Brave New Films Hits The Healthcare Industry Hard

to give me a sign of strength this is
how you place strong robert greenwald brave new films of put together this
clip now and they’re going to go after the
healthcare executives night was when i saw this there is only
share with even as cum along a little over five minutes as i thought wow now they’re bringing
the heat now we’re playing hardball watch this feeding him means insurance companies
are making phone for whom they are dreams and from white house and senate lindsay
in the city of wires around for about six years now and his three daughters my oldest daughter is a geneticist
seniors on the emails i receive a being seized aids in a gang is is is about lessons from
five and you know are well-versed in western dot breakdown matter of minutes trust any not that we would have a
critically ill saddlebag now this is one of our civil by
strengthening disorders since nineteen ninety-five aspect ear infections were the worst thing in
the world we were told initially that the people
at the spots uh… a couple weeks later we’re celebrating healthcare it was the
night the big winners in this growth in health
care system let’s look at who they are uh… united health group steven
helmsley his salary three point two million dollars incredible gross profits of the private health insurance
industry that is before the problem few years ago i think the president united
healthcare um… made them so much money that one
in every seven hundred dollars percent in this country and health care what you
pay here that pretty striking is the freeman
showed that stand immediately ask to see if we could get you know what that the coverage that we
needed and our first appeal was denied battle is continuing to seventeen to
eighteen forty two feedings to the point where she actually trying records each about it for sunday because they heard or sometimes solicited point reissuing literally look
at a school and ballots and we would have to wait has been a race up for
grabs ahold her so that she wasn’t singing about and i also that he felt that it was
united healthcare as a sampling of hate plan we were told no so many times it was
just is incredibly frustrating if they didn’t get this one-time cost
she was and it’s not fair prophecies insurance companies are
making films actually they are on the scene u_s_ missiles you have any interest in
it he’s mentioned that someone would not
only is he did that software and how names and addresses and then they see as
some recent and he said where is how many minutes we have potentially have
issues tds cynicism is really happening on a letter happen united healthcare
c_e_o_ that ever recovered view how many has has not why do we put in uses the fafsa services
at his residence finally this evening and slowing down
the president and chief executive of united health group our mission in a couple of his help
people live copy allies in a are more than eighty thousand employees studious everyday for more than
seventeen million americans my and hatthor women that have been in
large and nasdaq gained and midnight sunday is
shining in several tests an actor mass second surgery and that’s when they
had depending on the administration’s everything anxious came straight through
them was not being absorbed landslide i had to have the cpm to keep me alive hydrated even they kept telling my local pharmacy he
was for about an issue already is waiting for one more letter
or we’re just waiting for one more scripts and then we’ll start date this went on for six months in december
fourth but the pharmacy and i have received the letters for united health
care saying the plane independently and and that they were not going to i tried to explain that and that
deciding on out what that and response any okay the government officials are actually
calling this a big his health insurance and they have ever seen the victims are
patients in many cases very sick patients program in a society that went out on c_e_o_ however my exacted its at united
healthcare stagnate requires eventualities it’s disgusting it was
also very frustrating so you know that they need that money the best people like there is not that
many going i can’t wait seven-and-a-half hasn’t happened behind all those numbers we have uh… i don’t know how in the
world call yourself insurance companies and their physician taking risks stevens thanks scalia thomas sankara’s about how to modernize are still pierces
use what’s going on there now being driven by what he has gone to recoveries
says it’s not in their best interests it was brought by a number of institutional
seminars satellite dozens of online their
insurance reimbursement always the same criminal charges the frequent evidence
will that be the one who gets the full build profits they’ve requested safer profit dot com and true they’re coming for your family were
called in early without a just said some quick for things that you
want to share with audience one was this the health care industry until you have
just many said conical right where they lead off your nose and then finally uncommon for you uncommon family is coming format alot says something about what was in
the video for a second he makes the steven helmsley guy a
hundred and two thousand dollars and our that’s what he’s been making two
thousand and not uh… his stock options are worth three quarters billion dollars now how do you think would be the makes
more sense to allocate that money towards all of our health care or to these geniuses at that of the ceos of these companies who make
a lot of that money by denying coverage to those folks now i know i use the
uh… fire insurance are into the fire department is an analogy from time to
but think that went through for a second imagine if we win the fire departments
like we’re on health care was a lovely new private fire insurance
and actually the funny thing is back in the day we had a couple lisa’s
right into a spending the day we did used to that and you put a badge in prettier house
and the fire department would rush in and if you have the wrong guys that i
got no we’re not their company cover you sad day for you of the house burned well that didn’t work out what was it
was a really really dumb idea so that everyone at taking over that but imagine if we still have that old
system where there they don’t rescue everybody that’s in a
fire and if you happen to be caught in the
fall and you’re not covered by fire insurance well then you learn to adapt but the head of the fire insurance
companies make three quarters of a billion dollars they have all these homes and the name
make a one out of every seven hundred dollars as he does spent on health care
talk to you lynn number that is then tell us the republicans like a
service the doing it in the private industry this healthcare
insurance is not wasteful but the public option
would be cheaper well weeks it’s a lot for seventy dollars if we
just bop is the rebels leader this at insane amount of money this three quarters of a billion dollars
ago strict or pocket is really about one guy uh… six a for profit uh… website
there uh… they have actually the
compensation bags of the five-five health care industry officials and it’s
about time somebody one after and said look if you’re in a plague
dirty and you’re going to try to kill every
got a health care reform so you can buy more fancy houses and make all the
sixteen amount of money well then we’re going to come for you because it did
these real people’s lives are on the line need to put out talking points
about how the government has bureaucrats how about your bureaucrats whose job it
is to make sure that you didn’t know like health care coverage to people uh… there v anyhoo needed the helmet legos cosmetic of course that’s what you want to do on your
newborn you want to give them a putter helmet on that because what that looks
cool how do you prefer medical reasons come on man what you do need needed in addition to
your kitchen what it what what do you need and in some people say no i don’t
know this is too personal you can’t do this well you know it’s personal killing health care reform time after
time after time as people died throughout the country that’s personal and then they talk about rationing well what do you think they direction but they don’t do it because we need to save money for the
system overall they do it so they can make more money eleven bigger houses it’s unacceptable and always say can we get lee just have a public option that lets us too was whether we want to go with the
united healthcare is a world and we want to make the steven holmes of the world
rich because maybe some better way right we would call it the government option and that works better days have that choice according to a the republicans were in
the back pockets of the houses of the world no uh… under no circumstances will we
allow competition to these guys because this system is working so damn well i don’t think so

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