100 thoughts on “California to provide healthcare to young illegal immigrants

  1. If you care about illegal immigrants, than provide them with all the rights that citizens have so they can pax taxes. Otherwise they are you slaves

  2. So all we have to do is go to the doctor say no Engrish act like were from another country illegally an we get free healthcare. Perfect

  3. California is PROOF that it is a Communists Socialist Democratic State. It would rather take care of illegal immigrants then take care of US citizens who need health care!! Their Governor is working hard at destroying the Middle class people and their state!! He doesn’t care about Americans! unemployment, homeless and illegal immigrants are the highest in the country!! SHAMEFUL!!

  4. This is so sickening California is literally the most pathetic hated anti American state there is I hope the big one comes and rocks this state so hard put some sense into these demogrants

  5. Democrats are now the Jesus Party looking out for the sick and the poor. The Trump Party shoots-up churches and drives through crowds of people, makes medicine unaffordable to poor people, chooses oil over wildlife, gets co-opted by Russia and Turkey, goes to jail; all things that point to Satan. Jesus would banish the Trump family.

  6. This started long before CA Governor Newsom – December 25, 2004 my wife broke her ankle when she slipped on ice (Southern California Mountains) and was transported to the emergency room. When she arrived they packed it in ice and ALL Doctors, PAs and Nurses were "busy" when a "undocumented" family that was living in the mountains arrived and demanded service. My wife speaks Spanish and she heard the conversation in the next cubical – their child was having an asthma episode. The doctors told the family that the child should not be in the mountains (6,000 plus feet elevation) – the mother told the doctor that she is not moving and that they (hospital) need to take care of him. There was a lot more to the conversation and at times it got heated – but – they received services while we "waited" for three hours. My wife and I asked for assistance numerous times and we were told that we had to wait. We were paying almost $2,000 a month for health care because we had our own business but couldn't get services because we were not a priority. WE moved out of California 3 months 11 days ago – we should have moved sooner. Three less tax payers to pay for their programs.

  7. You do not have to pay taxes legal citizens! Illegal immigrants EVADING taxes too! Let's also remove all Democrats in office and replace them with smart illegal immigrants. Starting with Pelosi and Ocasio- Cortez. Also it's a slap in the face to Slave ancestors!

  8. You know when you have an infection say in you arm, and its so bad that you list cut it off fonfear of the infection spreading to the healthy areas of the body? Kinda how it is with California. Cut it outta of the US now before its insanity spreads. Sorry if you're a conservative living there…you had your chance to fix, or you should've left years ago.

  9. Millinials should realize, when they get old they won't get anything, everything of theirs belongs to foreigners, after all you didn't build that.


  11. And the federal government – you and I – pick up the tab for 2/3 of the cost of California State Medicaid. Trump should sign an executive order to stop this.

  12. Maybe we should just give California to North Korea. Let the liberals live under a cruel dictator for awhile before we retake it. Then they might appreciate the values of our Republic.

  13. Who's he been talking to that has him and Nancy both hoarse? They really should run for office in Mexico or resign, no more fed taxes for those crazed CA loons.

  14. If the Democrats do not Represent this Country or its Citizens why are they allowed to be a Political Party? ABOLISH THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!! "FREE HEALTH CARE and CRIME" to illegal aliens while IGNORING its own Citizens and homelessness crisis….Had enough yet, America?

  15. While screwing our seniors, tax payers and do nothing to fix the homeless problem in the california. It is wrong.

  16. California should be sued if they give illegal immigrants health care options.and the people of California should sue as well! because that money is coming from somewhere and it's coming from the citizens that actually live and work in California! Instead of helping illegal immigrants they should help their own citizens first California is an absolute trash whole it's looks like a war zone

  17. "home invasion." They are invading American citizens home in the United States of America. and you going to give them the incentive with food stamps temporary housing and Healthcare what about American citizen homeless living in the skid row in the city of Los Angeles

  18. Huh. My parents had to pay for my shitty health care in california. Now I guess we all pay for someone else's! ? Legal or otherwise!? BRAVO SIERRA!

  19. It's funny how trumpanzees natural enemy seems to be what they call a 'dem'…for the rest of us regular people the enemy is orange, walks, behaves and utters nonsense like a baboon.

  20. That's nice of us. I thought we were going to quit being the free Society. Is there somebody higher up than Newsom? Whose his boss? To stop his Madness and control his insanity? What about his mother does he have a mom? His parents need to put their rebellious adult kid in check.

  21. Wow so citizens pay for their own and others who shouldn't be in the country in the first place. How sad. Trump is right. Sanctuary cities are the worst.

  22. You Americans do healthcare really poorly.
    In Australia we have free healthcare and surgery and you don't need any insurance and yet we pay much less per capita on health than the US.
    We don't have to worry if immigrants are getting free healthcare because we all get it.
    You shouldn't need to pay some greedy profit driven insurance companies to be treated by a doctor or surgeon that's ridiculous!

  23. The right term is undocumented immigrants. For it to be illegal, it would have to be a crime to not have documents on you, and that is not, in any city in the US a crime. Not having documents denies access to privilege when identification is a requisite.

  24. Just look at them…They are more than Healthy…and looks like they are getting "unhealthy " by choice…eating all those tamales…😂🤣 all of them look well taken care of… not malnourished at all😳🧐🐄🐮🐷

  25. Id almost think of going to California for vacation and free health care.

    But I've already paid taxes this year and Ontario Canada has better doctors. So ill stay home.

    But i could use Californians tax money instead 🤔

  26. That's what the american californians get for voting this clown. That's right, tax me out left and right so these illegal immigrants get free stuff but when it comes to my children I have to provide health and education with my own hard earned money. Can we get some tax deductions for taking care of these extra extra extra expenses for their welfares out of our money?

  27. Each state should be allowed to pick one aspect of federal law they can ignore. Hope my state pick federal tax.

  28. How about we make Mexico pay for their own illegal people that are here. If we started taxing Mexico for that I bet they would build another wall to keep there own people there.

  29. Healthcare for illegal immigrants, and taxpayers are going to pay for it. The left strikes back! Reminds me of Trump's wall.

  30. Meanwhile American citizens who dont receive adequate MH and health treatment sleep in tents on California streets.

  31. We have a real illegal European crisis and its upsetting the racial and ethnic mixture in our country. We need to start ICE raids for all of these illegal Europeans!

  32. California is BankRupt . Lets see how this works out when California runs out of money for pension funds and then say to their retirees that they will have to take a cut in their benefits. Go California!

  33. Liberals and Democrats who give free health care to illegal immigrants before helping their own citizens are traitors. End of story.

  34. If we ever closed the door to new Americans, our leadership in the world would soon be lost.
    – Ronald Reagan –

  35. My grandfather has TO GO WITHOUT medication that he needs because he cannot afford it and he served our country. I'm up to my eyeballs in medical debt, just sued in court by a quack over charging dentist even though I pay for health insurance and pay taxes. Why would our country offer these BENEFITS (not rights) to criminals who disregard our laws and come on over with their hands out to enjoy the perks of the tax money that they have not contributed to? I can't expect to illegally cross into Mexico and get the same treatment they demand from the US. It should be a crime to give our tax dollars to people who don't pay their share but enjoy the resources…

  36. I agree with President Trump in that we have to take care of our own first. There are so many homeless people in Los Angeles that appear to have mental problems and may be the reason why they are not able to provide or care for themselves and end up living on the street. Helping immigrants with medical care sure but please help our Citizens and Residents first. It is very sad.

  37. Wow, Notice how that wack job newsom eyes keep going up, he is a DEMENTED SICKO! All for the keeping on of keeping on toward the GLOBAL ECONOMY TRUMP HAS STOPPED AND IS STOPPING!

  38. I just found out that EVERY STATE BUT CALIFORNIA will NOT have to pay the PENALTY for not having HEALTHCARE in 2020 taxes. PRESIDENT TRUMP VETOED this OUT, BUT California's NEWSOM is charging HIS OWN PENALTY!

  39. Not just California. Ore debt on the backs of the taxpayers. Charge the country’s os origin. Offset the bill against US money being sent to them.

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