Big Pharma Just Raised The Prices On Over 200 Drugs

Big Pharma Just Raised The Prices On Over 200 Drugs

On New Year’s Day when most people in this
country who were either nursing a hangover, making their resolutions, going and purchasing
that gym membership, because this is going to be the year they get in shape. Do you know what the drug companies were doing? They were raising prices on more than 200
different prescription drugs here in the United States for no other reason than, they can. Here is what has happened. Pfizer on Wednesday of this week raised the
prices of more than 50 of their drugs, including a cancer treatment called IBRANCE, IBRANCE,
however you say it, which they’re projecting is going to make $5 billion this year. So a vital life saving cancer treatment that
already is projected to make $5 billion this year on the, in the United States alone, they’re
just going to raise the price on it because we can. GlaxoSmithKline, according to an article here
in Reuters, GlaxoSmithKline said it will raise prices on more than 30 drugs. The company will raise prices on the blockbuster
respiratory treatments it delivers through its Ellipta inhaler. Now, I have said repeatedly here folks that
I have an inhaler that I can’t afford. I’ve been without it now for three months. Do you know what inhaler that is? That is the Arnuity Ellipta inhaler made by
GlaxoSmithKline. Now I already couldn’t afford it and here
they announced we’re raising the prices. So guess what that means for me, the thing
I already couldn’t afford, probably never going to be able to afford it again. So that’s just wonderful for people like me
who are dependent upon that inhaler. It is a steroid inhaler. I’m supposed to take it every morning and
that’s just me personally. And those two companies alone are responsible
for 80 of the drugs that saw their prices increase on Wednesday. Sanofi is raising the prices on at least 10
of their drugs. Teva pharmaceuticals is raising the prices
on a little more than 15 of their drugs and multiple other companies, including the ones
I’ve already named, have already announced, this is just the first round of price increases. They’re going to do it again as the year goes
on. And the reason for that is because they want
to see which drugs are doing well. You know which one’s the real blockbuster
because whichever one is selling the most, that’s the one we’re going to raise the prices
on. We already have a crisis here in the United
States were tens of thousands of people are dying every year just because they can’t afford
their medications. And here these companies, so glibly announce
we’re raising our prices again and what are you going to do about it? These are gangsters is what they are. We are at their mercy because yeah, right
now there is nothing we the average citizen can do about it, until of course the caucuses
and primaries start. You have to have to have to have to support
a candidate with a Medicare For All plan. Not just a Medicare For All plan, but only
a Medicare For All plan because these other half-assed measures, they’re not going to
do it, folks. I have developed a severe cough that I can’t
seem to get rid of ever since I came off that inhaler. I would love to be able to get rid of that
cough. I would love to be able to not have a sore
and scratchy throat because I’m coughing all of the time and I’m sure you can hear it and
the difference in my voice, today. But that’s what happens when I don’t have
that inhaler and there’s millions more out there, just like me. Different problems, same scenario. We can’t afford that medication and we suffer
every day because of it and some do a whole lot worse than just suffering. Some people die every day because of it. The only way to put an end to this greed is
Medicare For All because we can’t support a candidate that says, no, we let the free
market do. This is what the free market has done. The free market is what gave us these price
increases because pharmaceutical companies know that right now they can do whatever the
hell they want and there’s nothing we can do about it. But if we elect a nominee and then a president
who supports Medicare For All and wants to come in there and bust up this system, then
suddenly big pharma’s profit party comes to an abrupt and timely end. Anything short of that perpetuates this cycle of death.

100 thoughts on “Big Pharma Just Raised The Prices On Over 200 Drugs

  1. At this point we need price caps, only allowed to charge 150% of the cost AT MOST. If they have a problem with this they can go to hell. They're already well on their way.

  2. A flight out of the USA sounds good before trump gets his mandatory draft passed.

    Let whoever wants to be corporate slaves stay, enlist and beg for meds from these cretins!

  3. How about having 90% tax rate above $2 million profits by corporations. Then giving that money to people who need medication. Or, just arrest these CEOs and his/her cronies for murder. Or vote Trump 2020 and buy Vaseline on sale.

  4. I thought during his election campaign that Donny said he was gonna make your heads spin with his drug prices?
    Looks like he kept that promise.
    They’ve gotta be spinning now.

  5. This is just sickening the pure greed of big pharma. More people are going to go without lifesaving medication just unbelievable.

  6. I watched an exchange the other day between a politician & CEO of a Pharma company in America,she asked why is this drug $8 here in Australia & $1900 per month in America,he responded with some patent bullshit of thats why its $1900 per month,here in Australia hospital,s are free,operations are free,ambulance is free,a Doctor’s home visit is free,the medications are all really cheap & subsidised by our government

  7. Wasn't trump going to lower all the prices ? More lies trumpeters for you to joke on. Stupid ass people believe whatever this conman says. PATHETIC.

  8. Wasn’t Trump supposed to pass legislation to curb Big Pharma from raising drug prices?
    So More Broken Promises by Trump it seems.🙄

  9. My mother who has C.O.P.D has to buy her inhalers & other medication from Canada because it's much cheaper than buying them here in the United States. Although she is conservative, she acknowledges the fact that many Americans actually go to Canada & Mexico to get treatment because it's cheaper & their care isn't as rationed as under our for profit system. I'm sick of people making excuses for our broken health care system which are increasingly obsolete, especially when universal health care systems are proving these excuses wrong. For example, China, the European Union & South Korea all have universal/socialist health care systems & they're starting to pour more money into R&D for drugs, while the U.S is slowly slipping down the rankings as they catch up to us. Even then, most, if not all the medicines developed here in the U.S were developed by the gov't with agencies like the National Institute of Heatlh (N.I.H), National Science Foundation (N.S.F) & universities that receive gov't funds like Stony Brook U.C Berkeley, Binghampton Duke, etc, not from private companies who most certainly don't want to take the risk to develop these medicines b/c it's usually not profitable.

  10. I understand your pain Farron. I see it in your face, I hear it in your voice & feel it in my heart. This system ain't right, it's effin broken!

  11. Those whose lives are threatened by the CEO at Glaxo-Smith Klein should return the favor. There's ethics, then there's the NRA Solution. And for American Corporate Greed, it is the ONLY solution, and then it is only temporary. Corporations are required – by their OWN laws – to be heartless monsters.

  12. Just wait until the effects of the climate change have become so severe that big pharma can't get hold of enough raw material to produce their medicine products no more. These price hikes might be unrelated, but I fear it is just the beginning. Don't expect big pharma to take pity as more and more people can't afford to buy their medication. They will in the end as they of course need customers to be able to continue selling their products, but who'll still be around to buy if prices are out of reach, forcing many to go untreated?

  13. My opinion, most of these drugs cause more problems than they cure. Ever hear of tardive dyskinesia? It’s a permanent side effect of certain psych drugs. But no worries, they have a new drug to treat this side effect of the other drug! Sorry BigPharma, I’ll take my chances without your poisons. Ever notice how many TV ads are pushing drugs? It’s repulsive. Ask tour doctor today about Progenitorivox!

  14. As long as Big Pharma owns Congress, NOTHING will change, folks! And they're not all republicans, folks. But I can ASSURE you most are.

  15. In Mexico, the same Ellipta Inhaler goes by the name, Trelegy(also by GSK-Innoviva) & at an online price of $74 dollars.

  16. Farron, never take any steroid for more than a short time. They will hollow out your body. What the heck do you have? Is there nothing else not so destructive??

  17. See, this is why I hate Republicans. And, to be fair, those so-called "Democrats" who are also in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. There is no excuse for this level of greed. They are literally putting people's lives in danger, because drugs are already expensive enough as is! Remember the EpiPen disaster, just a few years ago? This is the same thing. Warren was right: These people belong in prison. Anyone on Capital Hill who supports them should be in prison. To make room for these scum, release everyone who got jailed for petty crimes, like having small amounts of weed. I guarantee you, you'll free up a lot of space that way. More than enough to throw these vermin in.

  18. I had a fungal infection in my lungs called histoplasmosis and I was on strong antifungals for over a year. That medication was $4,000 a month! Who the hell can afford $4,000 a MONTH FOR A YEAR!? If I wasn't on disability I would of continued to get sick and who knows what else would of happened. They'll pass out narcotics like candy but life saving meds, no that's to much to ask for.

  19. I don't know what it is like not to afford my Sons inhaler. In my country under 13yo are free at doctors and the inhaler is government subsided which only cost me $3.00. So sorry you are being stiched by your government and health system.

  20. Oh we can't afford medications for Americans but we can afford to go to war?? Wake up democrats! They're literally killing us. As a progressive, I say we need new leaders in the DNC. Progressive leaders to be exact. #SweepInFrontOfYourOwnDoorFirst #ROF

  21. As a cancer survivor my insurance refused to pay for a white cell booster until I was at zero. One injection cost 6 thousand dollars. I was lucky enough to get donor shots(when people die they donate their unused drugs back to the center). It’s insane how many times I personally saw cancer patients struggle and sometimes have to chose between their lives and bankruptcy. It’s got to stop. My insurance also decided to stop paying for two of the meds I was on. It’s crazy. Fucking crazy.

  22. Profiteering on bad health. Hoping and praying for more people to fall ill so the shareholders can make more money? How do they sleep at night?

  23. My brother has esophageal cancer he has had chemo radiation and cryo treatments with has damage that little muscle that keeps the bile from coming back up into your throat from your stomach the way he describes it is like acid reflux but a hundred x times worse the doctor has prescribed this medicine called Nexium I know you see it on regular TV my brother has a decent pension package worked for GM for over 30 years they actually want $747 per month supply of these pills and that's one of the drug prices they raised! Which is a third of his income for one prescription. It's nothing but a doctor prescribed super powerful anti acid they can't be bought over-the-counter in other words Rolaids! WTF

  24. America's Crony Capitalism is destroying our country and planet. Corporate America is a
    legal criminal enterprise.

  25. The American tax payer pays for all the RND on all of these drugs. Yet you still let the CEOs of these companies kill you all for profit.

  26. Big Pharma is the devil incarnate. They are greedy bastards who cannot get enough money. They do not care if people die as long as they make billions. Thugs, all of them. I need two mental health drugs and if there comes a time I can't afford it I will probably either die by suicide or end up in an institution. It scares the absolute hell out of me to think I can go from being balanced and happy to the end of my life based on the greed of rich a-holes.

  27. And yet Socialized medicine is still demonized. If it is so awful why were Americans coming up here to buy their insulin (Produced in America) for $30 an ampoule, when it was $300 in the US?
    You guys get screwed over time after time. It is awful that your income dictates your life expectancy. I have many American friends and it disturbs me that they often, are raped by pharmaceutical companies. Bloody disturbing!

  28. Everyone on earth should really learn to look after their own health, and not be dependant on the medical and pharmaceutical professions (especially general health).
    There is a "fluid" that the dysfunctional body creates and it "chokes" the bodies nervous system, thus making the communication between "everything" and the brain not do the correct job it is meant to do. This makes everyone susceptible to all medical problems known to afflict humans.
    You will find traces of this "fluid" (which can solidify into being plasticine like through to being as hard as bone)(it in fact grows on the skeleton and is mistaken for part of the skeleton). There are "lumps" all over the body and skeleton that are clumps of what I speak of, and these lumps are usually smothering important nerve junctions.
    People should be taught from a young age to massage these lumps "away" (not so easy sometimes). Manipulation of the skeletal joints helps to "soften" the hardened version of said fluid because when in correct alignment things work better. Heat is another thing that can help soften the "stuff". That is why exercise and things like saunas are good for you, because when this hardened fluid becomes soft again, the body has a chance to eject it from the body.
    This "process" is a never ending exercise, as the dysfunctional body just keeps on producing this "fluid".
    People should learn to do most of it themselves, because they can "feel" their body better than anybody else ever will.
    If you can limit this fluid, limit the lumps and growth on bone that occurs, your bodies nervous system will function much better, and you will be a lot healthier as a result.
    The less you have to depend on someone or something else for your health, the better off you will be.

  29. And this is yet another reason why I hate corporations, as well as why I've been avoiding going to any doctors for any reason. Our so-called healthcare system is actually a wealthcare system, where wealth and the wealthy are put above all else and we the people are to be crushed in order to give even more money to those who already have far too much. I for one would love to see these Big Pharma CEOs condemned to some deadly ailment and left at the mercy of the system that they've created to exploit us.

  30. Sorry I have to correct you. Anoro does not contain a steroid. The alternative would be two inhalers salmeterol (Serevent – a long acting beta agonist) and tiotropium (Spiriva – a long acting antimuscarinic). Both are generics and would technically be the alternative to Anoro.

  31. My schizophrenia medication came out in 1997. Back then it was $300 for a 30 days supply now it's $1200. If something happens and I can't get my medication no joke I will rob a pharmacy. They can put me in jail and I'll get medication for free. To me it's better then getting sick.

  32. As a retiree, all I get my SS, I noticed that this month's allowance had the 1.6 cost of living increase in it. Big Pharma took it away with their price increases. Hope others and I don't get sick.

  33. These people who unconditionally support 'the free market' have helped to turn America's economic engine into a giant game of Monopoly.

  34. Do you really need that inhaler? Have you explored alternative medicine, meditation, exercise, changed to a plant based diet? For such an intelligent man I am surprised that you are still under the trance of believing everything BIG PHARMA and their enslaved doctors say about your health !!

  35. When the President is more busy annyoing other countrys then helping his own people. Trump voters resemble hitlers voters. Fear helps to get voter Hitler blamed the jews and Trumps blames every mexicans.

  36. they see what is coming, they are out to get as much money as they can before change comes, and this is stupid because to up the prices during an election year, especially when Medicare 4 All, and specifically Pharma prices… dumb, or dumb & arrogant, or just arrogant….you pick one.

  37. All we need to do is , full DNA profiling PRIOR to birth @ around 10 to 15 week's terminate ALL those that will require lifelong medication for WHATEVER ailment or medical condition , PLUS ANY with a 75% or above CHANCE of developing such a condition , then that will BANKRUPT BIG PHARMA so we get our own back on them Ha Ha HA . I bet those bastard's
    at GLAXO SMITH KLINE or ZENECA or any of the other's nor Don Baby Prez Cunt Thump would like that would they ? !!!

  38. Farron, I am a severe asthmatic and HealthNet won't cover my Ventolin inhaler. Instead I have to use a generic albuterol inhaler that doesn't work nearly as well. I also use a steroid inhaler for both my nose and lungs. I had to get my doctor to appeal to them to get me the inhaler that works for me (a generic of Advair, instead of the QVar they wanted to make me take instead). So please keep up the great reporting! I can also tell you that the AIP diet will help your condition.[ Get rid of leaky gut syndrome and you'll get rid of all kinds of inflammation of the body. AIP stands for Auto-Immune Protocol diet. It's stricter than the Paleo diet, but they're are many parallels between them. The first food to eliminate (by far the worst food for your body) is wheat and gluten. If you pull of the whole thing (which I have done except that I didn't give up red wine), you will give up all grains, all nightshades, eggs, dairy (I still eat some sheep or goat cheese), all legumes (including coffee), nuts and seeds. After a period of over a month off of all of these foods, there is a strict manner in which you can reintroduced some foods. It requires a lot of cooking and learning about cooking, but it is indeed worth it. When I finally gave up all manner of beans (even peas and string beans) I went through an intense detox. I have been having an asthma attack this month (it's the rainy season in LA and the pollen is everywhere), but before that happened and as I am recovering, I find I can go all night without using my Ventolin inhaler. This hasn't happened since I first started taking this medicine thirty five years ago… Also the pain from arthritis is going away (that started as soon as I gave up the wheat almost two years ago). Look up Dr. Sarah Ballantine (aka Paleo Mom) for more information on how you can beat your illness, without the drugs. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  39. Americans can order medications from other countries. Each person can order 3 months worth of medications per order.

  40. We need Bernie and we need to drag these CEOs out in handcuffs and tossed in jail without bond.
    They need criminal and financial consequences for this inhumane BULLSHIT.

  41. have you NOTICED every TIME chump says I am FIXING something the PRICES GO UP on that "something"

  42. go to canada it's much cheaper, here they have to raise prices because their kids need a new car to keep up with their friends the wives need more botox and their mistresses need bigger boobs and a new fashion acessory pet .

  43. Do you really need that inhaler? Have you explored alternative medicine, meditation, exercise, changed to a plant based diet? For such an intelligent man I am surprised that you are still under the trance of believing everything BIG PHARMA and their enslaved doctors say about your health !!

  44. Well Wall Street owns congress big fat pharmacy knows nothing will be done to them cause their lobbyists owns congress genitalia 😒

  45. What a wake up call. I had plan to vote for Biden. Now I'm for Bernie. Medicare for All. Thanks for explaining. My favorite political channel.

  46. I think they see that Medicare for all is coming and they are trying to squeeze as much as they can out of us while they can.

  47. The taxpayer helps develop these meds through research grants… The resulting meds need to be free. We already paid for them

  48. I think it time to go in the woods and find medicinal plants to ward off desease and illnesses , then this will put pharma out of business !

  49. Farron, your cough is from the inflammation in your lungs. A cough and wheeze are symptoms of this. You need to be on a short course on oral steroids and back on your inhaler. My Sister had the same problem affording her inhaler. I gave her a 30 day coupon for a free one them had her shop at a Canadian store and e-mailed her prescription to them. Her $450 inhaler was $50 there. Bernie needs to get the Presidency and have Medicare for all. Then make the Drug Companies scrabble to be on the Medicare formulary by making a deal and offering affordable prices. By not making the Medicare formulary would break the Drug Companies. No one would prescribe it. Like Bernie says “people not profits”. Also get rid of those high premiums and high deductibles. 👍

  50. it all trump has talk with them about puting them up and trump well get some of the money that we put money in too help us but trump does care it all trump s doing

  51. lot of us are geting sick er no thank s too trump lot of us are dieing of trump he make he s money off of us and we dont get any help it like trump too him sefe is i dont care just give me money

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