Can A Vegan Mac ‘N’ Cheese Satisfy A Mac ‘N’ Cheese Lover?

Can A Vegan Mac ‘N’ Cheese Satisfy A Mac ‘N’ Cheese Lover?

100 thoughts on “Can A Vegan Mac ‘N’ Cheese Satisfy A Mac ‘N’ Cheese Lover?

  1. I usually (love to) hate Buzzfeed, but this show is great. It frames vegan food in such a positive, accessible, non-preachy way which is not an easy task. Merle, if you're reading this, I tip my hat to you.

  2. I'm starting to wonder, have any of these youtubers even heard of bechamel? Every cooking video where I see it, these people make sure to name-drop roux, explain what it is, how it should look, what it's for… and then they add the milk, and not a single mention of bechamel. I'm just like ???
    (I mean, maaaaybe in this case it's because it's not true milk? But I see it all the time in non-vegan youtubers too. I'm actually confused at this point.)

  3. I need to hear more of Mollie's (the shop owner) wisdom. Her approach and viewpoint of the world of the world is so rational and realistic.

    Also, Merle looks so much like Jennifer Connelly.

  4. Is it just me or I just don't like nutritional yeast? I tried to make vegan queso based from a recipe, but the nutritional yeast in it did not taste good to me.

  5. One of the problems I have with some of the vegan food, is that it's way too processed too many things mixed together to create something we can easily get fresh. Like making vegan chicken how long and how many things you add to make it while I can just buy chicken and cook it fast. And what's with vegans being so obsessed over making vegan chicken or vegan cheese or beef or sausage.

  6. Well if it’s the cows who cause global warming but if we eat and cook more cows there’s more emission from ovens are we doomed

  7. this looks good but personally I would prefer incorporating pureed roasted red bell peppers for the rich cheesy color rather than tumeric. I'm kind of wondering if chia gel would work as a thickening agent rather than roux? Not sure if it retains the consistency when cooked.

  8. I like this show but the way Merle came off was a little bit pretentious. Some people find cooking conveniently more useful that an individual who has a show about cooking. Also, it’s the cows burp not farts, the fact didn’t really mean anything. Within ratio we do not know the amount of carbon emissions tofu would have on the planet, it can only be predicted. This does not mean I do not advocate for being vegan, it was the best decision of my life – personally.

    EDIT: Q is absolutely lovely, what a nice guy! Merle was cute too, the food definitely looked good!

  9. Can I replace the all purpose flour for almond flour? For gluten free purposes. I would actually wanna try this recipe haha.

  10. Its funny that people who are vegan will name the food they eat; that correlates to animal products. Like this video, a vegan mac n cheese… Why call it that if a vegan isn't suppose to eat animal based product. Also any type of vegan product that ironicly is named after an animal based dish.

  11. OK two tips:
    1. Add a bit of mustard and onion for the taste
    2. Add tapioca starch to the sauce. It makes it stretchy and somewhat like cheese!

  12. I tried using turmeric in my own mac and cheese and it gave it a weird taste. I keep ground annatto in my cupboard now for when I make anything cheese related.

  13. Could you do another one with gluten free noodles or raw noodles? I think that would be a huge hit as well. Q is great and whoever does his hair is genius as well. You two are the best together!!!

  14. I've tried nutritional yeast but it didn't really taste like cheese or like it could replace it. Not vegan, just trying different things

  15. I made this mac 'N' Cheese and it was literally amazing! This has got to be my new favorite food of all time. My non-vegan family said that it did not taste like mac and cheese, but that it still tasted like a really good pasta. It took a while to make but was so worth it!!

  16. Am I the only one who thinks she looks and acts so much like love from you???? The vibes are totally there (obvy not the serial killer vibes) 😂😂😂

  17. This woman just gave us her restaurant's recipe!!! I'm so excited to try, ah thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you. Jesus loves you. ♡♡♡♡♡

  18. Not a vegan but I make cashew milk all the time and it's great. I leave it thicker so I can use it as a creamer in protein shakes, coffee, and sauces. It adds a little flavour so even if I still want milk I'll add some cashew cream too. Just sucks cashews are so expensive

  19. Veganism is malnutrition by definition.
    Replicating animal products with plants that taste like animals is mental illness.
    Eat your grass and beans raw if you consider yourself a herbivore.
    Even herbivores animals eat meat occasionally lol.

  20. Cow methane emissions are down to their unnatural diet and factory farming. Cows raised naturally actually have a negative emissions rate.

  21. If he's just lactose intolerant, it doesn't have to be vegan. Lactose is not an issue after it's been consumed in some cheeze making process.

    The lady is opposing vegan to meat eaters. But vegan is not just not eating meat. It's not eating anything that is animal related (meat, fat, egg, milk) and not using anything animal related (leather, fur, animal tested products)

  22. It cant satisfy anyone because it lacks a dozen essential nutrients including the fat soluble A, D3, Dha and K2 which actually satiate the body. Its not food and does absolutely nothing for people other than hurt them

  23. I wish more people would be as open-minded as Q when it comes to trying vegan food. I have met so many people, who wouldn’t even try one small bite of vegan food, like it was some kind of poison or something. One guy once told me eating tofu would make him look gay, so he wouldn’t even touch it, not kidding.

  24. Looks sooooo good! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  25. Honestly, I feel like they should cast strangers for this. If they're her friends or coworkers, then those guests care about Merle's feelings and we're not getting a fair review

  26. I’m just surprised someone said this was some of the best Mac and cheese he ever had and it has Daiya!!! Props to the chef for making Daiya taste good in something!! 🙌🏻

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