Bupa | Mental Health | Is it normal? | 60″

Bupa | Mental Health | Is it normal? | 60″

Be honest – there are times
when you don’t feel… normal. But what is “normal”? Is it feeling
you can’t get up for work? Feeling off colour? Not feeling… anything? Is it normal to be anxious
about a deadline? Or anxious all the time? To miss celebrations purposefully? Or your mum… endlessly? Is it worrying about your “likes”? Whether you like your body? Or nobody? Is it normal to cry for no reason? Or not to cry when you should? In truth, there are over seven billion
versions of normal on this planet. Whatever’s on your mind… it’s normal to us.

6 thoughts on “Bupa | Mental Health | Is it normal? | 60″

  1. I'm convinced if there were fewer judgemental bigots in society, a lot of anxiety issues could be nipped in the bud. In my book prevention is better than cure

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