Biden Rewrites Iraq History After Bernie Attacks

Biden Rewrites Iraq History After Bernie Attacks

>>The Biden campaign is attempting to revise
history and make it appear as though Joe Biden was not in favor of, or supportive of the
war in Iraq. In fact, they’re aggressively pushing back
against some of Bernie Sanders criticisms when it comes to Joe Biden’s Past votes on
foreign policy. And so let me just be clear, in September
Biden stated he was opposed to Bush’s invasion from the get-go. I got them in and before we know it, we had
a shock and awe. Immediately, the moment it started, I came
out against the war. So he voted in favor of it. He was supportive of it until the troops were
actually there. We did the preemptive war, which set a terrible
precedent, by the way. And then he decided, I’m against it. You can’t say, I was against it from the get-go,
when you were supportive of it. And then realize that Bush lied to you, the
American people, when it came to weapons of mass destruction, now->>That’s a bunch of malarkey,
>>Now, he had also admitted that he made mistakes, right? So here’s a direct quote I did make a bad
judgment, trusting the president saying he was only doing this to get inspectors and
get the UN to agree to put inspectors in. And then you have John Kerry. John Kerry has been making the media rounds. He’s a supporter of Biden. He’s backing Biden in this primary. And he’s trying his hand at this revisionist
history junk. And here he is. Here’s one example.>>Senator Sanders has been hitting Vice President
Biden about his Iraq war vote. In the last event, you said that a lot of
people voted for the Iraq war. And that various politicians that voted for
the Iraq war were not told the truth by the->>No, what I said was we were not voting. I didn’t vote to go to war immediately. I didn’t vote for the war. I oppose the war when George Bush finally
decided do what he was doing. But the fact is that we were promised by a
president, by the administration that they were going to do it as a last resort after
exhausting diplomacy. That if they had to go to war it would be
with a coalition that they built broadly. And that they would do it only in conjunction
with our allies because it had to happen. It didn’t have to happen. It was a war of choice. They broke their word with respect to how
they would proceed. And so, yeah, it was a mistake to have trusted
them, I guess, and we paid a high price for it. But that was not voting for the war.>>That is the most insane spin I’ve ever
heard, when it comes to a bad vote.>>No, I think that hundreds of thousands
of dead Iraqi civilians were very convinced by that rationale right there.>>This is insane.>>Well, I guess he wasn’t technically in
support of the war, he only voted to allow it to happen.>>Yeah. And by the way, Kerry had famously said I
voted for it before I voted against it, in terms of the Iraq war. But we’re not even done. There’s another video.>>Okay.>>We’ll get to that in just a second. Do you wanna add something?>>Yeah. So, look, I don’t wanna get too focused on
carry. He’s got his own issues on this issue. But with Biden, they’re still trying to make
this case that he didn’t support it. We showed, was it last week or two weeks ago? We had the video from 1998 where he said they’re
talking about getting inspectors in but honestly, I don’t think is any number of inspectors. Until you get Saddam out of there, you’re
never gonna know. Five years before the war.>>No.>>He was saying, you’re never gonna know
until you get rid of Saddam. I don’t care how many inspectors you get.>>We have one other flashback, tasty little
video featuring Biden. We’ll get to that in a second.>>Okay.>>But more revisionist history from Kerry.>>I think that Bernie regrettable is distorting
Joe’s record in the following sense. He doesn’t have what Joe Biden has, which
is eight years of sitting on the National Security Council. Demonstrating his judgment, whether it was
on his leadership dealing with migration that was flowing across our border and helping
to resolve that with the presidents of those countries. Or his work pulling troops out of Iraq and
negotiating that and working as perhaps the lead point man on that effort. I think that, I know very well what Joe’s
position was because I answered those questions back in 2003 and 2004. And it was very clear that what we were doing
was listening to a president who made a pledge that he was going to do diplomacy. That he was gonna exhaust diplomacy, built
a coalition. And ultimately, we learned, as Joe did and
I did, that the intelligence was distorted. So Joe spoke out and criticized, Joe was against
what they were doing. The vote was not a vote specifically to go
to war. It was a vote for the president to have leverage
with respect to getting Saddam Hussein back to the negotiating table, back to the inspections,
excuse me.>>So let’s go back to a video featuring Joe
Biden going after his democratic colleagues. Who were a little more critical about a preemptive
war in Iraq.>>Some of my own party have said that it
was a mistake to go to Iraq in the first place. And believe that it’s not worth the cost whatever
benefit may flow from our engagement in Iraq. But the cost of not acting against Saddam
I think would have been much greater. And so is the cost and so will be the cost
of not finishing this job. The president of United States is a bold leader
and he is popular. The stakes are high and the need for leadership
is great. I wish he’d use some of his stored up popularity
to make what I admit is not a very popular case. But, I and many others will support him when
he makes the case.>>Oops.>>I mean, how much of an assist is he getting
every single day by the media, in not just bang the gavel. This thing is done. He obviously supported the war in Iraq. He arguably supported it before George W Bush
supported it. And even the defense, even if that wasn’t
true. Let’s say that Kerry’s pitch is completely
accurate. You still got to give the big W to Bernie. There defense is, yeah, we were just duped
man. We didn’t see it coming. That’s their strongest defense, and even that
defense is easily debunked, easily debunked.>>That George W Bush, as he Dick Cheney,
and surrounded himself with all these neoconservatives and all these hawks, we couldn’t see it coming. We couldn’t see that this was gonna turn into
a gigantic debacle. Okay then, is that not supposed to be representative
of how you’ll approach foreign policy situations in the future? Bernie did see it. He did see that it was gonna be a disaster. And honesty It’s not even that it’s that high
of a bar. The only people that couldn’t clear that bar
are people that felt the political pressure in DC at the time.>>Right.>>But I know that when I was in my freshman
year at Yukon, I knew it was a stupid idea to go into that conflict then.>>100%.>>Many of you watching this video probably
felt the same way. It was abundantly clear that this was gonna
be a disaster.>>I was in 11th grade, I’ll never forget
this, I’ve told this story on this show before.>>Hey, don’t put out that you’re younger.>>I know, but not by much.>>I was in kindergarten, yeah.>>Anyway, I was reading a New York Times
article, I had my book, we’re in English class. I have my book, but I had no interest in reading
the book that was assigned to us. I was reading a New York Times article that
had a bunch of quotes from Bill Kristol who’s a giant like Warhawk, like wants to go to
war with Iraq. I remember reading that piece thinking to
myself, this is such a bad idea. I really hope that we don’t invade Iraq.>>Yeah.>>As an 11th grader, I’m an idiot, I don’t
know anything, right? And I am smart enough to understand that this
preemptive war would be disastrous, okay? And what we’re hearing now from the Biden
campaign is, I was against it from day one. Easily debunk-able, right? Everyone puts out the evidence showing-
>>You were for it in the 90s.>>That he was not against it from day one. And then he says, I was lied to, I was duped. I fell for it. Okay, that’s pathetic. You’re trying to become the president of the
United States, you should be smarter than that. But even that defense is debunkable with the
video that we just showed you.>>Yeah, he was not just in support of it
on the day that the vote happened. He was in support of it years before and years
after. In both cases, he was castigating people in
his party who weren’t sufficiently hawkish for him. In every way that it means anything, he supported
that war.>>Exactly, exactly. So that’s who Joe Biden is. So when they talk about how he is willing
to reach across the aisle to get things done, understand that he’s not willing to do that
to accomplish progressive policies that we desperately need. He’s not doing that for universal healthcare. He’s not doing that for environmental policies
that might protect this planet so we can keep living on it. He’s doing it to concede to what Republicans
want. When you look at his record, they’re all concessions. When it comes to the busing issue, when it
comes to war, when it comes to a number of host of issues that we have problem with as
progressives. That liberals should have a problem with. He somehow gets away with it. The media doesn’t cover it, but we’ll cover
it. And this is what the truth is. This is what he represents. This is what he stands for.

86 thoughts on “Biden Rewrites Iraq History After Bernie Attacks

  1. Nose job

  2. How stupid do you have to be to have trusted Bush, or any Republican? I was against the war from before the get-go. I was against HW Bush's first Iraq War.

  3. Biden and Kerry can pretend all day long that they were duped by the Bush administration into voting for the war but in order to do so they have to pretend that Bernie Sanders did not give impassioned speeches against supporting the war previous to that vote. It also does not explain why Canada, the USA's closest ally, said "Sorry, we don't buy your bullshit on the WMD's, and we know Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11." Canada wasn't the only country that refused to take part. How is it that Biden and Kerry were completely clueless when the entire populations of other countries knew the reasons the Bush administration were using for the Iraq invasion were total bullshit?

  4. Actually Kerry says "You can't trust Republicans"… so why do these idiots continue trusting Republicans? "cause they're paid to do so?

  5. The Kerry Defense (on behalf of Biden): "I was either too stupid or too bought-and-paid-for to see what a bad idea this was. But trust me next time."

  6. Next time thinking first,because the consequences is incredibly terrible without doesn't know how to get out from over there.


  8. Keep pressng on this Bernie, this is the time, when America frigged up Iraq and is almost into another stupid war with Iran… still in Afghanistan as well

  9. So their reasoning is that they were expulcated by the fact they voted to give the administration, with Chaney & Rumsfeld beating the war drums, basically cart blanc to do as they wish, no matter is said!!
    Bernie just said no! He was right, & Biden & Kerry, who sould have known better given his experience of service, were dead wrong.
    Bernie/Nina 2020!

  10. As you all know, creepy kid sniffer Quid Pro Quo Joe and the crotchety crazy Bernie both have zero chance in beating President Trump. President Trump's America is booming with Capitalist prosperity and lowest unemployment ever. And the big beautiful Trump Wall got approved in the courts recently for hundreds of new wall to be built this year, protecting American citizens and our national sovereignty. That's a big victory for the President and for America.

  11. Amazing the politicians in D.C. at the time couldn't see the Bush2/Cheney people were lying through their teeth regarding Iraq when millions and millions of people in the USA and around the world saw it, and demonstrated about it, loudly and clearly. Effing cowardly shite-weasel democrats "centrists" aka: Wall Street puppets.

  12. Does anyone else have to lower their headphones volume because of Ana's high pitched irritating voice??? 😤

  13. Anna, you impressed the heck out of my friend who is a Conservative, sat out last election, sorta defends Trump at times, you were speaking and he looked up from his work and mentioned how well spoken and intelligent you sounded. Said your reporting was fair and watched the rest of the clip with me!! A TYT convert I hope.

  14. I wish the reporter had a a follow up question. “Do you think that bush should go to prison for lying to congress?” Then watch the centrists fumble over themselves trying to walk back their lie.

  15. So either they’re lying about voting to go to war, or they were dumb and incompetent enough to believe the bush admin.

  16. Teacher: So Anna, what would you like to be when you grow up ^_^
    Anna: finished reading the NYT article I want to abolish and destroy the lies that corporate media has built upon Americans.
    Teacher: Awwww, you are sooo going to be a great journalist 😍 But you still got to finish your assigned reading xD

  17. Republicant Joe is running in the wrong primary. He should be running against Trump for the Republicant nominee. He votes like a Republicant not a Democrat

  18. Main stream media keeps saying Joe Biden leads in every pole but I don't know of one person who is going to vote for him. In fact I have only heard him being laughed at.

  19. Kerry and Biden are both lying they knew everything that the Bush administration it wasn't a secret …nothing stays a secret for long in DC… They all are in on the scam …before the war Bush put forward his plan to invade 7 countries in 5 yrs…@5:45 Biden is lying thru his teeth… They all knew Saddam was no threat they all knew why the Bush people wanted the war…these people lie as with every breath..


  21. Well I was already out of high school when this happened so I knew was a bad idea way before they even decided to go to war.I saw that coming a mile away.

  22. I was in 8th grade when the war started and yeah, I knew they were B'S-ing the whole thing from the start. Amazing how a young teenager could figure it out but people with decades of "experience" somehow couldn't.

  23. Lying msm is the ONLY reason why biden is supposedly leading nationally. Bernie is kicking ass in individual states on his merit because of his supporters. BERNMAN 2020!!✌❤😊

  24. I wasn’t in like 7th grade remembering being so confused as to how talks bluntly and inexplicably went from bin Ladin to Hussein. I was like wait wasn’t it Bin Ladin who struck us? Who is this other dude.

  25. You should create a nickname for Biden , like “the left handed republican”
    Something to reflect that he’s not a centrist dem. But a leftist Rep.

  26. Biden is unelectable. All the advice and coaching will never change this unalterable fact. This pertains as well to the complete field of radically delusional Democrat Party Presidential candidates, losers all.

  27. Anyone who was against the War was labelled a bleeding heart and a a traitor. The war was promoted as a cake walk. I dared question the "War on Terror" and what the marker for success was. I also questioned the long term wisdom of rolling back civil rights to expedite interrogation and the suspension of habeas corpus. Now here we are.

  28. Gosh, it's too bad neither the House nor the Senate had the power to determine exactly what the AUMF meant. Edit: Or, y'know, delay it in any way. So powerless.

  29. and yet, this dummy is still far ahead of bernie…if this is the best outcome of 2020 elections, it's scary…it means that everything is going to be the same except the media won't be paying attention to politics so much and colbert will have to work on his jokes much harder…

  30. If either Biden/Bloomberg/Buttigieg or Klobaurcher unfortunately becomes President, just know they will go to war with Iran. These four have vowed not to change anything or improve the lives of the American people. So what in their mind would keep them in office giving them an excuse for not making things better. They are busy with an active war in Iran or Venezuela or somewhere else. The ground work is already being laid. The next person that comes in would do what Israel and the Neocons want.

  31. let's put aside the war vote for a moment and focus on the fact that biden was in the senate for 48 years thru Nixon ford carter Reagan bush1 Clinton bush2 and during those 48 years we saw the decline of the middle class due in great part to biden's complicity for deregulation of banking airlines drugs health care china & nafta trade deals repeal of new deal finance laws bankruptcy protections welfare & prison reforms everything that has made our lives worse….can we just publish and discuss all these other issues too..??

  32. I support the war with Iraq. Sadam killed millions of innocent people. He did have weapons of mass destruction. He used chemical weapons against the iranians during the iran iraq war.

  33. Everyone who supports tyt needs to get on every social media page of Joe bidens and list off the fact that he supported the war in Iraq he voted for NAFTA and tpp and the bankruptcy bill and that he made the Bush tax cuts permanent I've been doing that for months

  34. What worse, voting for the war, or being so stupid and judgement so bad, to think that bush was not going to try diplomacy first and get all the world together to go in as a last resort… least the first you can say you were lied to to about weapons of mass destruction as some kind slim defense which we know is still bs….but the second, to actually trust bush not to go to war after giving him the authority to go to war…..anyone that stupid and anyone with that bad of a judgement has ZERO business anywhere near the presidency…and Trump will destroy that person in the general election…as he will any person that voted for the iraq war, and no con job explanation is going change that…..Hillary loses to trump so the elites think Biden is a good choice? Its insane..the guy who voted for the bankruptcy bill in 2005..

  35. It's true Biden has many more years of experience in political office, he has much more experience with spin, deflection, corruption, gaslighting, all the key skills a corrupt politician needs to succeed.
    However, Trump and his cronies have even more experience in these skills and that's why if it comes down to Biden and Trump, Trump will win.
    This is why people need to vote for Bernie, he is devoid of this corrupt skill set, but has an honest desire to help the American people and has always been consistent with his goals and objectives.

  36. Hey Turk Motherfu-s , Good News!!! It looks like good key Democrats have realized it’s not a good idea to have “People of Color “ aka Blacks or Mexicans anywhere near the White House. That debate stage is going to look good with nothing but nice WHITE faces.

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