Bloomberg’s billionaire status could hurt him in primaries: Mark Penn

Bloomberg’s billionaire status could hurt him in primaries: Mark Penn

100 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s billionaire status could hurt him in primaries: Mark Penn

  1. "…President Trump did insist that President Zelenskyy go to a microphone and say he is opening investigations of Biden and 2016 election interference, and that President Zelenskyy should want to do this himself." -Bill Taylor, acting US ambassador to Ukraine

  2. Fake news…. i cant stand Democrats but, if being a billionaire didnt hurt Trump it can't possibly hurt anyone. His policies are what matters not his financial portfolio.

  3. 😂🗯O' yea it's gonna hurt
    Michael Bloomberg Mr. Big Buck's
    Warren & Bloomberg will cancel each other out❗



  5. Don't be fooled..He is working to nullify Warren and Saunders so the Wicked witch can run again..You know..Hildabeast the Corrupted!

  6. In order to win the primaries, Bloomberg will flip flop on his previous positions & pander to the loonies. In the general Trump's gonna eat him up!

  7. Trump will rip him apart over his socialist fascist agenda he would turn the country into a sanctuary city Trump would smoke his boots

  8. Michael Bloomberg, is a dictatorship kind of guy, he wanted stop and frisk in nyc, he wants to tell you what size soda you can drink, and raised taxes on cigarettes, plus bought another term for mayor, can't believe anything coming out of his mouth, only his money talks,

  9. Yes, Bloomers isn't communist enough for the left. He's merely joining the party of corrupt criminals to TRY to avoid his," legions" of crimes. Bloomers and the other's aren't in it to win it, they're in it to avoid.

  10. Would Bloomberg be willing to give up his beloved company ? Most Libs. would NOT vote for a guy with so much wealth and connections to it. He would be a fool to do this, the other Libs would trash him.

  11. His nickname of the "Littlest Dictator" will hurt him in the long run. Anyone one that is will wiling to vote for someone who wants to micromanage Americans down to the size of the soft drink really needs their head checked! He is fascist uber control freak! All the shenanigans that he pulled in nyc will brought to light!

    Cheers from the southwestern rockies!

  12. The ushering in of the NWO tyrannical government! Give the UN the boot right the hell out of AMERICA! I thought I heard POTUS say "AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE". Then prove it!! Is there two lines for the one cashier at the end?
    Red flag laws need to be deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL BY THE SUPREME COURT ASAP!
    "WE THE PEOPLE" are awakened however the new "WE THE PEOPLE'S " have changed THANKS TO THE IMMAGRANTS & TRANSPLANTS that don't like sovereign borders.
    Look at the Mayor of Bolivia this week in the news how MOB RULES! Disgusting to think these imbecile social pathetic snowflakes are so confused with the PSYOPS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO JUSTIFY THE END. The so called news is absolutely sickening anymore. This is a great reason to revoke George Sorros citizenship when his own country hates him and he's allowed to buy VIRGINIA POLITICAL PARTIES$$.
    TRUE AMERICA is out numbered.

  13. All dnp are evil, but they view bloomberg as more evil yet. Does not make sense to anyone else either, who knows the mind of the mentally ill dems= said no DEPLORABLE EVER?

  14. Notice that he's running as a Democrat? It should have been obvious that he was one all along the way he wants to control every aspect of everyone's life.

  15. These people have millions and billions yet they want socialism and globalism that will take away the middle class and give them more millions and billions!! These are hypocrites at the highest level…I have it but I'm taking what everybody else has even if they don't have as much as me..but I'm smiling and telling you I'm going to give you something for nothing???? Not!!!!!!!!There is no climate change!!! A plan by globalist one world Government to get control over everyone!!- Wake up stop feeding the beast!!!!!

  16. A super rich Democrat ($50B) that doesn't give a hoot about others.

    He will just profit off of the poverty of his constituents.

    VOTE Trump 2020

    Vote Trump Jr. 2024


  17. Bloomberg? Isn't he from the swamp of fake news? Although he has enriched himself with it, I wouldn't be surprised if corrupt media backs him up.


  19. Michael Bloomberg's wealth worth $53 billion & this makes him the most corrupt thief in the US whom stole the American Dream from the Americans like all the other Dems desiring for total control of the people

  20. He's too far to the right for the current batch of lefties. But the moderates and the right won't like him because he is a gun grabber. Remember, he established his resume' as Mayor of NYC as a law and order Republican.

  21. Remarkably, Kamala Harris is running on a “Liberty and Justice” format when the fact is that “Liberty” is solely an individual achievement which is accomplished through the discovery of, and compliance with, truth. Government cannot do this for anyone. Furthermore, “Justice” is a very subjective concept that can run afoul of said Truth, and depending on the degree of culpability or responsibility people accept they can feel compelled to “justify” some rather audacious and indefensible outcomes. Clearly Harris wants voters to believe that government can act as “moral authority” when in fact this is impossible. Outside of religion or philosophy there is no such thing. Government can only act ACCOUNTABLE TO the People. Moreover, if government is allowed to exercise such “moral” powers, the extent to which “Justice” would ultimately come to represent the “Will of Government” over and above the People, is nearly immeasurable. Totalitarian treachery and conflagrations of corruption are just around the first corner on such a path.. KAMALA HARRIS WOULD BE A CATASTROPHE!

  22. Everybody wants to run for president so that when they get investigated they can claim election interference. It's not going to work. To quote Nancy Pelosi no one is above the law.

  23. Bloomberg may be after lizzy warren and her trillion dollar attack on billionaires!! As well Lizzy wants American Doctors to work for the state? Oh I see!

  24. i dont care how rich this turd is, that does not make him president material. he is an idiot when comes to what the middle class issues are.if there is not strong middle class, there is noone to rob taxes from.the rich pay very little tax. the first thing this dumbass is gonna do is push the new world order which is socialism and try to get rid of the constitution. he sucks.he will be no match for trump in a debate.he is a bilderberg puppet. a soros puppet.


  26. He is complicit in China's ongoing blood bath he refused to allow his news unit to expose persecutionof religious mass reeducation camps for moslems selling organs of imprisoned fallun gong practioners he took and takes money to stay silent and cover up blood is on his hands guns late term abortions Epstein open borders and fascist control like sodas fuggm

  27. What, you mean a socialist running as a Democrat? You know who blvs everybody should be equal. How could that possibly hurt his run for potus??

  28. Thinking he has a chance of beating on of the more popular presidents in the mid term election is a much bigger issue then how much money he has.

    If he was serious about running he will wait until trump is out of office. Seems like we first hear trump would run in 2012 right?

  29. No socialism like Michell Obama the Big Mike to be a President these garbage are corrupted!! Looks at all Democrats politicians they all garbages, these useless how the hell they can deal with big things with China?? All they did is under table for all corrupted then China will be the big boss that is the reason why USA going down the hell before President Trump got elected . Three years from now President Trump brig our country back with honest and respect. God Bless President Trump & God Bless America!!

  30. Bloomberg will fracture the Democratic Party his gun control will be his downfall ultimately. Look at NY it's broke his financial policies suck

  31. Another words Bloomberg has no originality agenda for what to accomplish for the American people since Trump already achieved everything he promised to do 🤔

    OF PHARAOH'S SLAVE MARKET. "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

  33. Bloomberg entering the race is the Democrat's hail mary move in trying to copy Trump's historical rise to the Presidency by getting a business billionaire to run for the office. These guys are trying whatever they can to get a path to the White House and not for the right reason either which would be to do for the people. They just want to beat Trump. that's their one and only 'want' and then they can get back to business as usual which was decaying our country in order to have us become an EU satellite.

  34. There already IS a beloved president in power. You just can't say it. America loves President Trump!

    Then there are the haters who are given much too much recognition for their number, which is decreasing as the previously benighted-by-the-Dems wake up. There is no ROOM for another beloved candidate…. and it isn't "Bloomberg", who sounds to me, a non-New Yorker, a non-city-dweller, a non-Democrat-Party-"loyal", like a wealthy purveyor of Christmas toys and parades from downtown NYC.

    Is Bloomberg "hot" with the farmers in Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana? Is he on the tongues of the ranchers in Colorado, Montana and the Dakotas? What has Bloomberg done for New Mexico? Arizona? Tennessee? I truly don't know Bloomberg, but it is suicide to run against DJT's second term. Is Bloomberg crazy, or just has so much money he can throw it around to watch what happens? To come in at this point is a dilettante's foray into a "done deal". It just shows the middle-class and poor how little you value your assets and/or how crazy for power you are.

  35. This should never happen just because he is rich that he don't have to go thru what these others have had to go thru he nobody special he like the dems who try to break or see what he can get away with

  36. People are calling for President Trump's tax returns. I don't think Bloomberg will show his taxes. My Opinion.

  37. what we want is someone to address the housing crisis. I am not talking about hud and housing assistance. I am talking about building more housing on local levels there are not enough homes to go around, landlords can charge whatever they want and someone will pay. often people who participate in illegal activities because the average person cannot afford the prices working full time. single parents and the elderly have been priced out of the market entirely. we need programs that encourage building more residential areas, including infrastructure of those areas. raising minimum wage does not address the problem. if you raise the wage so that a person can afford the current rent, the landlord will raise the rent even more than what the employee is getting from that raise. and then the utilities all raise their charges and so on. only increasing the cost of living to the average worker. I dont want to be forced to live with my parents with my children but that is where I am. rents range from 1000, to 2000 for a 2 bedroom. I make about 1100 a month working nearly full time, as a manager. after rent I would not have enough to cover the cost of going to work, electricity, water sewer and garbage and of course telephone. how am I supposed to make it without being forced to introduce a stranger a "roomate" into my household that could harm my children while I am at work.

  38. He has no charisma. President Trump is likable and sincere, this old man looks grumpy and mean like all the other controlling democratics. No thanks.

  39. Bloomberg can't run NYC how can he run the US, he made NYC a sanctuary city he protect the crooks and he pushing for a commist natzi socelest to convert the USA NWO green deal commie the government control all we become slaves. The FOX Business is pushing for demRATS commie natza NWO green new deal crap FAKE NEWS shame on you regler Fox News have some good reporters but Fox Business is pushing demRATS to over throw our goverment to comminest Natizi shame on you.

  40. IF there is now 69% who are satisfied with their choices….Bloomberg can forget about winning and his wealth will be totally against him…

  41. Solomon said it best: "Wealth makes many friends." Or as we like to say, "money talks." Don't think for a minute that the financially starving democrats won't buddy up to Bloomberg with all manner of flattery and letting him take the helm, so long as they take home a paycheck.

  42. Trump is a populist and understands the masses. This fool is going to lose to commies in his party and if he gets into the general by rigging it like crooked Hilary he will be pummelled by Trump easily.

  43. I warned many moons ago that trump winning 2016 created a new normal – it is not
    over yet – just wait and see who else runs for either party – and then there is the middle
    and guess which middle will attempt to split the vote in favor of the golden sow ??????

  44. Mr president mr donald trump have been 100% perfect! ! America no need to an other billionaire in 2020 campaign . Bless america and our president mr trump.

  45. Why would anyone want "private health insurance"? lol.. that just means insurance companies are involved to take you to court in order to not pay for your medical bills even tho you have paid them $300 every month for 20 years

  46. Bloomberg certainly has the anti-COnstitutional bina fides to run but his performance as NYC mayor was really just Giuliani-Lite

  47. In terms of enthusiasm, Bllomberg is the political equivalent of a lukewarm sponge. A democrat getting elected to Mayor of NYC is NOT an indicator of competence on a National stage. In the swing states, "Mayor of NYC & BIllionaire" has YUGE Downside potential. Still.. I'd love to see Bloomberg spend a Billion of his own cash and LOSE…because he will

  48. Most Alabamians will be voting for Trump, Bloomberg don’t got a chance in my state. We like our guns and our babies💁‍♀️

  49. Michael Bloomberg is part of the Deep State Swamp Bureaucrats! President Trump will Smash Him. Or The Skeletons in his Closets will exposed. Way before the Elections. Bye Bye Bloomberg! 💥🔥👋👏😂🤣😹

    KAG2020 👏😀🇺🇸❤

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