteness?? So sweet and fluffy!

  8. Here's what i do. Is this similar? I succeed to a high level in a manic state. I do so well. After. i begin to go down hill and all is lost. I feel like such a failure, and each time this happens, i carry the guilt of disappointing myself from a positive life. Don't i deserve to be successful? I feel insufficient. So, I'm on disability because of bi polar because i cant work now. The system takes care of me. I don't know how to. Please comment.

  9. Thank you for this video, Dr. Marks. Manic episodes has caused destruction in my life because I overspend ( it's caused financial ruin, car repossession, and almost homelessness). I had to get 2 jobs to get out of the financial pit my manic episodes put me in. I was working 80 hours a week. I was finally getting to a stable point financially, but my body/mind was overworked. I kept slipping into manic episodes and losing stability. Thankfully, I found a good psychiatrist who listened and said the best way (for me) to stabilize my moods was REST and SLEEP. I quit one of the jobs and noticed my mood was even more stabilized. I was able to focus on one job 100% and was promoted with a raise. My finances are still a work in progress, but things are better (I have a savings account now!). Every day of stability is a blessing, a sign of progress, and hard work worth doing. Thank you for all that you do. Your videos has helped me immensely

  10. I feel the opposite. I am scared to do things because of the many depressive episodes I have had. So many times I haven't been able to follow through with things and I've let people down personally and professionally. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder many years ago, but also have CPTSD.

  11. Please answer me my question is having bipolar disorder 2 has damaged my self confidence about myself for each and every decision that i take is during the manic period because during other times I am too sceptive or scared to make a rational decision…in other words it has affected my ability to perform a task.

  12. doctor, i'm very curious about marijuana and i want to smoke only once, just to know how it works. But I have psychological problems, would smoking just once be too bad for me?

  13. What's worse, bipolar disorder or depression?
    I'm gonna guess and say bipolar disorder, since probably it requires you to be medicated forever. Whereas depression in many cases resolves to the point that medication isn't necessary anymore.

  14. Thanks again for a very informative video Dr. Marks. Mania is something that not only affects the afflicted but can emotionally devastate and frustrate anyone around them. I don't know whether I am dealing with BP disorder, narcissism, overdose of antidepressants and an alcohol problem or a combination of all of them. I don't know how to help such a person. She has lost the ability to be rational or reasonable.

  15. Wow!! Really informative video. As a caregiver, to experience mania from the outside is tumultuous so I don't even try to claim that I know what's going on inside. In my observation and lived experience, I can see why this can be/become a worry in times of steady thought. It seems like a very thin line that separates mania from standard at times. I commend the person who asked this question. I know that she has a desire to work and she is (in my book) super responsible for evaluating her moves and asking questions. My person was diagnosed at 38. I would imagine taking what you've done for the major part of your adult(ish) life and finding out that many of your woes may have come at the hands of mania is tough news to hear. I've seen that hurt and confusion. It's not the end. There are brighter days. I think the good doctor is right when she says that because the business was successful and lasted a number of years (successfully) that mania was probably not the cause of the idea and most of the steps it took to get there. I like the idea of setting boundaries and I only think this can be done if we analyze and revisit the mistakes that were made. I know that only 10 percent of couples with at least one partner who has bipolar disorder last. I sooooo want to be in that 10 percent with my person but I believe medication/treatment must be a THE top priority. I am down to participate, study, pay for, and support.

    I guess the track record can tell a lot. If your business(es) are successful and sustainable for some years then it shouldn't be blamed on the mania. However, if you've had several business ideas/jobs/side hustles in a manner of 10, 5, 1 years, it seems as if it could be the mania. Your thoughts?

  16. God. I can relate to the lady who wrote in so much. Thank you so freakin' much for making this, Dr. Marks. The video was so helpful and enlightening.

  17. Hello doctor. Thank you for this. Can you please deal with bipolar and sleep hygiene? I find I need to sleep 3 days a week to be able to function for the other 4 days.

  18. Although this awesome video was specifically targeted to Bi-polar disorder, but it also is spot-on for those without disorders of bi-polar to function in a balanced way in everyday life.

  19. How can you convince someone that being bipolar and having mental illness like Munch Hauser or severe narcissism along with bipolar disorder isn't wrong? It's kind of a two-part thing I guess. First convincing someone that it's even a possibility even though it's clearly pointed out and they've been fighting for years against it? Then convincing someone that it's okay and that there's nothing wrong it's just something else to manage and get help with?

  20. Hi Dr. Marks, I have this! Unfortunately for me I slip so easily into a manic state even when I am stressing over an upcoming medical appointment. In my case they said I am on of those where the illness is difficult to treat and I can't get much stability. I focus all my time on just menial tasks to keep me mellow. Like this lady I used to be overly productive but after a physical injury my condition worsened permanently and now have to live much differently to survive this. Might I suggest that in some people it simply is just very difficult to go back to a life with too much stimulation, expectations, or stress. Thanks for your vids!

  21. I worked an AFC home. The job went well until my 90 days was up. I noticed I couldn't get my depression medication due to staying over more than what I was allowed. I was sleep deprived since I was working 3rd shift. I got injured on the job and lost worker's comp. Becsuse of this I started getting sucidal thoughts again and my BPD was out of control. I ended up quitting. Now I'm recovering my knee in PT and my depression is now back in control. Never will I do that to myself again.

  22. @ Dr. Marks hi ) This was really great information & too Rena, this was a good question to ask.. I've never been diagnosed with bipolar " I have anxiety my problem is "I have so many different thing's on my mind then "I can't sleep & not eating properly so it interrupts me getting good rest but I'm still energetic . As if "I got 8 hours of sleep and "I may only had gotten two it's weird.. ( also "I don't like to fail so if "I believe, I'm going to fail something "I wouldn't even try to do it even if that's something that "I always wanted to do. "I don't know what that's called fear "I believe . Than jumping around trying to do 10 different, things at one time & than that becomes overwhelming.. Thank you Dr. Mark's as all ways very informative important information that "I will be sharing with family and friend's and looking into this..

  23. I know this is simplified. You are NOT bipolar. You HAVE bipolar. Try not to let it define you. Like any illness, adjust your life to fit your illness. It is an everyday fight. There is help out there. Best wishes. Yes, I have the disorder

  24. Great topic, thanks for addressing. Though I have BP2, I can relate with my hypomanic states. I went about 9 months, on and off, of hypomania and what I was able to accomplish was just fantastic. Looking back, I do believe that some of that was me but then I also know that a lot of what was driving me was hypomania.

    PS – I absolutely loved you being in your Chewbacca outfit 😁

  25. Dr Marks this video is brilliant, thank you so much for doing it. I don't think this question is limited to BP1 but to BP2 as well. God bless you. This helped tremendously. ❤️

  26. This is probably the most useful information I've heard my whole entire life. Thank you!

    Maybe she should smoke some Cannabis.. and chill out. She's definitely over stressed. Sounds like she took on to many hobbies. I know how she feels.. but I'm addict. I can't take prescriptions like she does. I'm a customer sales representative and I must be happy all the time so The show must go on no matter what! when I go home the hard part, when I start to cry and it doesn't stop and hopefully I can fall asleep and I reset my brain. And the cycle of torture begins again… However it's better to live here in America then another country at this point…

  27. Can or should people with bipolar, bipolar 2, adhd, or borderline become nurses? It’s been my dream to become one but my mental health issues always got in the way, though that wasn’t made clear to me until my diagnosis three weeks ago at which point the reasons I never achieved my goal become incredibly clear.

    It’s a dream I’d still like to pursue but the more I look into it the more I find its not the best choice, which makes sense of course but has now thrown me off as I don’t know what industry to get into that will allow for the accommodations I need but will pay well enough to live comfortably and provide a comfortable retirement.

    Dr. Marks any insight would be appreciated, as would any helpful opinions from your viewers.


  28. Hello, I love your videos. I have 2 questions. 1) Does the time around a woman's menstrual cycle make bipolar symptoms worse? 2) Do neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc engender bipolar or make them worse? I appreciate you! Sorry for the long questions. Thanks!

  29. Dr. Marks, I am becoming anxious about all the news reports on the Corona Virus. What should I do to lessen my anxiety ?

  30. Doctor yours all video gives the insight into how the mind functions and how the internal environment regulated by the mind, mind is very strong and is everything for humans,
    We really are nothing literally, if we are not aware of our mind. I would say Mind is everything where the body functions. Also, Mind is one which connects us to the highest self, tje God , the Conscience.

  31. Doctor Tracy, you are doing superb work in every aspects of our mind.
    You are a great doctor,, You know you deal with the mind, and everything related to mind.
    Doctor Tracy do keep making videos on all possible aspects of our mind. And we shall be aware of our mind more than before.
    Very proud of you Doc. Tracy

  32. Excellent information! I love the way you explained & answered each question in great detail. Much success to Reena as she moves forward with her career & personal life.

  33. Thank you! This is a fear I've had since my diagnosis at 45…My ambition was on steroid level, and fear of returning to that uncomfortable and embarrassing and damaging stage of post mania has held me back. This is much needed info as I've recently made a commitment to start my art business.

  34. Hi dr Tracey Marks!
    Firstly, thanks for answering my question on one of your previous video. Secondly, I’d like to know if you could do a video on Schizotypal and Paranoid Personality Disorder? Thirdly, I’d like to know if, threw out your career, you have seen all of mental disorders and which ones are the rarest (that you have seen the less).

  35. I know the feeling. I will never not want to be bipolar. As it’s part of of me. People love me for who I am. It’s scary as I feel people judge me as they don’t understand bipolar. I have lost everything too. It’s awful to say I feel comforted, as sick as it sounds, that I don’t just feel this.

  36. Hi Dr. Marks. I love your content and how well you explain things. I have a question about bipolar and mania. Can someone be diagnosed with unipolar mania? I hear of unipolar depression and if the determining factor for the bipolar disorder diagnosis is 1 episode of mania, is a diagnosis of unipolar mania valid? Thanks!

  37. Dr Marks can mood stabilizers trigger a depressive episode? I just started Depakote and shifted from euthymic to major depressed in a week

  38. Thank you for this video- It's just encouraging to someone dealing with depression and other issues as well……. "how to rebuild when you don't feel like you used to feel"

  39. Thanks for answering this so thoroughly. I attend SCAD that is on quarter system with high pressure and known for "sleep comes after death." I'm recovering from last spring's burn out from intense mania and needed to hear this. It's so hard to produce work and not become manic with the short cuts. I learned the hard way

  40. Thank you very much for this video. Ever since my diagnosis, I've been wondering, were my earlier successes caused by my (hypo)mania? I was afraid to challenge myself because I feared causing another episode.

    This video helped me realize that my accomplishment were truly my own because they extended on longer periods of time and that I don't need to be afraid, I just need to make sure my challenges do not interfere with my treatment. I've been struggling with this for months and you explained it in such an easy to understand way.

    Thank you.

  41. I don’t know anymore if what I’m seeing is bipolar or real. I question everything even on meds and therapy. Is there any solution? Long term or short term?

  42. Thank you. This happens to me a lot, I was diagnosed with Dysthymia with depressive episode, anxiety and was academically unsuccessful because of that. Although I'm on remission now,I sometimes wonder if I'll be able to go back to university and complete my degree. My fear is that the stress could trigger an episode or my anxiety my return. Thank you for this post, it's really encouraging.

  43. This topic has been brought in the comment section of recent videos; would you consider making a video on the stigma of being a female and being diagnosed with disorders we may find sexist – mostly BPD? I find we are more likely to be diagnosed, regardless of past events and trauma, when it could most likely be C-PTSD or learned behavior from growing up in a household with a parent who does have BPD.
    I feel we are most victims of misogyny and may have little fight in us that may make us seem "volatile" to a doctor; especially if we disagree and are trying super hard to advocate for ourselves.
    This generally also happens with doctors and pain tolerance, and writing off women as being "dramatic" and that it's "not that bad" – and we often get ignored even by general doctors with physical ailments too.

  44. Are–are you wearing a Chewbacca hoodie @2:47?? that is adorable!! Sorry to take away from the topic at hand, but I had to give a shout out for that awesome hoodie 😉

  45. Im a huge fan of yours. However i think you missed her point. I can relate to this woman. The point is that to succeed often involves sleepless nights, commuting that leaves you with little time for yourself especially if you have kids or even a pet to tend to right when you walk in the door. The endless rat race and the amount of energy it takes to keep up w the rat race is tiring and it spins out of control from there. We are afraid that if we take on a job that does not allow for a regular schedule and mind maintenance, then we’re going to go into an episode. Healthy living becomes very difficult to maintain when we’re busy “hustling.” I think the job and the drive to do the hustle came first, organically/ not an episode related event, the mania was a RESULT. Chicken or egg type of thing. One Hustles bc thats who they are (as evidenced by the tenure of her time in the business) and that leads to an episode. That’s the scary part. You can’t do what you need to do to be successful without tripping and falling into an episode. Im facing the same thing right now as I adjust to my new, higher level job. I have already dipped into depression after one month then a week later hypomanic. This is a reality we have to deal with.

  46. Great answer. I feel as though playing it safe can lead to excess anxiety. Especially when mania can tear your life a part so much that it triggers a ptsd response from previous post-manic clean ups.

  47. Dr Mark's once again you explain things and break things down in such an accessible and holistic way. Thank you. 🙂

  48. Its like this video was made for me. Im in media, and this question was lingering in my mind for a while. I wanted to be a cinematographer , and it requires long hours into the night etc. Eventually I found 3D modeling and visual effects and I noticed that the difference it had on my mental health in a positive way since I can do it from my computer and I don't need to be on a set till 4 am. Thank goodness. I do really miss the films I created during those periods, but I got into the worst mania of my adult life during that period in my life. I am grateful I can still an artist in the field. Its a shame sometimes bipolar disorder can give you limitations but it might be better anyways if even the average person not get a job with those kind of working hours.

  49. Great video as usual, thank you. Can you make a video on how social crisis situations trigger psychological disorders and how to deal with them? I am bipolar and i’ve been in the depressive episode for 3 months since i quit lithium and economic/political crisis, recent earthquakes, now the first corona virus patient in my country are giving me anxiety that i never experienced before. I feel so desperate and i can’t relax even with xanax.

  50. I must put time limits on certain activities that trigger me. Easier said than done for we BPs. Thanks, Dr. Marks. Great tips.

  51. Maybe the maniac episode appear by an desbalance with some neural nets. As an ecosystem of ideas in crisis. The extinction of some ideas at the basis generate the illusions and loss contact with the reality. I am grateful for your work, is very important.

  52. Thank You Doctor Tracey Marks. I was also enlighten and that all i also wanted to hear coming from a Doctor. assurance, explanations and some important notes because i also shifting Jobs from another because i fear that my illness is a big hindrance for me to go back to work. issues of stigma and relapse. Thank You for this video.

  53. Girl go for it! Doctors will just over medicate you if you get into trouble. The most common problem I have getting back into the game is that it pushes me into stress which Antipsychotics can't handle well, the first thing to be effected is your sleep. I try and avoid these kind of jobs. *Note I have hyperthyroidism too so I can't be very physical either. *Slow is not a mode for some jobs.

    Managing the side effects of medications such as Olanzapine is a full time job itself 🙁

    Thank you Dr Marks for having a real talk and some very down to earth and helpful information!

  54. I have been diagnosed with bipolar, but my dr says my bipolar is atypical. I am not really sure what he means by this? The treatment plan I am on seems to be different from others I speak to online but when I look up mixed episodes my experience seems to be the same as others and what lead to my diagnosis. I am sure I have lived in mania for a very long time, my dr thinks this was brought on by an antidepressant I was prescribed as a muscle relaxer for a chronic pain issue. I was constantly on the go, super paranoid, really irritable if someone tried to stifle my progress. I started to hear and see things not there, and I think being able to maintain a job is the only reason I wasn't sectioned at this time. I have also read that atypical bipolar is more difficult to treat than typical bipolar? Is this me for the rest of my life? A bit broken?

  55. I hear the term bipolar disorder and bipolar depression a lot now that I was diagnosed with BP2 is there a difference and if so what are the differences?

  56. 500
    Dr Marks,
    I have manic episodes all the time Until I went up on my Latuda from 60 mg I’d to 80 mg I’d . It also lowered my anxiety 10 fold . I’m ready to taper off of diazepam. From 20 bid to 10 id. Great video. The manic part is fun times but when the depression hits yuk suicidal thoughts , lazy , quiet , don’t want to go out .as for taking meds can you do a video on sleep meds for bipolar patients for sleep such as zolpidem tartrate ?
    General repair

  57. She sounds like a really smart person based on her questions…. it seems that even the brightest people are devastated by this at some point. Great, great video. I really relate to this one. Not trusting yourself to get back out there even though you were on top of the world shorty before it all ended… It's like nothing else

  58. I have schizophrenia too and I hate when some people call me crazy. I feel so sad when this happens to me.

  59. My doctor just tells me that I have major depression but the episodes you describe are something I battle with regularly. Prozac helps the depression but after I'm manic I just feel numb… like I cant stop but I'm running on low batteries. Cant concentrate.. not keeping up with the commitments I make when I'm high wire and producing like crazy. I wish that I could find help as thorough as you are. I feel so volatile. I lost my daughter 2 years ago to undiagnosed mental illness… the signs all make sense now that im learning more. It would be helpful to find providers that would help me take action steps to finding stasis. Thank you for your honest information.

  60. Does or can coffee trigger mania or mixed episodes? I like it so much that I end up drinking so much of it as well as energy drinks

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