AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

100 thoughts on “AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

  1. Just like the religious right, this radical left swallows the democratic platform.There’s no spot around the melting pot for free men in their flight. smh

  2. she is a porn star looking idiot that has been given far to much power and attention. it needs to end before true power is obtained and we all suffer for not ending it when we could have.

  3. She infuriates everyone. Go away🇺🇸 I hope her oponet wins. Can't remember her name…😜 She's smart, cute, young, and NOT A DEMOCRAT!!!

  4. If AOC is the biggest bread winner in the Democratic Party they are in trouble! Trump 2020, 2024 forever and ever!! By the way if Trump is acquitted in the Senate with this sham impeachment hearing doesn’t he get another term?

  5. She is so selfish! What ever happened "Share & share a like"
    Oh yeah…Socialist Elites Motto
    "Rules for Thee, Not for Me".

  6. The Dems have always been great at getting or manufacturing dirt on opponents. I'm betting that they already have a few tricks up their sleeves regarding AOC if she doesn't tow the line.

  7. 😂 thats all you got?
    I remeber the time she stopped paying for the rallies she leads!
    I remeber the time she lied 15,000+ times.
    I remeber the time she paid off that porn star.
    It was trump???
    Nooooo, gtfoh….
    😂 you stupid clowns better get used to brown people.

  8. Typical National socialist democrat..
    She was too stupid to try to be slick like the rest of the National Socialist Democrats…
    Cannot wait until lye is tossed on her area of gutter….

  9. pretty much the same problem with unions. AOC is certainly the cutest idiot politician i have ever seen, i hope her political career is over after her term is up. maybe she can get her job as a barista back.

  10. AOC a future president?! 😂 BS! She’s been a nitwit from the start and anyone that believes that Socialism is the way our country should go, needs to go live in a Socialist country! They wouldn’t last long and would be crying to come home! Send ignorant AOC to a country like she wants for America and don’t let her come back!

  11. No more friend now.. she’s being used, she thinks she’ll be VP under Sanders.. which is not possible due to her age..

    She dreams big to put it nicely.

    What I really think:

    She’s a horse faced moron, AOC rhymes with anal scene..

  12. The reason why Nancy Pelosi is sending the papers off to the Senate is because aoc won't pay her dues. Aoc +3 is the reason the bs went on in the house of representatives

  13. According to reports in 2019, OAC's co workers at the Bar where OAC was "Discovered" OAC was accused by co workers of stealing tips. Why are we surprised?

  14. One way or another, she will “pay her dues”. Either in the next election, or in the more distant future, when even the dumbest people will see her for the crazy “bag lady” that she really is.

  15. AOC have to step down Before New York City bankrupt. NYC job will disappear!! Cooperate Company move out and office will close a lot.

  16. Well she isn't a democrat she's a full blown communist so perhaps she should pay her dues to the communist part of America.

  17. AOC is not a democrat. She is a socialist at best; a communist/Marxist at worst. She should lose her seat in Congress.

  18. When money is more important than people… 😀 AOC will be destroyed by Republicans AND now even Democrats… 😀

  19. AOC is ok. It's how you handle her. It's the Palomino in her. Woh girl Woh ! Easy now ! Here's a sugarcube . Let me stroke your nose. Woh ! Here's a sugarcube.

  20. So freaking lame…but, what else can we expect from a dimwit such as AOC…According to her "socialist" ideology, the "other" donors should pay her dues, but not her, because she is a "star" of the Democrat party and therefore, exempt… Everything is "free" in her world. In her world, its expected that a socialist country will spend "other people's hard earned money," just not HER stealthily usurped money.

    She was the first one to suggest recently, that congress get a big raise too ( right…for ALL the work they do impeaching the president for three years wasting the public treasure), while leaving USMCA on the desk collecting dust for a year…So, who is really conducting herself as entitled, elite, special, white supremacist, being above the rules and laws???? Doesn't this qualify according to her definitions of "racist?"

    In all truth and fairness, her and her cohorts who voted YES for impeachment should have to return ALL their pay and pension for these past years for NO WORK DONE and for their recklessness and contempt for rule of law…and some of the major bad actors like Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler, need to be formally charged with premeditated SEDITION, TREASON with intent to overthrow a duly elected, innocent president and incite insurrection.

  21. Hahahaha… Democrats should have expected this.

    Hahahaha, sorry, but they should've seen this coming like the American Voters…

    Democrats show their Stupid, Again.
    Keep Kicking The Ant Pile…
    Vote All Democrats Out Of Office.

    Trump 2020

  22. Truth be told only 9 people in her own district in NY actually supported her…all her campaign money comes from outside her district…(Soros and global Marxists organizations). She's a loser and a poser.

  23. You cannot compare this slime to Newt Gingrich we're talking night and day man just another so-called expert who is nothing more than just a fool. Call the new party what it is the Communist Party

  24. AOC the Grandchild and her Grandfather Bernie Sanders should split from the Democratic Party and form their own. It should be called the Socialist Junior High Party. The SJH party.

  25. Kinda funny , ‘ the SQUAD’ all have money problems ! They can’t handle money !!!
    She’s a self centered, entitled narcissist , trying to be her OWN Powerbroker within the Democrat party . And she’s ignorant-
    Good job AOC ! You ruined the Democrat party ! Thanks !!!!

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